Stranded Love (Zelda & CasDesDean)

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    Two people wake up completely lost and confused on a stranded tropical island, no distant land anywhere near then, and having no memory of their past life or how they ended up there. They only have stranded, broken pieces of wood around them and have to tune into their survival instincts while still trying to protect each other from every aspect of nature, including the weather and predators. After a short while, spending so much time around one another brings a new feeling to them, and soon enough they start falling for one another.
  2. Olivia wasn't sure how she got here, why she was here, or even where here was. All she knew was that she was trapped, on an abandoned beach, and she had no idea how to leave, and barely even idea how to survive. What she was going to do, she didn't know.

    So, she did what anyone would do in this situation. She stood, dusting the thin layer of sand that clung to her skin and clothing before looking behind her at island, shivering as she saw nothing but trees behind her, and ocean in front. Among her was wooden debris, but that provided nothing but more questions for the girl. What the hell happened?
  3. Leah awoke groggily, instantly panicking at the feeling of hot sand underneath her. That definitely wasn't the normal feeling of a nice cotton mattress that she was used to.

    She stood up, tripping on her feet for a few seconds before stabilizing herself. She used her hand to block the sun from her eyes, her vision still a bit cloudy from the rude awakening. To the back of her was an endless, dark array of trees and in front was an ocean that went all the way out to the horizon and beyond. Wherever she was, she was already starting to hate it. The woods practically screamed 'danger'.

    Trying not to allow herself to worry, she ran to the shade underneath a tree to be able to see better through the sun. From her spot, she confirmed to herself that was no sign of civilization anywhere. That was, until, she saw a figure moving in the corner of her eye. Instantly getting defensive, she took a couple steps back and placed herself behind a tree, squinting at the person in the distance.

    Her mind raced as it tried to identify the person who looked just as confused as her, subconsciously taking a few steps forward. They were about 50 yards apart, but Leah soon closed the distance to 20 yards, then 10, getting her attention by that time. She kept the long distance between them out of precaution, and all she said was, "Where are we?"
  4. Olivia's feet sunk in the sand as she took a few experimental steps, testing her own body for any injuries or pain. Obviously, something must have happened for her to end up somewhere when she was only in bed not long ago, and it made her frown when she realized that nothing was wrong. She was perfectly fine.

    She had not noticed Leah at first, between surveying the land and checking for wounds, she never even stopped to think that there might be another person here. It was the thought of the danger that lurked in her mind that made her shiver, imagining all the horrible things that could happen, from brutal mutilation to beheading to live feeding. All she knew was that she was trapped, and she didn't have a clue how long.

    It was when she was following the tree line that she noticed a person moving closer to her, making her snarl and go into defensive, her eyes trained carefully on the girl standing just beyond her. Even though the girl didn't seem dangerous, she didn't take any chances as she watched her with a harsh stare, her body tense and ready for action.

    "I was hoping you would know." Olivia responded, her voice wary as she onced over the girl again. She didn't seem to be some cannibal savage, so she relaxed, if only slightly. "I take it you're not native to this island then."
  5. At first, Leah jumped back in surprise, mirroring the girl's defensive stance. Then afterwards, still slightly taken aback, Leah responded, "No. I'm definitely not native." She relaxed more, at least happy that she spoke English. "I have a strange feeling I haven't been this close to a beach ever in my life before." As she overlooked the beach, her eyes widened in realization that she never actually remembered anything previous to being here. Her mom, dad, siblings, friends, school, house - She knew all the words, but not how those words were related to her. Slightly panicking, she looked towards the girl, "Can you remember anything?"

    Of course, Leah thought how either of them could probably pick up a branch or rock to knock out the other person, but Leah hoped that this girl wouldn't even try to do that. Even though she had strong legs, her arms were essentially useless when it came to strength. "What's your name, by the way? I'm Leah. Leah Adler. That's all I can remember about myself. "She flexed and unflexed her toes in worry, hoping that her memories were correct as the wind blew her hair out of her face.
  6. Olivia felt herself relaxing a bit more each time the girl spoke. If she was just as clueless as Olivia, then maybe she wouldn't try and harm her, not yet at least, but when Leah asked about remembrance, she frowned, her eyebrows furrowing together as she struggled to think of anything that could remind her of her past. She thought of her family, but it was only a word to her, leaving her even more confused about their situation.

    "I don't remember anything." She said, struggling to catch a glimpse of something in her mind that would spark her past. "I know that it's missing, but, I just can't see it." She bit at her lip, listening to Leah speak while glancing over the waves. The forgetting was trouble, yes, but she was more worried on how they were going to get out of there. "Olivia Grace." She replied, looking the girl in front of her over.
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