Strange (but really mundane) stories

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  1. This is a thread for people to tell their strangest stories. The strangest things that have happened to them.

    Or at least, stories that would sound that way if they weren't explained in their full contexts. This is a thread to tell strange stories that are actually pretty mundane.

    Last night, I broke a window. On a thirteenth floor. With a longboard. Now, it may sound like I'm a Totally Radical dude, jumping from thirteen story buildings on a longboard, but it was the complete opposite. I idly pushed the longboard back, and it just happened to hit hard enough to break the window. (Or it was really shitty/old glass. Probably that.)

    So, what stories do you guys have in a similar vein?
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  2. 1. Family were convinced I was an ISIS target.
    Where in a truth I just partook in "Draw Mohammed" day and it got some people paranoid.

    2. I made a giant hole in the Kitchen Wall
    I was three years old and my Mom let me bike inside the house.

    3. I was given a Bravery Award as a Kid.
    I had an operation for my Adenoids. The award was simply for having an operation period. But upon getting this award I get really excited and asked "Where's the Scar?". The doctors were confused by this... Turns out I was never cut open for the operation and all they did was poke around in my throat a little bit. Which then had me basically call the doctors bloody idiots and go "Then what the hell is this award for!?" because I thought I was going to get cut open and the Doctors weren't even aware that I thought that when I got the 'award'...

    Actually, this probably is stranger than it sounds. XD
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