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  1. What are some STRANGE aversions/dislikes of yours?

    I have an intense aversion to various patterns.

    There is no exact pattern that really disturbs me, but if it's something that resembles insect trails, insect nesting, or insect patterns, it makes me have terrible TERRIBLE headaches and makes me want to vomit.

    For example, I hate looking at the dishes too hard when I wash dishes or at sodas/coffee that's freshly poured. Also, some shirt patterns (especailly on middle aged women) really make me feel uncomfortable. Why? They're circles placed along side each other, resembling a beehive/wasp nest/hornet nest. I will NOT drink coffee if the bubbles are like that, and I will immediately stop washing dishes for a while.

    The other day at the restaurant, someone stepped in flour and their shoes left a small trail of flour on a rug. It looked like a row of ants or something and I almost passed out.

    Mud hit my car door handle and when I examined it closely, it was in a hexagon formation that looked like the blood vessels / distinguishing colorations of an insect and I nearly threw up.

    There was a set of holes that we were drilling into a plank so we could install hinges onto it for something, but the guy making it missed it several times, so he drilled several holes. It looked so gross, like insects were gonna come crawling out of it any second.


    Strangely, insects themselves don't bother me. Just the trails or nesting or patterns.

    Not For the Faint of Heart (open)
    If you want to see stuff that really disgusts me, google "trypophobia." Don't do it if you don't like certain patterns or holes.
  2. I love making dirty, crude, and sexually offensive jokes, but get really squeamish and shy when actually discussing my own, or someone elses sex life

    I dislike polka dots and small floral patterns; they look like they belong on my grandma's couch, I'm not using it.

    Nothing that really makes me sick or frightened though.
  3. Skeletons freak me out. Sometimes if I think too much about the fact that I and other people have skeletons inside of us, I get all squicked out. I can't comfortably look at x-rays or those fake skeletons in schools and doctors' offices. You could imagine, then, how no fun it was just because of that when I broke my leg this past summer.

    I can't stand the smell of salmon, smoked, cooked, or canned. I get truly, truly ill.

    Things like having a voicemail/email/unread message icon on a phone or leaving time on a microwave -- like when you stop it before it counts down completely and don't hit clear or whatever -- grate on my in a way that's akin to nails on a chalkboard. UGH.
  4. I myself, am super strange, I'm fearless, however. I watched my mother close a car door and it shut, LOCKED, with my brothers fingers trapped in there...I did not like that very much and it made my stomach turn when she DROPPED THE KEYS and kevin started to whine.

    Only moment of my life I got sick from anything my sense of sight beheld.

    and general, when someone pukes, I also puke with them. o.o

  5. I cannot stand anything remotely sounding like a gunshot.

    I also will not eat food that someone else has touched or breathed on. Can't do it, makes me vomit.
  6. I can stand a lot of stuff. Vomit from adults makes me feel ill, but child vomit I can handle (comes with the job. I have very quick reflexes, though! I've only been actually thrown up on once.) I CANNOT, however, handle a child LICKING THEIR OWN SNOT OFF THEIR TOP LIP! D: Oh god, I just want to start dry heaving whenever I see that!

    I am extremely averse to many movies. If it's anything that's too adrenaline-inducing in its intensity, I cannot handle it. Or overly awkward. I do not do well with adrenaline and sitting still. Or being forced to watch awkward situations. Also why I refuse to watch ANYTHING reality tv-based. Even competition shows.
  7. I agree. Boogers are disgusting. >_>

    Spiders are the epitome of evil and even thinking about them send chills down my spine and my feet to my chest. Especially since every time I think of them/talk about them being around they appear out of NOWHERE. I hate it and I wish they didn't exist. I don't care how many mosquitoes they eat.

    Also, when I'm forced into a situation that I don't want to be in, I freeze up and have no idea what to do. I know being put into a weird situation is awkward for everyone, but for some reason I just can't function like a normal human being. It sucks because normal everyday tasks like making a doctor's appointment or job interviews becomes a huge task for me. :/
  8. I am currently dissecting a cat in my Physiology class, and I'm perfectly fine chopping up cats and poking organs but blood vessels make me want to puke. I HATE BLOOD VESSELS THEY ARE SO GROSS like I can't even look at my own without getting panicky. Sometimes when I get out of the shower my veins are like protruding really bad from my feet and it freaks me out so much that I have to like sit down and calm myself.

    I really really really dislike the sound of crunching snow. Y'know, the noise when you step in or drive over a pile of snow. It is just awful and painful and bad. Bad bad bad. Oh god I'm shivering just thinking about it.

    I also hate it when people gum things. Like instead of biting it, babies without teeth or old people or just anyone who does that. I like flip out. It doesn't gross me out necessarily, I just like get very antsy and I don't even know how to explain it. It just scares me.

    Probably one of the things that haves scared and disturbed me the most in my life was when I went to itch my neck and there was a firefly crawling on it. I flung that thing across the room and like spasmed around everywhere and I was so freaked out and I felt violated and scared and it was sooooo baaaad ;n;
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