Stranger Danger!

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Story Idea: My character (male) is a wanted man on the run from a drug lord/mafia king that he owes money to. He has secrets and a troubled past and arrives to a local bar in the city for escape and solitude. He ends up finding your character (could be female or male but female is preferred) and through good conversation, perhaps a little alcohol, they begin to get close to each other. Your character, if only by proximity at the bar, is now involved in my characters problems, whether they like it or not.

They find themselves captured by the drug lord, taken away and tortured. Eventually they escape, but both are now on the run together for their lives. My character has a secret, which will be revealed during the story, that changes everything.

Your character ends up getting involved with my characters trouble, whether they like it or not. They have to work together to gain their freedom and solve the problem at hand, a problem that threatens their lives.

The dynamic of our characters can be many, such as:
1. Friendship
2. Friendship turned Romance
3. Not liking each other at first but getting close to each other after being forced to survive and work together
4. Any romance that might come up is only for female characters and fades to grey. I enjoy some romance but I don't care for it to be the central theme of the story, nor anything forced. I enjoy relationships that build slowly, whether romance or friendship. The story helps shape their feelings for each other, whether it is love, lust, or simply a passionate care for the others well being.

I have ideas, including a major twist to the plot of the story that will be revealed later, but I love creating details and sub plots with my rp partner along the way.

Type of RP: Modern, Multi-Paragraph, Intermediate to Advanced Writing Skills

Elements Involved: Suspense, mystery, violence, torture, pain, romance, language, drama, action and adventure.

Character Pictures: Realistic, no anime please

PM if interested!
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