Strange and unusual RPs

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  1. What is the strangest Rp you have ever been in? Did you have fun? Would you like to do it again?

    I haven't been in many strange Rps myself, I guess the most unusual would have been the Iron Chef Rp that I tried to run. It wasn't all that odd though, just different I guess.

    What about you?

  2. Not strange but my character was psychotic...pretty much the generic I'm bored so here's an asylum RP...though the plot ended up somehow being that satan was involved and the characters had to go to hell to find some book to seal some portals or something and finally escape the asylum...uhh yeah that's all i remember
  3. I forget what we titled the roleplay, but it involved a villain named Mister Squeaky Bald. I played a pair of fangirls that followed Rory's heroic character around. It was epic lulz and made no sense at all.

    Also, our mass holiday roleplays. :| Particularly the Christmas ones. *nodnod*
  4. Any roleplay with Jinx in it eventually turns weird. o_o
  5. The first appearance of Gribble McThribble, the drug-fuelled Cockney Rabbit on a quest to kill the AntiChrist.

    He debuted as a mercenary hired to transport Dead Zero in a box bound for the banana factory of a giant monkey overlord, but along the way got entangled in a fistfight with a lesbian. The fight ended when Bill Cosby dropped an exploding shoe on him from the heavenly palace and Gribble lost the box. Dead Zero was later carted off in a wheelbarrow to be the bride of the Monkey Lord, whilst Gribble was stuck in the bowels of the factory fighting off corporate guards.

    It was then all revealed to be a dream caused by an LSD-laced banana.
  6. Hmmm, strange RPs. Thing is, my strangest RPs have not created the strangest characters. My strangest characters have been NPCs that then I've had placed in other RPs of the correct genre.
  7. M.A.I.D. to Clean~ The one that Fluffy mentioned. It was set in a future in which Household Cleaning Corporations wage a fepic war against each other with teams of Maids. My epic hero was named Sebastien Shadow. I also have Colie and King Weveal RPs that tend to be overly weird on purpose.
  8. That one Asmo did.
  9. Not the strangest RP I've been in (thought it has little plot and we just kind of run around and do random stuff), but one of my characters is a talking rock that can only say five phrases and has an angry face drawn on him in sharpie. He throws himself at people's heads when he gets mad and "eats" omelets by sitting on them until they get cold because they're his favorite.
  10. I roleplayed as a talking biscuit, but that was just a joke. D:
  11. I like NK's and Diana's. The former made me lol and the latter makes me hungry.
  12. There was one Amp and I did back in the day. She was playing some urchin vampire chick and her mutant human-frog-child-thing friend and I was Brother Petros from Trinity Blood (Vatican Paladin). He drunkenly crashed into a sandbox and couldn't get his jetpack to turn off. He saw them together and immediately began to lecture them on the dangers of premarital sex and teen drug use. This was the RP where the Premarital Sex Box was introduced.

    Also, there was an RP I did with Orion where his frost demon and my amputee ninja were robbing a bank, but we spoofed Pulp Fiction for the entire game. For some reason. >_>

    . . .

    *Scours the Google to see if the old RPing grounds are still alive.*
    Do you remember charming the fanboys in the shop with epic sexy anime moves???