Storytellers lies

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    Character Bio
    Name: Kami
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: ^Picture above.
    Personality: Quite and reserved to strangers. Can be a total nut case with friends. Loaths humans.
    History: will be revealed in the storytellers story..

    Gather around children and listen to my story. A story filled with evil demons. But not to worry, for this story will have a happy ending.
    Decades ago, when the Old Oak Forest stretched much farther than it does now, a village filled with monsters sat at it’s core. These monsters, demon creatures from hell, went on the prowl. Stalking us in the dead of night, stealing poor little kids, just like you, out of their beds. Dragging them off into the shadows and eaten alive. No one was safe. Your grandfathers can attest to this. For they formed a mighty group of demon hunters. They would stop at nothing to end the nightmare, the fright and terror caused by the evil village in the forest.
    Protecting the village, and slaughtering all demons who dare enter was their passion. But they feared this would not be enough. They scouted out the woods by day, when the monsters slept. Found their home in the center. Saw that they where breeding, creating an army, and preparing for a war. Many scouting missions passed and little by little they learned their ways. The males, warriors, hunters slept by day and awoke at dusk. The females, mothers, nurtures, and gathers where out by day protecting the village they called home.
    With all of the evidence stated your grandfathers took action. They would strike first. Taking the demons by surprise. They would burn the whole forest down if needed.
    As your grandmothers, mothers, and fathers said their good byes the demon hunters set off. Formed a perimeter around the evil village and lit it a blaze. The smoke could been seen for miles upon miles. The battle lasted only two days. Many where dead, dieing or wounded. But at last Our village was safe from evil once more.

    Smirking as the old hag of a storyteller finished her rant about the ‘evil things’ she knew nothing about Kami paid her tab for her drinks and left the run down shake this town had for a tavern. Nothing here will change. They all think what the old hag says is true. She thought venomously to herself as she looked around at the groups of people meandering through the streets of town.
    Turning on her heels Kami headed for the east entrance of town, and the path that lead through the Old Oak Forest. The path that the humans carved and hacked through, what was once a pristine forest.
    As she grew closer to the entrance she head the small shuffle of unsteady feet hurling their way towards her. Turning around to see what they where ended up in a small toddler leaping through the air and into her arms.
    “Hey sis!! I thought I’d lost you.” The small fragile boy said as he pulled on the cloak to see what he thought was his sisters face.
    As the hood fell down to her shoulders she gasped. The young one yelled and struggled to get free. Setting him softly on the ground Kami quickly surveyed the people that where closing in on her.
    “DEMON!” they all yelled.
    Panic shivered its way up her spine. This was bad. There was no escape, and she was totally unarmed.
    “Please..” She begged. “I mean you no..” Was all she got out before the crowd was upon her.
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    Name: Zarrek
    Nickname: Z
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Strong will, hot headed but strong and caring when he chooses too.

    Zarrek had planned to just go through the town without a second thought but as the night drew on he realized that it would probably be best just to stay the night. He kept his hood up tightly around his face and the cloak tightly shut. He wasn't about to let anyone get too close to him otherwise it could end badly for them. Zarrek really didn't want to kill anyone in this town that hadn't provoked him. As his steel blue eyes scanned the area it seemed as though there was a tenseness to the air in this town. Something that he needed to check into and see if it was going to cause problems for him. "Excuse me" he walked up to the front desk of what looked to be an Inn of sorts. "Can I help you?" A strong voice carried to his ears "Are there any rooms available for a night?" Zarrek shifted under his cloak to pull out some of money waiting to hear the guys response "There are but I must ask for you to remove your hood" he asked and Zarrek narrowed his eyes at the guy though he was sure that he couldn't see them. Now removing his hood could spook many people, some didn't like the look of his eyes and others didn't like the fact that upon his head there looked to be horns. "If that is a requirement for me to get a room then I'd rather not" Zarrek announced to the guy placing his wallet back into his pocket and left the building.

    Once back outside the building his eyes scanned the area quite disappointed that he wasn't able to get a room 'Better keep looking' he thought to himself and started on his way through the town and possibly out of it. This place was already giving him a bad feeling so it was probably a better idea that he left and quickly. Zarrek kept close to building and avoided the other people as he headed out of town or what he thought was out. But not a few second later several people came rushing towards him and almost shoved him out of the way to get to something else. Zarrek quickly jumped into a alleyway and watched as more people rushed by. That defiantly got his attention quick, what was so important that almost everyone in town had to be present. After the crowd thinned he slowly walked out from the dark onto the sidewalk and followed the stragglers to a group of people surrounding something.

    Zarrek didn't even have to stand on his toes to see the center of the group and all he saw was a young lady standing there very scared. It looked as if the towns people were going to attack her if not kill her. Now this was turning out to be very interesting and as much as he liked bloodbaths this one was taking it a bit far, especially for just one little girl. He took several steps backwards to judge the distance between the circled crowd and the girl. 'Not bad' he thought to himself as he crouched towards the ground and pushed off, launching himself into the air. It took only a second and he landed in the middle of the crowd right in front of the girl. He crouched just before the ground to soften his landing and then stood to his 6'2 height. Zarrek looked down at the girl for a second and the turned to face the crowd. "Now I'm sure there is a perfect explanation as to why all of you are crowding this young lady but with those looks on your faces I don't like one bit" Zarrek raised his voice above all the murmurs and comments. "Why don't all of you back off some before I take matters into my own hands" he warned them though he was kind of hoping that someone was stupid enough to make a move towards either himself or the girl. That's when things would get even more interesting.

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