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  1. So basically I hate long intro posts and all that stuff so I'm just gonna get straight to the plots. If you are interested comment or pm me

    1. Stranded on an island a small group of boys must band together to survive...or not.

    This would be either a 1x1 or if enough interest a 1x1x1 and I would like to have each of us play 2 or 3 characters each.

    2. Runaways
    A few teen boys decide to runaway from their abusive homes into the wilderness in search of a better life.

    This again would be a 1x1 or possibly a 1x1x1 with each of us playing at least two characters

    3. Dracula
    So basically a teen boy awakes a sleeping Dracula and becomes his slave.

    This would be a 1x1, I would be willing to play either but would prefer to play the teen

    None of these would require romance but if it happens it happens, I don't do smut just to point that out
  2. Please pm me or post here if you are interested
  3. The Dracula one sounds interesting to me. :3
  4. All plots are still available
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