Structuring a Novel (or Roleplay) for best effect!

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  1. Here you can post how you got into the genre, favorite band and song where you show off you music taste.
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  2. BY INVITATION ONLY - Vampires of Prague: A Moonlit World Dungeon Crawl. IC

    So just as a heads up if you don't hang out in Discord, currently running a Dungeon crawl to get some RP mojo in and ideas flowing. Its a jump in for anyone here, if you got a PC in mind that fits the setting. Just keep it level to the current characters. If you got someone on the character submission thread, feel free to bring em in.
  3. you won't ever remember it anyways

    i forgot what it was
  4. Approved. Please check the main clan page and post in the approved thread so I can index him later.