Strange RP search

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Formerly '[Pr0xy44]'
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Hi yes I'm looking for partners :3
So, for a while now I've been lurking the site and I've decided to drop in and look for a partner! Just know that most of the week my reply time is a bit hectic and crazy but I'll still be able to reply! I mostly like to play male, in M/F situations I prefer female but I often avoid these. M/M is [FONT=Poiret One, cursive]preferred, while romance is a want we don't have to do so! I prefer fantastical over normal often but I can be talked down into a normal Slice-Of-Life if my partner has a good grasp on what they want![/FONT]
Mostly I've been looking for original plots, stranger ones to be specific! This can also be strange plots for fandoms as well!
-One Piece
-CopyPasta a.k.a Creepypasta
-That's all I can think about at the moment because I'm lame

Other then fandoms I'm also on the hunt for plots! I have a great many characters (well over 70 oops) and I have a great many plots stored away! I'm more then happy to hear yours as well! All I as is my partner be willing to discuss in depth so I'll have a bit of a warning before something happens! I've seen some amazing plots before and I wanna see what Iwaku has to offer!
Thanks for reading! Have a grunge!


Hello, friends!
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I'm fine doing both ^^
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*Waves hand*

Hi, there! I was wondering if you were still looking for a partner? I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for style wise, but here are a few things about me:

- I typically role-play in literature style, anywhere from a few lines to several paragraphs depending on preference

- I often enjoy romance as a secondary plot layered under the main one and am comfortable with all gender pairings

- Some of my favorite genres include high fantasy, mystery, action/adventure, some romance, sci-fi, and occasional horror/supernatural

- Favorite settings include medieval, steampunk, dystopias, forests, caverns/tunnels, pirate ships, and castles

- I am not usually super historically accurate when it comes to more realistic settings

- I'm familiar with a few fandoms, including Marvel, FNAF, How to Train Your Dragon, The Lion King, and several others

- I tend to make up new characters for each role-play I join, some of them getting made up as I play

If none of these bother you and we sound like we might be a good fit, feel free to reply or send a conversation or thread my way! Hope you're having a great day ^^