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  1. Just like every day, people board the plain, knowing where they were going and what they were planning on doing. It was supposed to be a normal typical flight just like they always are. However, things are far from normal.

    The plain was sabbatoged and as it was flying over the ocean, it dropped off radar and crashed. The plain split in half with the front end landing on an island and the other half landing in the ocean. The survivors of both parts manage to make it to the beach where they have to decide what to do, and if they will work together. Differences will have to be put to the side if they want to survive or face the consequences could very easily be death.

    So that's basically all there is to the plot. If interested, come check out the signups :)
  2. Still lots of spots open :)
  3. You should warn people it is in Libertine
  4. I am interested
  5. great :) just head on over to the sign ups then

  6. If there's still room in the roleplay I would be happy to join.​
  7. Really? I'll go ahead and start working on the CS. c:​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.