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  1. So I have this character who needs a roleplay, in order to get out and do things.

    The problem is, is this character is utterly and completely beyond typical realms of reality.

    They are entirely hermaphroditic, quantum macro-scaled, autonomic reality distorting, and without any kind of backstory or life or anything, they just, are.

    Any 1x1 roleplay would likely have no story, no point, no theme, and would just exist in order to fill time.
  2. dude, let's totally do it!
  3. Would you be able to keep up?

    Do you have any background in theoretical physics? Or do you enjoy acid?
  4. Uh... no and no....
  5. I get really weird with this kinda stuff i just wanna make sure.

    It's up to you. if you wanna start a convo im up. :)
  6. Let's do it, the weirder the better!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.