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  1. "GET HIM!" He was trying to run. But they caught him, held him too tightly, lifted him off his feet, handled him too roughly. He could feel the hand they clamped over his mouth as they brought him to a dark room. A face, familiar, stared at him as they shut the door. And a needle slid into his arm, banishing him back to the darkness.

    Matt bolted upright- or at least, as much as he could before his body exploded in pain. He fell back against the covers, wincing and biting his lip trying not to groan. Two weeks had passed since he'd woken up, barely able to move and in excruciating pain. And, apparently, he'd been unconscious for a week and a half before that. The worst of his wounds and internal injuries had healed up, and he was allowed to put weight on his badly sprained ankle again, but he was still covered in bruising, and one of his ribs was still healing up. He considered standing up, but reconsidered. He doubted his ability to stand unsupported without pain meds.

    Apparently, he was in Angel territory. He was pretty sure that he had been attacked by Ghosts, not Angels, but he was still confused as to what happened. He couldn't remember why he'd been attacked- or even who had attacked him. He desperately tried to smother a yawn, but failed, and winced as his ribs ached. He definitely wasn't standing until he got some painkillers.

    Almost as if somebody had heard his thoughts, someone walked in. He looked up and grinned a little as he saw it was Marcus. Marcus wasn't a trained doctor, but was still helping out with patching Matt up. Marcus was the closest thing to a living teddy bear Matt had ever seen.

    "Please tell me you have some painkillers."


    "Fucking demons." Lee muttered to herself, her knife in one hand. She'd spent the past twelve hours hunting demons, and was supposed to be going home. But she'd spotted a rogue demon, and was obliged to deal with it. Lee was tired and grouchy. She shoved her hair out of her face with her free hand. She knew these streets like the back of her hand, but unfortunately, had lost the demon a few minutes ago, and was now trying to find it again. She knew that she was close enough to the Ghost border, and was tempted to go home and let them deal with it. But then again, she didn't want to start a war when twelve of them died or something. She rolled her eyes, zipping up her leather jacket as she moved. She needed to get a warmer jacket, as well as thicker jeans or something. Her black skinny jeans looked amazing with her motorcycle boots, but at two AM, they didn't provide adequate protection. Hell, right now, at nine in the morning, they were letting a tad too much cold in. Or that might have just been the tear in them she'd picked up in an earlier fight.

    She spotted something down an alley, heading back towards the Angel territory. She rolled her eyes and broke into a sprint. However, when she reached the alley, it wasn't a demon she was met with. It was two people. One of them could pass for an Angel- he didn't have any visible tattoos. The other, however, had a Roman numeral on her neck.

    Lee narrowed her eyes, a fistful of flames appearing in her free hand. "This is Angel territory. I could kill you on sight." She snarled. However, before any of them could say anything else, Lee noticed something charging towards them. A huge dog, appearing to be made of shadows. Her eyes widened, and she shoved her way through the Ghosts and flung her knife at the dog. It passed straight through it, and the shadows disappeared. Her knife clattered to the ground, and she stooped to pick it up. Once again, she turned to face the outsiders.

    "Talk, before you get the same treatment as the demon." She growled.
  2. Marcus walked through the halls, holding a covered bowl and a pill bottle. It was one of the few days he didn't have something he had to do, so he decided to go and visit their recent guest. The boy had been getting better, but he was still a long way from healed. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see an awake Matt asking for painkillers. He chuckled and set the bowl on the small table next to the boy's bed and showed him the bottle. "Mom put you on a new prescription for painkillers. You need to take one every eight hours." He handed him a pill and something to drink.

    "So, what would you like to talk about today?" Marcus asked, smiling. "It has to be boring just lying here." The angel knew it had to be scary, being in angel territory without any friends. He didn't understand the whole enemy thing anyway. Why the two groups hated each other, he had no clue. However, for now he would just be friendly with this ghost. That might help matters.


    Wren didn't know how she got paired up with a friend of Matt, but here she was. The boy somehow managed to get them into Angel territory, and now there was an angel girl threatening them. "We mean no harm. We're looking for a friend..." Wren said, holding her hands up in a sign of peace. She probably should have worn a scarf. Her tattoo gave them away. The Ghost felt compelled to run before the angel could hurt them.

    The girl pulled her beanie down a little bit, a nervous habit of hers, and pulled on her sleeves. She felt exposed. At least she still had her knife in her combat boots, pressing safely against her skin. The brunette glanced around at her surroundings, looking for the best ways to escape if the need arrived.
  3. It was all a haze in Ace's brain on how he got paired up with an acquaintance of Matt's, and it was rare for the boy to do so too, due to his trust issues. Ace thought this was going to be a breeze getting across and around the territory since he had done a million times with work but he jinxed himself. Now Ace has a knife pointed at him by an Angel, but that's wasn't the first time. Since these kinds of situations happens to Ace he knows a few ways to get himself out of this hassle.

    "We mean you no harm. I was just roaming around until I found this one idling around. I was about to send her back to her own area but she said that she was looking for someone who was lost in here, so I'm just helping her find whoever she needs to find." Ace has his hands up in a sign of peace, keeping a straight and calm face, hiding all traces of his lie. Even though he was a ghost, he was pretending to be an Angel, he had used this excuse quite a few time and it worked. Now Ace is just hoping we wouldn't cross paths with the actual Angel again.
  4. Matt swallowed the pill. He knew it was going to take a few minutes to kick in, but he knew it would be good when it did. "Damn right it's boring being here. Can we go for a walk? I want to try and get my strength back." As he felt the pain start to ebb away, he sat up and smiled a little when he was able to do so without excruciating pain. It felt good. He just wanted to get back to hunting and to go back home. But something was telling him that doing so mightn't be entirely safe. For a moment, he thought he had a glimpse of the reason why- but it slipped from his mind, and, try as he did, he couldn't bring it back.

    Carefully, he swiveled his legs and set them on the ground. He was taking everything slowly, trying to avoid causing the pain again. The painkillers didn't erase the pain, just reduced it to a bearable level, one that he could still function with. Bracing his hands against the edge of the bed, he stood slowly, grinning. He was in his pyjamas, however, and started wondering if he'd be able to get changed by himself.

    "Do you mind waiting outside for a minute? I want to try and get changed. I'll call you if I need help." He liked Marcus, and he knew that he'd be fine with helping him get changed, but it was something that Matt wanted to do for himself.


    Lee raised an eyebrow. "If your friend is in our territory, then you'd be better off staying out. No need for you to go getting yourself into trouble as well." She quenched her fistful of flames and walked towards the guy, staring at him. He was a decent bit taller than her, but she knew that she could still hold a decent amount of intimidation. She looked up at him, her eyebrow still raised. "I've patrolled with a lot of the Angels, and I don't recognise you. Now, tell me the full story, before I call for someone who will attack on sight- as I am supposed to."

    She wondered if they had anything to do with the Ghost boy that she had found. If that was the case, she didn't know what she was going to do. She was supposed to attack. Walking away was probably the best option in this circumstance. Or she could tell them about him.
  5. Marcus chuckled as he watched the boy. Even though he was so injured, he still put a smile on his face. "Fifteen minutes. That's how long you get before you have to get back into bed. Doctor's orders." He nodded as he watched Matt get off the bed. He was definitely getting better. The boy could at least have a little walk. It would do him good. "I'll be just outside the door if you need me." The angel said before walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.

    Once he stepped outside of the room, Marcus leaned against the door. He sighed and looked around the hall, running a hand through his hair. The 24 year-old was tired, the slight bags under his eyes showing that he had been up late last night. There had been more attacks than usual so he was needed to help fight the enemies and heal some of the others. Things had been slowly getting worse around the angel territory ever since the ghost boy had been found. Tensions had never been so high between some of the ghosts and angels. Marcus just wanted to get away from it all, maybe have a smoke if he could get to his favorite smoking spot.


    Of course the angel would see through them right away. Wren knew they would get in trouble, but she went along with it anyway. So she was a little concerned about the fact that one of her own was in enemy territory and probably severely injured. They had no info on Matt's condition, so of course they would have eventually sent somebody, anybody to retrieve him! It just so happened to be her. She found a few places that she could phase through if needed, but the chances that she could get away from the angel were slimming down by the second.

    Hesitating, she finally responded. "A Ghost boy was found in Angel territory three and a half weeks ago, right? A ghost also went missing on that same day. We haven't heard anything of him since. If he's dead, just tell us and we'll leave." She left it at that, wanting to give Ace a chance to respond to her proposition before she messed it up royally for her. She gripped her sleeves tightly, scars on her hands becoming more visible with her friends reddening.
  6. "I don't go outside as often due to personal reasons that I don't want to share but once I was finally out, I bumped into her and she told me the whole story about The Ghost Boy. I couldn't help but to help her find him, since I felt... sorry for The Ghost Boy." Ace was lying and yet telling the truth, he wasn't Angel yet he felt more than sorry for his best mate, Matt. To be honest, he felt guilty too, guilty for suddenly disappearing for two years to work in illegal trade. Even though Matt a lot of friends, the young boy had always wondered if Matt had ever missed him because Ace had missed his best friend, by a lot.

    The Korean boy quickly gazed over to Wren, he could tell that she was pretty nervous. Even though he was calm right now, he could understand why Wren was nervous. Not everyone casually cross over the territory boarder like he dose. Ace had his eyed back up to Lee, who had a fist full of flames that is ready to swing at the two Ghost teens. "Do you know anything about the Ghost Boy?" Ace finally asked, hoping the question will distract Lee from the cluster of orange danger she had in her hand.
  7. Getting dressed was sore, but not excruciatingly so. He managed to get on a t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie that covered his tattoos. He managed to put his feet into a battered pair of trainers, and limped out the door, grinning at Marcus. It felt good to be moving around, even if it was causing him a little pain. "Let's get going." He knew that his hood would probably cover the tattoo at the base of his neck, but found himself flattening his hair down anyway. He didn't know if people would recognise him as the Ghost boy, but didn't particularly want to risk that. He didn't know how he'd be received- some people might be hostile.

    Even if people weren't hostile, if they knew he was the Ghost, he'd probably be stared at- something he wanted to try and avoid at all costs. He didn't like being stared at like he was an animal in a zoo. He just wanted to blend in, to just be normal for a while. Even if he was limping.


    Lee rolled her eyes. Of course they were looking for him. She let the ball of flames in her hand go out, and slid the knife into her pocket. "He's alive. He's recovering well. But from what I've heard coming from our side, tensions between the two sides of the city are rising, and that's not good for him or you. We don't know if he'll allowed be back- and you didn't hear this from me, but they don't think he'd be much good as a demon hunter. He's not evolved for that. I got kicked out after I heard that, so I don't know on what they're planning on doing."

    She took a step forward, raising her eyebrows. "But we have heard rumours that something fishy is going on on your side. So I'd stay away. But I'm going to turn my back and walk away. It's dangerous for Ghosts to be on our territory, and I've given you that warning. But I'm going to pretend that none of this happened, and head back to base. If you want to hang around and try and see for yourself, you never saw me." She looked the guy up and down.

    "By the way, I still have my doubts about you." She turned and walked away, wondering if she'd be able to persuade the kitchen staff to give her something to eat.
  8. As soon as Matt walked out of the room, Marcus smiled and wiped all forms of tiredness and stress from his form. "So, why don't you tell me about your home? I've never been to the Ghost's territory so I'm curious." He smiled as he followed him, making sure to be quiet enough that anyone passing them by would not be able to hear. He could respect privacy if needed. When a pair of angels walked by them, Marcus decided to put an arm around Matt, acting like he was teasing him.

    "So," He said, smirking a little bit. "Got any girls you're thinking about? I heard Vanessa is single." He joked, pretending he was with one of his good friends. He was gentle though, careful not to jostle injuries or press too hard into any bruises. He'd hate to hurt the poor boy. He was kind of like Marcus's little brother, bright, cheerful and stubborn as crap.


    When the angel left, Wren let out a small breath. She put a hand to her tattoo, wishing she could cover the unlucky number. "I should have brought a scarf... that would have helped." She looked at her scarred and calloused hands before shoving them into her jean's pockets. Well, at least the boy was alive. Though, her parents had noticed something different about his dad. The dark haired girl sighed. The ghost was still jittery from the whole encounter.

    "So, what do we do now? Head back or go find him?" She asked her companion. This was the first she had talked to him the whole time, not even complaining when she got dragged into this whole thing. Sure, she wanted to find Matt, maybe get to know him a little more since he seemed like he would be a great friend, but this was starting to edge into a point of their almost sure death.
  9. "If you want to, I can take you can back or we can continue on finding Matt together. Because as for me, I want to find Matt. He's my only friend and I don't want any thing happen to him. Even if it means risking my own life," Ace spoke truthfully to Wren. He started to feel really worried about everything. About Matt, the hatefulness between the two territories and his own life too, which it's not common for him to do so.

    He noticed Wren's bare hands and neck, he knew that these are going to giveaway her identity as a ghost. Luckily for him, Ace has only scars on his limbs and chest where he could easily cover it. So he didn't really need the gloves and scarf he had on right now. First he pulled off his gloves, unwrapped his scarf then gave to Wren. Ace didn't mind the cold, but he didn't exactly like it either.

    "Even though I don't trust a lot of people, I would like it if you come with me," Ace added not long after. He didn't talked to Wren as much but he wanted to though. Honestly he actually quite enjoyed her accompany and he dose need someone with him to have his back, especially in the enemy's territory.
  10. "Home? It's much like here. Everything happens a bit faster though, what with our abilities." He grinned a little as he limped along. Marcus put an arm around him, and Matt couldn't help but feel a little surprise. He spluttered out a surprised laugh when Marcus asked him about girls. "Can you imagine what would happen if a Ghost and an Angel started dating. Jesus Christ, it would be like Romeo and Juliet all over again. Except probably more bloody. And with demons." He ran a hand through his hair, grinning a little.

    "Back home, there's nobody really. We don't hunt in groups, so it's not like we get to know anybody that well. And I wouldn't have the guts to go out on speed dating or anything like that." He laughed, a little embarrassed. "What about you? Big handsome bloke like you, surely you've got a queue of girls chasing after you?" He teased, nudging Marcus in the ribs with his elbow.


    "Lee, were you out hunting by yourself?" A shocked voice asked. Lee shrugged, raising both hands to her shoulders. "You know as well as I do that I don't trust large groups all that well. Not since the people who were practically family drugged me and ran out." She pulled off her jacket and pulled her hair out of the ponytail she'd tied it in for the hunt. It fell around her shoulders, and she picked up a chunk of it, looking at it critically. "I need to dye my hair again." She mused, letting the hair slip from her fingers. She'd source some hair dye and dye it later- all she wanted now was a decent breakfast and hopefully a nap.

    She spotted Marcus and the Ghost boy, and jogged to catch up with them. "What's up, big boy?" She teased, punching him on the arm playfully. Or possibly not. Sometimes she found it hard to judge her own strength. Oh well. Marcus could handle it.
  11. "Bloodier than Romeo and Juliet? Now that's saying something!" Marcus laughed as he took his arm back and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Girls? Me? Nah, I get too awkward. Scare them with all the horror stories I've seen in the emergency room." He looked up at the sky, thinking a little about how his mother was pushing him to start looking for a woman to settle down with. He would like to find a nice girl, but right now things were just too crazy.

    He was brought out of his thoughts by a punch to the arm. He hid a wince with a laugh, knowing he'd bruise after the hit. "Hey, Lee. Did you just come back from hunting? You know you've got a checkup later today." He knew his mother would probably be mad again if the girl skipped, again. He sometimes wondered if he should just tie the girl up to keep her in the doctor's office until she was done with the checkup.


    This boy just kept surprising Wren. First, he gave her his clothing to hide her tattoo and scars. No other Ghost would do that for her, hell her own parents wouldn't do that for her! She slowly put the gloves on, noticing that they were a little bit too big for her. She could deal though. She wound the scarf carefully around her neck, keeping it snug as she threw one end behind her and the other in front.

    She looked over to Ace and nodded. "I'll go with you." She knew that most likely she was going to end up dead at the end of this, but at least she had tried to find the boy. That had to count for something! Right? So she would go with Ace, at least for now, and then she would try and find Matt. If she got killed by an angel then so be it. She would go down fighting if it came to that.
  12. Ace felt relieved that there's someone with him during his search, he doesn't mind going alone but having company of your own kind is nice to have. He shoved his hands inside the pockets of his leather jacket as he looked around to see if there's any other Angel around them, luckily for them the cost was clear. The boy signaled for Wren to follow him, he started walking to the end of the dead street looking around to figure out where he should go. He dose know how to get around the place vaguely but doesn't know anyone who he could trust to help them with their search.

    "So, do you have any idea where we should go now?" Ace asked Wren. He wasn't sure if they should go find somewhere to rest, since they have been up for more than a day now or keep on with the search. He prefer to keep going but he wasn't sure if Wren wanted to rest. He didn't want her to collapse on him because she didn't get enough sleep.
  13. Lee rolled her eyes at Marcus. "I'm not going to be able to use the excuse of forgetting now, anyway. Fine, I'll be there. But I don't think it's necessary. I know I'm healthy. She pulled her phone from her pocket and set an alarm as a reminder. She heard someone calling her name and rolled her eyes. "I better go. Probably something to do with the fact that I was hunting by myself again." She sighed, heading away and grinning at the Ghost boy.

    She headed into the office and stood at her full height- which admittedly, wasn't much. "Natalie. Good to see you came back intact." She smiled a little. "Thank you, sir." He sighed and looked at her. "Natalie, what I am about to tell you is extremely confidential. You cannot tell anyone outside of this office what I am about to tell you."


    Matt watched as Lee strode away. Even if she was a tad on the short side, she still scared him slightly. "Can we go outside? It's a bit stuffy in here." He was getting a bit of a headache, and he wasn't sure what it was. He tended to get headaches on and off, and he secretly wondered if it had something to do with the repressed memories. Then again, it could get pretty warm in the building.
  14. Marcus nodded to Lee before leading Matt outside. "Sure." He walked to the entrance and held the door open for Matt, keeping an eye out for the boy as he led them to a nearby park. "How are you feeling? Is the medicine working?" Marcus asked, hoping the boy wasn't over-exerting himself as they walked down the street. The park would hopefully be a nice change to the room he was stuck in.

    The park they walked to was fairly nice. A couple of small gardens could be seen as bushes lined a few paths. A large field stood in the middle of the park, perfect for family picnics and others to practice fighting. A small playground stood at the north end of the park, filled with children laughing and playing. Marcus walked through a quieter part of the park, looking around at the trees with mild interest.


    Wren thought about where they could go. The angel had said that Matt was recovering well which indicated that maybe he was in a hospital of some sort. At least, he was somewhere that let the angels watch over him. However, she wasn't sure what they would find or do when they got to such a place. There would probably be quite a few questions no matter where they went.

    The brunette yawned, covering her mouth as she tried to shake off her tiredness. Yes, she would love some sleep, but she wanted to find Matt and get this whole thing over with. Besides, she could sleep as much as she wanted when she was dead. She shook her head to keep some of the tiredness at bay. "The only thing I can think of is a hospital. That's most likely where we would find him. Though, they could be keeping him somewhere else where they could keep an eye on him."
  15. "Lets try the hospital first." Ace tried to remember where the hospital was, he has only been there once but he know vaguely where it is. "I'm pretty sure the hospital is in the center of the city, and I think that's about a 15-20 minuet walk from here." It's been awhile since Ace was in the center of the Angel territory, he normally be close to the boarder. The last time he's been that far from the boarder was about a year ago, it was a big job for him. Shipping a couple of crates of illegal drugs to some place he can't really remember but during the trade, he had to keep pretending to be an angel for a couple of days and cover up because of his scars, it was hard since it was summer then.

    "Since, we're going to the center we need to keep a low profile and to act like we are angels." Ace wondered if Wren knew how angels act, since he definitely knows how they act Ace can pretend to be an Angel with ease. He knows like angels are a lot less intimidating and rather bright and social, which is the opposite of Ace.
  16. "Yeah, I think it's kicked in. I'm feeling okay. Not quire back to fighting strength, but better than I did when I woke up." The park was pretty. He liked it- it was relaxing, and the sun beamed down on them. The angel kids ran around, and Matt smiled. The kids where when the Angels and Ghosts were most alike. As they grew, their alliances changed them, shaped them. He wondered if the kids were to play around each other, if the barriers weren't in place as kids, if the relations between Angels and Ghosts would improve. His smile slipped a little when he remembered that it wasn't going to happen any time soon. Tensions were at an all time high.

    "It's nice to see the kids so enthusiastic. Pretty sure the only time you ever see a Ghost so enthusiastic is when we're fighting or talking about fighting."


    "Are you serious, sir?" Lee almost choked. He nodded, his face sombre. She pressed a hand to her mouth, starting to pace. "That can't happen, sir. What are we going to do about it? We can't just sit by and let that happen." He stood up and handed her a USB key. She stared at it blankly. "Your instructions are on that, as well as the information you have to protect with your life. You're the only Angel who is willing to go it alone."

    "Natalie, this is going to be extremely dangerous. You going into Ghost territory would be risky enough, but when they've got werewolves poised and ready to attack anyone they see- especially Ghosts.... Take care. Do not lose that USB key. If you're surrounded and don't think you're going to make it out alive, smash it." She nodded, shaking a little. "Good luck. Go as soon as you can. I'm sorry you haven't gotten any sleep, but if you can make it into the headquarters and back alive, we'll let you sleep for as long as you need."

    She went to her room and changed her shirt, before managing to sweet-talk the canteen staff into putting some bacon into a roll for her to eat on the move. As she headed out, pulling er jacket back on, she spotted Marcus and the Ghost boy. She quickly headed in the other direction, keeping her head down. She doubted severely that she'd be back in time for her check-up now.
  17. Marcus chuckled at what Matt said. "Well at least you're feeling better. And really? There has to be at least something you guys get at least a little bit excited about?" He couldn't imagine only getting enthusiastic about fighting. He also got excited when learning new cures or even meeting someone new. It'd probably be a boring life if fighting was the only thing that got people excited.

    Marcus saw Lee walking up to them and waved. "Hey, Lee, what's up? What did they want with you?" He asked, curious as to why the girl seemed so... jumpy. She probably was just tired, or maybe a little stressed out. His mother would make sure she got some rest after the checkup, he was sure of it. He looked a bit concerned as she walked up.


    Wren followed until Ace stopped. When he said act like an angel, Wren had to think about it. Act like an angel... so smile more and be a bit more social. She sighed. This was going to be hard. "Alright." She nodded, trying to make herself seem friendlier. However, she felt like she was just full of fake, fake, and more fake. Hopefully they could just find Matt soon and get the hell out of there.
  18. "Well. Of course, everyone gets enthusiastic about their own little things. But fighting is the only thing that we really express it at. I suppose it comes with the territory. Demons don't look anything like us, do they? Whereas vampires, werewolves, warlocks... they all look just like us." He shrugged, and saw the red-headed girl walking past, looking very much like she didn't want to be seen. She looked troubled, whereas before she'd seemed so light-hearted and upbeat. She had something on her mind.

    Damn. Marcus had noticed her. She considered ignoring him, but then remembered that her return wasn't guaranteed. So she went over to them, forcing a smile on her face. "Hey. I can't talk about it... Just tell your mom that I had to go on a top secret, high priority mission. And I know I've used that excuse before, but I'm not bullshitting her this time. And Marcus, if I'm not back this evening... I don't know if I'm coming back, okay? So this is just to say that I think you're awesome, and that it's been a privilege to know you. Best of luck with the healing, kid."

    She looked at Marcus, raising an eyebrow.

    "And don't you dare try and follow me. Let's just say that there's a reason I'm going this one alone." She wrapped her arms around as much of him as she could, before pulling away and returning to the path, trying not to think.
  19. It's been around 20 minuets while Ace was walking and he found himself at the city centre of the angel territory. He he stopped for a bit to see where he needed to go to find the hospital, he was starting to remember clearly where the hospital is. Ace needed to go through the park then he will be at the front entrance of the hospital. "We are not far now. Just need to go through the park and we will be at the front entrance," Ace informed to Wren, he checked on her to see if she's okay. He could tell that she was exchusted, he wished he knew some where they could crash without getting caught by an Angel.

    Ace looked over his shoulder and saw a couple of guys that he knew from work and lets just say they weren't so friendly to Ace. He quickly snuck a hand behind Wren's back to motion her to move quickly into the park. Hoping Ace wasn't spotted by the two guys.
  20. Marcus frowned at the whole ordeal, giving Lee a hug back before watching her leave. He wanted to follow, but following meant leaving Matt alone, and he would never do that. So he settled for watching. He would try and find her again later when he brought Matt back to the room. Maybe then she could give more explanation as to what this secret mission was.

    Pushing the thoughts aside, he turned to Matt and chuckled. "That was definitely strange... well, anything specific you'd like to do? Do you want to go back?" The dark haired male asked the younger as he acted like this was a normal occurrence. Lee would come back whether she liked it or not. He was going to make damn well sure of that!


    Wren nodded at his reassurance that they weren't too far away now. At least they were getting somewhere with this. The touch was completely unexpected and unwelcomed. Wren stiffened up and started to walk quicker, hoping to put a little distance between herself and the offending hand. She glanced back, wondering what the boy was glancing at earlier.

    The sight of two unruly looking men greeted here eyes, and she turned her head back quickly. She was shivering now, of course she was. The thought of angels scared her, and the earlier encounter with one did not help. Normally she wouldn't shake like this. Normally, she would be fighting werewolves and the like. Normally she wouldn't be this exhausted. The whole situation she was in screamed out of her comfort zone, and it was not a good feeling. She would have loved to curl up in her own bed, but then Ace would be here all alone and possibly end up dead.
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