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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the island. You awoke here with nothing on you except for your clothes and a knife. Someone sent you here, you don't know that though all you know is you have to survive. Are there others on the island, is this a game? So many questions so little answers, might as well survive for now.


    The islands of Tartaric.
    The bottom right one is called Fredricka
    The middle left one is called Herminia
    The top center one is called Lurline
    You all will wake up upon of Fredricka, although of course your characters won't know the names of the islands and you can make your own in the IC but for OOC talk those are the three names.

    This is going to be a survival RP meaning you have to use your intelligence to survive.
    If you have any questions you can ask me but if you decide to drink the salt water I will kill off your character soon if you don't stop drinking it.
    Food will be scarce and there will be some other rules.
    You guys will survive better in groups unless you have a too little food or water etc.
    Your characters may die but you will be able to come back as a new character.

    This survival RP is a common sense roleplay. So that's where the rules come into play.

    Rules |

    1. All Iwaku rules apply
    2. Romance is not encouraged, if you do remember fading to black etc.
    3. If I give your character a health ailment it's for a reason.
    4. Don't argue with me about the change of your status window
    5. DETAIL your posts if you forgot to drink water in your one post your hydration will lower.
    6. Include tools section in your cs with just this knife [​IMG]
    7. Posts count as an hour, watch how much you do.
    8. Don't fight in the OOC.
    9. I will discuss with you in PM's why I'm killing your character before I do.

    Character Sheets |

    Name -
    Age - Above 15
    Gender -
    Appearance -
    Weight -
    Height -
    Health Ailments - Asthma, glasses, etc
    Experiences - What experiences do you have outdoors
    Clothing - What did you wear when you arrived


    Writing level - Accepted Elementary to beyond. Just make sure you're including basic survival things in each post and are semi detailed.
    Posting Expectation - Once every three days, I would prefer everyday but understand everyone can't.

    Status windows

    « »
    Eva Snow
    Health Status | Healthy
    Hunger | Full
    Hydration | Hydrated
    Health Ailments | Glasses
    Clothes Status | Dry
    Temperature | 98
    Smell | Fine
    Other | None
    Alianne Lockwood
    Health Status | Healthy
    Hunger | Full
    Hydration | Hydrated
    Health Ailments | Klutz
    Clothes Status | Dry
    Temperature | 98
    Smell | Fine
    Other | None
    Marcus Revna
    Health Status | Healthy
    Hunger | Full
    Hydration | Hydrated
    Health Ailments | Coffee Addiction
    Clothes Status | Dry
    Temperature | 98
    Smell | Fine
    Other | None
    Name |
    Health Status | Healthy
    Hunger | Full
    Hydration | Hydrated
    Health Ailments | Glasses
    Clothes Status | Dry
    Temperature | 98
    Smell | Fine
    Other | None

    Any questions? Ask away.​
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  2. [​IMG]


    "I'm seventeen"

    "I have boobs"

    "Never ask a girl her weight"

    "I'm taller then you"
    5 Feet 9 Inches

    "I'm four eyes"

    "I'm a girl scout and my dad's crazy about it"
    High Experience Level

    "I'm wearing some jeans"
    Brown Heels, Jeans, White tank top, Jacket, Baseball Cap [​IMG] was used for the font up there
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  3. Name - Alianne (Aly) Lockwood
    Age - 19
    Gender - Female
    Appearance -
    [​IMG]Weight - 140
    Height -5 feet 2 inches
    Health Ailments - Extreme klutz. Always tripping over nothing or bumping into things, usually on flat ground. In the woods or on rough terrain she is surprisingly sure-footed for a girl who can't seem to walk straight sober on glat ground.
    Experiences - Hunter/Fisher, kayaking, hiking
    Clothing - The hoodie shown in the appearance picture with a black Cami underneath and comfy dark blue jeans and light tan hiking boots. She has a hairtie around her wrist when it's not in her hair.
    Tools: a knife. Her cellphone. Plus whatever she manages to make while on the islands.
    (Phone isn't going to work without cell towers.)
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  4. I suggest rereading the rules
  5. Can you specify which area you dislike about my CS? If it's the ailment thing, i truly do have it. I don't know how many times I'll trip in the hallway or a parking lot. Heck, i constantly smack my arm off the doorknob no matter how far from it i am.
  6. Read the rules thoroughly. There is a specific rule you are missing in your cs, if that hints to anything.
  7. If it's just the knife, isn't it a given that everyone has one? Especially when they don't know they have it?
  8. That knife is proving you read the rules. Also you will have it once you wake up anyway.
  9. I may edit in tools as she makes them.
  10. Name - Marcus 'Sten' Revna
    Age - 20
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - [​IMG]
    Weight - 220 lbs
    Height - 5'10''
    Health Ailments - Caffeine Addiction
    Experiences - Television Survival Shows and passing CPR/First Aid in School, a wealth of miscellaneous knowledge. Camped in his backyard once.
    Clothing - T-Shirt, Jeans, socks and sneakers.
    Equipment: 1 Knife.
  11. Accepted!
  12. I was thinkin, can Aly have her cell phone in her pocket? It won't work without cell towers, which I assume there are none on the islands, but internal components can be used in other ways to aid survival.
  13. Um, sure it does have a battery though so it will die. Also be careful swimmig across islands etc.
    Gonna make the IC in a bit.
  14. If she takes it apart to use it for other stuff, i don't think she'll worry to much if it gets wet.

    And ok.
  15. Electronics getting wet will screw over what she makes depending upon what she makes, we'll see in the RP how it all plays out.
  16. I plan on using it before she leaves the 'main' island.
  17. In what region of the world are Islands located? I'd like to research what kinds of plants and animals might be on the islands to make it more accurate.
  18. They replace Hawaii
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