Story of Continuity: Five Word Challenge

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    • You can continue in a phrase. Add hyphens.
    • Jump aboard anytime.
    • Five words have to be meaningful and must move the story somehow.
    • Particles and prepositions count.
    • Roleplay is okay.
    • Randomness is okay too, that's actually pretty funny.
    To start off:

    The double doors blasted open.
  1. someone walked in grining evily (is someone count as two words)
  2. [nope, that's one word, your entry makes five. :D ]

    with a faux fur coat
  3. in hopes to see her
  4. ex-boyfriend who is now a
  5. duck ldead in a lake
  6. Feeling quite ambitious, she decided
  7. to run away with a
  8. rainbow colored talking frog that
  9. bit off a head of
  10. a one-winged water dragon and
  11. turn into a dragon of
  12. sexiness. So then, she picked
  13. mommy up from the water
  14. dispenser. But she got hungry.
  15. and ate her mother to
  16. see if she isn't allergic
  17. «lolz»
    and hope for another day
  18. of raining guinea pigs that
    [ikr haha]
  19. fly with flying pigs of
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.