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  1. I have a gaming computer so it can handle streaming, and I really want to try it out. Sooo does anybody here know how to stream content? I don't know what programs to use, or which ones are safe, or which ones are good. I really just want to stream movies so me and my friends can watch them. Any thoughts, suggestions, or solutions? Thanks for the help!
  2. Here's a quick link to Twitch's guide to software you may need.

    Just remember, even though your PC is powerful, streaming is too. Games you used to max out may have to be toned down.
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  3. That's illegal in most places, you know. The common internet factoid of "streaming movies isn't illegal" only applies to those watching it, because it's hard to claim that they acquired an illegal copy of the movie when the full thing isn't downloaded at one time, just a series of temporary files that get deleted. Being the one streaming the movie though? Total violation of copyright laws. It's currently only a misdemeanor if you're in the US, but it can still come with heavy fines and jail time. Just wanted to make sure you knew that before going and streaming movies in possible ignorance of the law.

    Now that the legal warning is out of the way, Windsong's link for streaming info is a good place to start. Also keep in mind that just having a beefy computer isn't enough: you also need a decent internet connection, particularly a decent upload speed.
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  4. No...what I am doing isn't illegal. I'm talking about streaming off of what's on my computer screen. For example I put in a DVD of a movie I BOUGHT into my computer, and the program that I use for streaming streams the movie from my computer to my friends. I don't really think that is illegal, but I could be wrong. I appreciate the warning though.
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  5. This might be what they meant. Whether you actually own it not might not even come into play. Now I've no idea and have no motivation to actually look up and see whether or not streaming it online is against these rules, so that's up to you.

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  6. You need counseling for this?
  7. coun·sel

    1. 1.
      advice, especially that given formally.
      {td}advice, guidance, counseling, direction, information; More{/td}
      I was asking for help/advice so I thought it was fine to post my thread there. What does it matter what kind of situation it is? I was still asking for help, so it can still be put there. Is my situation not "serious" enough to be asking for help in the counseling sub-forum? Does it say some where on the website that defines exactly what can be considered qualified for the thread? If there is I havn't seen it....
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  8. My mistake. Clearly this is the correct place. Please continue.
  9. Hmm.... looks like the staff had a different dictionary.

    [jen-er-uh l]

    of, relating to, or true of such persons or things in the main, with possible exceptions; common to most; prevalent; usual:

    Yeah, streaming movies is a pain in the ass.
  10. ......Oil rigs?
  11. Yeah, still illegal. You're sharing it with an audience that didn't pay for it, meaning those people are illegally viewing it. It's stupid, because you SHOULD be able to legally show off your purchased thing to whoever you want, but that's how the law currently works. That warning image Windsong posted is real and accurate. Streaming for your friends would count as unauthorized exhibition/broadcasting, so if they copyright holder were to find out and feel like pressing charges, it would be an open and shut case with you on the losing end.

    It's pretty ridiculous, but such is life.
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  12. It's not technically streaming, but you could use a Google+ Hangout.
    Use something like the YouTube app to look up a movie and have everyone in the chatroom watch it together.
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  13. Fun story...
  14. Thanks for explaining it to me Jorick! I wasn't really sure why it was illegal until you explained it more, I'll try to keep careful with it ; w ;
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