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  1. Hey, you guys realize that there are all kinds of gangs around. They kill, steal and pollute the streets with drugs and guns. Ever want to do anything about it?

    No, not like the movie Kickass, we aren't going to dress up in tights. I'm talking 'bout people from all walks of life, be you ex-military coming home from a 4-year tour to find your neighborhood in shambles. You risk your life for your country, and this is what you fought for? Hell naw!

    Maybe you or your family owns a small business that gets robbed all the time, and vandalized. Or even, have to pay gangsters a fee every month because your shop is "on their turf". You gonna take that? Heell nada, friends. You shouldn't have to give your money to some ruffians just because they say so.

    Or, perhaps you are a cop, trying to go by the book, only to find that with all the red-tape, no justice is being dealt. Politicians can be bought, judges can be blackmailed and witnesses can be killed. You find that the law seems to be protecting the criminals more than the victims. Shit, you even suspect your fellow officers of dealing with the scum-lords.

    You decide what made you want to stand up, and do the job our government can't seem to do. You will be branded as vigilantes and criminals by the media, hunted by the gov'ment. Are you willing to risk your life to be a warrior of good?

    Also, there will be room villains as well! Maybe you're a gang-leader? Or just one of the henchmen... Or, perhaps you're on your own, murdering people because the voices told you to.

    The setting will be in modern-day America! This will be realistic, so no super powers or anything. But, that doesn't mean you can't be really good at something. Like hacking, or marksmanship.

    If I get enough people posting here that they are interested, I'll make a sign-up thread and link it to you guys.

    Let me know what 'ya think!!
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  2. This is very interesting. I would be done to try it. Thanks for the suggestion. ^^
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  3. I'm interested!
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  4. No prob.

    Damn right you are!

    Here is the sign up thread: STREET HEROES
  5. C'mon Iwakian's! I know you wanna shoot some criminals!

    I know some of you want to be criminals...... >.> <.<
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  6. I'm guessing based on title you want 18+ only? Or do you only want 18+ in the realm of characters?
  7. Well, I know that the theme, and the language, are going to be pretty dark and gory and profane. So, probably ought to be mature enough to not be offended by the graphic nature I expect this RP to employ.

    But as for your character's age, that's up to you! They could be a 12 year-old, or an 80 year-old.
  8. Okay, so the 18+ is just a warning for darker material? ^^

    I am admittedly interested, but I do understand if you'd like to keep teen members out of it~
  9. I love the intro! I couldn't help but smirk and give alittle laugh to it. It sounds more like The Shield, which is pretty gritty. But I think it could have potential! Maybe you could form up two gangs and have people sign up to ether side to start off and people can create their own if they like. In my opinion, I'd just make a character with a gang 'you' have already created. Make's a bit simpler in my aspect. Just telling ya how I think! ^_^
  10. I´m interested. But i´d like to know more about the pace this will have to get a final say on being In or Out.

    I was also wondering if martial arts will have any relevance to this kind of setting, or will knifes and melee weapons ovepower fine martial prowess? I´m aware there will be firearms but just talking about hand to hand scenarios, i´d really dig a Mean character with some nice moves.
  11. This seems very interesting, considering the character I play as falls under something like this.

  12. That's a good idea. I was already planning on playing one gang that kind of rules all; I'll work on the hierarchy and post it soon. The way it works it the main gang has a bunch of the smaller gangs run things.

    Martial arts is always a plus! As for the pace, it will be relatively slow. I would like the encourage well thought out posts, no rushing. I have to work all the time, so I'm not able to post more than a few times a day. Hope that's okay!

    Well, that means you have taste, my friend! :D

    Fucking right you are.

    Well, it's not me, it's the site's rules. Personally, at 14 I was reading books and watching movies that are probably responsible for my warped personality and fragmented sanity. But you... you've still got a chance at a normal life! Would you throw it all away to feed your dark desires? Throw away your morality and pure soul for the sake of fitting in with the cool kids (me)?

    That choice is up to you!

    But, you don't have to be in a gang! You could be an independent thief or murderer. Or, maybe just a reporter that wants to get the inside scoop at what is going on!

    I do have a question for all you guys 'n gals that are interested: What city should this take place in? A real city, a futuristic mega-city like Judge Dredd, or multiple cities? Suggest away, my minions!!
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  13. >.> did I miss something about their being sexual content heavy in this? The only rule I know of is no cross age group smut xD but I can just step out of this since I don't wanna be a burden or a hassle for you~
  14. - GOOD! You got me hooked.

    - As for the city, I pictured something along the lines of a new york type of metropolis. However I do not live in the United States and know very little of the actual new york etc. It would be appreciated if maybe the city was fictional, with its own background and all, this way it would make it easyer for some to relate, or atleast for myself. I don´t wish to burden you with this decition since it might pressure you into writing more than you´d have time for, so take it as a simple suggestion.

    Personally i think multiple cities would need more people to participate, since if there were too few participating they´d feel empty in a way.
  15. I profess myself curious.
  16. We could go with a mega-city built in a central area or on top of an already existing city.
  17. Well, I may have misread the rules then, sorry!

    You cannot leave! We are the droids you're looking for.

    Sorry about the confusion, I'm sure we can draw the line at that "no cross age group smut" (unfortunately)

    I mean, of course...

    But seriously, you can RP with us.

    Yeah, that sounds cool. We'll do that.

    Yeah, this city I envision will be like New York, only a lot bigger.

    Curiosity leads to ADVENTURE! ....and sometimes children.

    I know I'm being a lazy ass about writing all the info, but I promise I am making progress. As soon as all the info is done and posted, I'll be sure to alert everyone here -- so don't worry about missing anything.

    Once all the initial groundwork for the RP world is done, it will be smooth sailing.

    And thank all of you for you're feedback and interests!!!
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  18. I can have Akira in action!
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