Strange children are coming from many worlds aren't they? (Spin off)

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  1. If you've heard of the anime," Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren't They?", forget just about everything about it. This may be similar but it will be completely different as to the characters and plot.

    If you haven't heard of the anime, good. ^^ Welcome.

    Six children have just dropped from the sky, all of them having a special ability of their own.
    Half of them were girls, the other boys. Just below them would be a large water source to cushion their fall.

    None of them know exactly where they are but all of them could tell it was not home.

    Whether they know it or not, each of them come from a different world and or time period.

    All six of these children have landed in a world much like a paradise, but beneath all the smiles, bright lights, and events is a dangerous truth. If one wasn't too careful, they could easily lose their life. If these people wanted to stay alive, they would have to join a large group, guild, or faction. They could always start their own but it would be rough to do so.​

    In order to help these children, there was someone waiting in the shadows for the right moment to step out. They were male and of friendly nature, in no way a threat...yet. This male happens to be a part off a faction that had recently lost it's name in a Game. This is the worst that could happen to a faction that was doing so well. To lose your name is to lose the land you had captured, not to mention the respect you had earned, the riches you had received, and the members you had gained.

    In hopes that these six children would join their faction and help them regain their name and the land they had lost, the male would do almost anything. Anything to help the young children that had been fortunate enough to not be taken away due to their weak abilities or lack there of.​

    Sadly, not all six will be given "immense power or ability" just to keep things realistic, but each have their own unique and noteable ability which can become stronger or more effective with time and training. Also to keep things fair, two characters will be seen as the strongest-a boy and a girl-so it is even amongst the genders.
    PS: Names can be changed, also, if you'd like to add a background story to the character, along with what kind of world they came from, then by all means, go ahead.
    PS2: <- lol... *clears throat* Anyway, characters can also be of a different race such as nekos, witches, mages, vampires, etc. If you have any questions about the races, contact me via email:

    Ladies first-
    Lucy: She is sixteen, 4'11, the shortest of the group and has the shortest temper. She tends to get very cross with James due to his lazy nature, and nearly skewers Kyle whenever he's in his perverted state, though Samantha is always there just in time to separate the two and scold them for disrupting the peace. Her ability is the ability control anything metallic with her mind. Her weakness is that if it too heavy which usually is about twice her weight, she can not lift it without too much strain.
    Samantha: She is seventeen, 5'7, and she is the oldest and tallest of the girls and seen as somewhat the motherly type, which can be a bit scary at times due to the smile/glare she gives if you do something indecent, impolite, or anything along those lines. Beware her look of wrath! Her ability allows her to increase and decrease her senses such as hearing, smell, sight, and taste. Her weakness is that it takes a lot of her physical energy to enhance her senses so she tends to intake a lot of carbohydrates to keep her body going.
    Soren:(Sorry but I will be taking this role, especially since I promised a friend of mine I would make a character based off of her. ^^;) She's sixteen, 5'4, and the strongest of the girls. Her strength is incredible, along with her speed, but that is just because of her own training she put herself through and from the world that she comes from that has a stronger gravity pull than that of world the children are in now. Her actual ability is her voice. Depending on what tune or melody she sings, she's able to use her surroundings as a defense. So not only does she have a strong offense but an even stronger defense. She rarely ever takes the offense since she believes she needs more training. Her weakness would be that her offense isn't great since she has to get used to the new world and its different gravity pull.
    Boys are up-
    James: He is eighteen and the oldest of the group. He stands at 6'3 and is the tallest of the group as well. He is seen as the calmest and most laid back of the group and tends to be a bit lazy but when it comes to punishment he comes off just as scary as Samantha. Whenever he's yelled at by Lucy, he doesn't really seem to mind. It's like watching a little sister scolding her older brother-though they really aren't related. He has his own secrets but his known ability is his healing touch. His weakness is also a secret. (Whoever takes this role may come up with his own weakness/secrets. However he MUST have one. I want to be surprised XD)
    Kyle: He is seventeen, 5'9, and not only the shortest of the boys but quite the pervert. He isn't this way all the time but when he is, Samantha gives him quite the scolding. He's more down to earth than most of the group, though. His ability is the ability to produce a nearly invisible string from his fingers that is stronger than any metal. It can be used for various things due to its strength and features so it's not very clear what all he does with his ability. His weakness is close combat but he is getting better with that.
    Duke: He is seventeen, 6'1, and the strongest of the boys. The same as Soren physically, his speed and strength are remarkable. His ability is technically not an ability but more of a gift, this being a suit of armor that protects every part of his body, leaving no skin out in the open. This suit of armor not only increases his already incredibly strength and speed-although not by too much-it also has a trump card. This trump card is being able to become invisible for a short amount of time. Another trump card is that he doesn't have to lug the armor around but rather summon it with his spiritual energy. Many mistake this for being an ability since only him along can do this but really it was a gift from someone else, just specifically designed for him and him alone. Without his armor, he is more opened to attacks that involve poison, this being his weakness.

    Other Characters-
    Mysterious Male: He wont be so "mysterious" once the introductions are done with. This character will not so much as be a main character-although he is important still-but rather a main "side" character. Think of his as a guide for the "children" in this world. Whoever choses to take this role will have to go through "training" with me since this character will have to remember a lot of things. XD
    Faction Leader: This character can be a boy or girl, however they will be eleven years old. This character's background is semi-dark so if you'd like to take on this character, I will send you a link of the character I based this character off of from the actual anime.

    Evil Characters-
    Yes we will need evil characters. These characters will consist of characters who are evil at first then become our friends, evil characters who we defeat/kill, or MAIN evil characters whom we don't really meet until the very end.
    The main evil characters are Demon Lords, this however does not mean they are completely demon...not all of them anyway so keep this in mind.

    If you have any other questions besides characters, please post below. Trust me, I'm the kind of person who can come up with plot rather quickly and have answers for just about everything.
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