Stranded: A Survival Sci-Fi

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  1. In the distant future humanity has journeyed to distant suns and colonized dozens of worlds. Space travel is still a risky business and it is not uncommon for ships to go missing only to be found months or years later somewhere they were not expecting with few vanishing completely and never to be seen again. The SMV Atlanta was one of these statistics except when its FTL drives malfunctioned it sent the ship so far off course it jumped inside the gravity well of far and distant world at the edge of the galaxy...

    “These readings are all wrong, are you sure you double checked our vector?” Captain Tiya asked the navigator beside her.

    “I’m certain. I had the nav AI double checked it before we engaged the drives. We should be coming up on Aurium IV any moment now.” The navigator assured her.

    The captain was not convinced after 3 days in FTL they were overdue to be automatically kicked out of subspace to the next jump buoy. Her gut was giving her a bad feeling about this and was convinced it wasn’t breakfast she had this morning.

    Just as she was about to order the helmsmen to take them manually out of FTL the ship shuddered and threw everyone off their feet. The low artificial gravity caused the navigator to be flung forwards with his head crashing through the display.

    “Burt!” Tiya took the middle aged man by the shoulder. Blood flowed down his forehead. Before she can shout for a medic the ship shuddered again this time a more violent buck and a rock then the groan of steel as if the ship was in pain. Collision klaxons blared and the normal interior light dimmed then switched to red and yellow auxiliary lights. Something was definitely wrong here.

    “Captain, we’re caught in a gravity well! We jumped right on top of a planet!” The chief reported.

    “Send a distress signal and get us off this vector before we hit atmo!” Tiya said as she tended to the wounded navigator.

    “Mayday, mayday this is the SMV Atlanta we have catastrophic FTL failure, we need immedi-” The chief was suddenly cut off when the communication console spewed sparks and fire at him as the ship shook from an explosion. The chief screamed and held his singed face. Tiya knew the ship was lost as she saw it through the bridge’s window as it was lit up by fire as they hit atmosphere. The gravity well of the planet got them. The medic took the navigator away and Tiya reached for the phone on the other console and put herself on speaker across the ship.

    “All hands, this is the captain, get passengers to lifeboats immediately and abandon ship, we are going down. We have 3 minutes before we burn up.” She had enough time to set up an evacuation timer where the ship AI announced the countdown in a disembodied female voice.

    “Three minutes to evacuation.” It said and Tiya helped the wounded chief with half his face missing out of the bridge to the nearest lifeboat.

    The SMV Atlanta burned up in the atmosphere like a great big fireball. Small strips and pieces of hull stripped off the massive half mile long freighter before her hull could not take the stress anymore and her entire port side began to shear off as its decent reached terminal velocity.

    It was unclear how many made it to the lifeboats and over a dozen broke away from the ship before it was taken apart by the re-entry. The lifeboats were made for rough landings and chances are if one was on a lifeboat their survival would be substantially higher than the unfortunate ones still aboard the ship as pieces of the Atlanta, strewn out over 100 miles, finally made planet fall.

    As one of the survivors you are stranded on an alien world far away from civilization with no rescue and no survivable way of leaving the planet. You and the others must survive the elements with the hope that help will come eventually from the distress signal traveling across the vast spans of space.

    No one knows what to call this world but one thing is for certain the survivors are not alone...


    The Survivors:

    Human: (5 available) Humans make up the majority of the survivors from the crash and like everything else they’re scattered across the landscape from the lifeboats jettisoned off the Atlanta as it burned up on reentry. The crew is for the most part the most experienced with handling disasters however their skills and talents may not be as varied as the hundreds of passengers aboard. Humans aboard the Atlanta came from all walks of life and come from many colonies and nationalities of the UNSA.

    Android: (3 available) Androids are the smaller part of the survivors despite being synthetic they’re frail as their human counterparts. Most current models are very lifelike and can be mistaken as humans at first sight until the glowing rims of their eyes or behavioral quirks give them away. Many now feel emotions and become ever closer to being human with some being very crude labor androids with no emotion heuristics at all. Androids benefit from being abundant with information and do not require oxygen to breathe or to eat and drink on a regular basis to stay alive.

    Mutant: (2 available) Mutants are part of a forbidden military experiment and make up the smallest part of the survivor group with less than a dozen according to a manifest. It is not known what they’re capabilities are or if they’re friendly. They are suspected to be superior to humans in every aspect such as physical strength, survivability and senses. As of now all the mutants may have all burned up together on re-entry or lost in the crash. Each of them was held in self-contained cryo tubes and there is a procedure to awake them. If one happens to emerge from their tubes, they should be approached with extreme caution.

    The Fauna and Flora:

    From what is known so far this world there is no civilization, it is completely feral and teaming is exotic alien life. As beautiful it may have been from brief view in orbit the things on it are savage and probably not too friendly.

    Character Roster:
    Name: (Insert your character's name and aliases here)
    Age: (Insert your character's age here)
    Race: (Is your character human, android or mutant?)
    Role: (Is your character crew, passenger or stowaway/hidden cargo? This will change when the RP gets going good and more survivors come into play to have certain roles to maintain a settlement)
    Appearance: (Your character's appearance description or picture posted here)
    Equipment: (The things your character had on or took with them to the lifeboat before the evacuated)
    Talent/Skills: (What kind of skill, job or practices does your character do or know of that could be helpful to their and other's survival)
    Background: (your character's background information such as the homeworld or colony they came from, why they were aboard the Atlanta and whatever else you like to add to your character's history)

    Be as detailed as you want in character creation but the number one rule I like for everyone to adhere to is use common sense. Be cool, no god-modding, do not mary/marty sue, don't be a dick and remember there are mods here that actually get shit done here.

    Feel free to ask questions.
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  2. Name: Alester (Zeta)
    Age: 34
    Race: Mutant
    Role: Cargo
    Appearance: Out of Cryo Out of armor
    Equipment: His armor, survival pack, Kukri knife, Rifle (destroyed), Communication gear (destroyed)
    Talent/Skills: Hunting knowledge, Adept medical skills, Enhanced physical, mental skills along with enhanced senses
    Background: Alester was born on Earth but his parents were killed when he was very young and as such he became a ward of the state, the military federation of Earth adopted him and put him through their enhanced solider program since his genetic markers were a match for the procedure to turn him into a mutant. He was in cryo on board the Atlanta to be transferred at their original destination to travel on to his final posting on [REDACTED]. His alias is reference that he is the last mutant from his batch created, for a super solider he is rather kind to people since he was taught that if he gained the local populace's trust his mission would be easier.
  3. I thought you were only interested in the tank one? Ah well, the more the merrier.

    Name: Gale
    Age: 29
    Race: Mutant
    Role: Cargo/Illegal Test Subject
    Appearance: Gale has sky blue eyes, physically tall and lithe with pale skin covered in tiny red line markings from head to toe from the many surgeries for implants, enhancements and augmentations. He is bald with a barcode on his forehead.
    Equipment: Only thing not lost in the crash is his Mk.III "Gladiator" Armor

    Talent/Skills: Aside from some natural superiority to humans, Gale has psionic abilities he uses sparingly. His behavioral quirks does allow him to use them purely out of malice. He has telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis and can echo aura to find himself in the dark. He has no type of telepathy whatsoever maybe due to the memory wipes tampering with this capability but can hear distant whispers inside his mind. His psionic abilities fatigues him greatly over continuous use as it is analogous to mind over matter principles.

    Background: He does not remember much due to his memory wipes but recalls he was taken away from Titan, Saturn's largest moon. He exhibited some abnormalities that were uncommon this close to Earth as 1 out of 600 million humans show a sign of extreme mutation such as enhanced senses, strength and predicted longevity in the entire UNSA. They're more common on out reaching backwater colonies than fully terraformed colonies closer to Earth. Gale was one of those rare subjects found close to home where he could control 80% of his brain where as the average human could at best manage 5% of their brains and that is with implants. His memories are a blur as they try to wipe his memory to better manipulate and control his powers but each time there is feedback and resists control from the implants. The Orion military complex grew tired putting money into an experiment that kept rejecting their methods and so Gale was to be written off as a test subject to die a slow and horrible death. He does not know of any family, he had no friends and never wanted to be a soldier for some fringe military group in Orion.
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  4. It seemed interesting.
  5. Still needs work and more players.

    I know I'm moving slowly with these RPs but being out of it for eight years is not quite like riding a bike.
  6. You're doing fine so far.
  7. I made a banner and getting some advertising up.

    So now we play the waiting game.
  8. Hey - dropping interest here, I should get to making a character concept this evening or tomorrow.

    How self aware are androids? Are they, in effect, humans with a few behavioral quirks? Are they more like robots that follow protocols? Or are they human minds uploaded into machine bodies?
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  9. Awesome, looking forward to it.

    Depending how old your model is. The latest and greatest models are in effect humans with behavioral quirks with some preset personality. Older models follow protocols akin to I. Robot with the three laws.

    Human minds being uploaded into androids is illegal in the UNSA but there's nothing stopping you from being one of these blackmarket models. I'm eager to see what you'll brew up!
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  10. Name: 'Saturnia'

    Age: 4 (Appears to be in mid to late 20's)

    Race: Android

    Role: Medical Unit

    Appearance: Saturnia takes on a female appearance with a slim build designed to be dexterous and delicate. Soft orange-tinged and glowing eyes sit beneath a slender brow with thin, synthetic eyebrows. Brown hair, again synthetic, 'grows' from Saturnia's scalp, keeping level with slender shoulders. Saturnia's hands end in fingers without finger nails; they instead extend into soft arcs that give the illusion of nails, a design intended to perfect manual dexterity without the risk of damage to patients. A single access port, obvious only by a slight indent around it, rests on Saturnia's back, intended to be pushed down and then pulled backwards.

    Equipment: First-aid kit, clothing, a pack intended for personal use as a carry-on, not hiking or survival, and a set of tools intended for self-repair (most of the more advanced ones are fairly damaged or otherwise missing core components to operate properly)

    Talent/Skills: A high understanding of surgical procedures, first-aid, and disease treatment. A database of biological knowledges and processes is also of great benefit to understanding local flora and fauna, though is restricted to categories when specific species are unavailable or unknown.

    Background: Saturnia was constructed upon a prime industry world towrads the inner core of civilized space. After completing several learning processes and maintainence checks, Saturnia was later assigned to a series of companies for medical work until finally, after the three year term, being released to 'public domain' - able to function without protocol or assignments. In transit to the outer fringes of the galaxy to find work on one of the less-established planets, where doctors are in low supply and high demand, the android was attempting to break free from the inner core, only to find space travel even more problematic than staying behind...
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  11. Good, good, very good. I hope some more people drop in some interests.
  12. save a human for me please
  13. Certainly!
  14. EDIT:


    Can I have an NPC as uh, a sort of prop/decoration D:

    EDIT: If I can't, I'll edit in his death.

    Name: Atama
    Age: 28
    Race: Human
    Role: Passenger

    Appearance: She has white medium length wavy hair; it’s a lion’s mane, wild and unkempt. Grey eyes, pale skin. All of which she tries to hide under her hood, mostly out of habit. Her clothes are simple and of warm colors though not too dark.

    Equipment: Her son Maaka (6) who has a very useful mechanical arm, a bag full of snacks/water/tech-toy and a basic tool kit for prostheses repair. Maaka took his pocketknife.

    Talent/Skills: Navigation, tracking, built to survive with low resources and little light. Her everyday job back home had been scavenging for edible plants.

    Background: She originates from a planet with a very dense atmosphere and unusual magnetic pull, Nenia. It is not a popular destination. The planet produces very good navigators and trackers, however most prefer to stay in their homeworld given their physiological sensitivity. When she came of age her father allowed her to tag along for a job in the Mars colony. Those were some painful times as well as troublesome given the amount of precautions she had to take to avoid all the sensory attacks. It took a few years for her to start having more fun, as evidenced by the consequential pregnancy she discovered on her way home.
    Maaka is a black haired version of his mother and was born and raised in Nenia up until he had an accident that took his left arm and left a dying heart. They were both aboard the Atlanta trying to make their way back home after Maaka’s surgeries and rehabilitation and what-not.
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  17. Uh, well, let's go for it.
  18. Alright we will all keep using this thread until we get more people then we will start the actual RP, I guess I will take charge of this then.
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