Streaming Bloodborne right now!

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  1. I know there's a stream list thread, but I'd like to post when I'm live, and actually make a sort of lets play out of this, since I have the opportunity to. I'll be doing a run cosplaying the doll, with online interaction (and even passwords if you all want to join.), It could be really interactive for those of you who want play with me.

    I'll likely be doing this an hour or so at a time (possibly daily, if I get any interest) over the course of a few weeks, and I'll post in this thread when I get online... Here is... My brand new twitch channel!

    The more of you I get to watch, and the more of you who think this is a good idea, I guess I'll play more, eh?
  2. Finished streaming for the day! I played without dying for a good little time, (even without a weapon until I got a saw spear), and finished the stream with a Cleric Beast kill. I'll inform you all when I next stream, even if nobody shows up~
  3. I'll be streaming Bloodborne again very soon (in a few minutes, likely.) I'll be playing the doll again.
  4. Are you gonna stream for more than an hour this time?
  5. Yes, probably two. And maybe more tommorow as well.
  6. I'll probably stop once I've gotten the Doll set and fought Vicar Amelia, if I do it in 2 hours.
  7. Almost 3 hours in... I need to beat bloodstarved beast to get the doll set, then I can stop.
  8. Offline now. I'll play more tommorow.
  9. Playing again! I might quit early to see if I can snipe lobos's stream if he summons people before the maintenence time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.