Stray - A Pokémon RP/FanFic Story



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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Shadowwolf and I am the project leader of a fan-fiction called "Stray". It's a dark fantasy Pokémon roleplaying-style story with adventure, realistic, existentialist, experimental, romantic, dark suspense, inspirational and epic influences. It has several writers and progresses very much like a novel. The point-of-view is from the Pokémon and there are virtually no human characters in the setting, much like Mystery Dungeon.

Here is a description on what it's about:
It takes place in a later future in which humans have been extinguished from a Pokémon-dominated land. In recent years, the Shadow Pokémon have appeared out of nowhere and have been running rampant across this forbidden world... mindlessly killing whatever lies in their path. Their populations seems to grow and spread like a virus... and no one can stop it. As concerns over this evil force rise, an old kingdom of dragon Pokémon (known as the Blackclaw Dragoons) takes initiative and declares war against surrounding Pokémon colonies... in pursuit of a dream for world dominance (to prove that dragons are the superior species, as chosen by the deities themselves). In response to this large conflict, various Pokémon villages have created an alliance in means to protect their lives: the Peacekeepers. Serving as somewhat of a salvation army, the Peacekeepers protect villages from attack and provide aid to the homeless. Bound to the pressures of war, civil unrest and political corruption weakens the alliance and soon more villages burn to the ground... greed settles in place of morality... bound to repeat the same mistakes made by humans...

I have a website dedicated to it which holds the stories that have already been written. The stories are for everyone to view and enjoy as they come and go. As for joining, we need to see a demonstration of your writing ability before letting you in. This is a private roleplay and we need to see some exceptional ability on storyline, not just grammar alone.

If you are not interested in joining, consider at least reading the stories directly on the site itself and tell us how you like them later on. Your commentaries and enjoyment of the story are most appreciated.