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  1. Name: Shadow
    Age: 18
    Description: silver hair with crimson streaks, bright green eyes, black wolf ears and tail.

    It's a dark and stormy night. Your four days away from the village. The paths are slick with mud, to slick for your horse to walk along. You reach a small village nearby and head to the tavern nearby.
  2. Name: Borin the Wanderer
    Age: 21
    Description: Short brown hair, scruffy beard, deep brown eyes, and a large build.

    Borin slogged his way through the muddy road. There was nothing he would have enjoyed more than to find a nice quiet place on an island somewhere to himself. But that was not going to happen anytime soon. As he approached the tavern, he could almost smell the ale and bread inside and his stomach lurched with wanting. He took Breaker to the stables before making his way into the warm, lively place. There were people drinking and shouting all throughout the tavern as wenches flirted shamelessly with drunken travelers. Borin found a quiet table in the corner and whistled for one of the wenches to bring him an ale.
  3. Shadow was outside in the trees, watching travelers enter the tavern. One man in particular caught her attention. She hopped down splashing a bit of mud on her boots. She walks in and over to the bar. Sitting down she twitches her ears shaking water off of them. She nods to the bartender, indicating she wanted the usual.
  4. Borin looked around at some of the odd characters in the tavern. One man appeared to have no teeth and was attempting to drunkenly dance as the musicians played their brisk melodies. It almost made him laugh... almost. He took a long sip of ale when the same wench brought him some bread and meat. Had he been drunk enough he probably would have attempted to take her to bed, but this was not the time, and his mind was set on other things. The village was only a few days away.
  5. She looks around, spotting the same man from earlier just as she got her drink. She downs it and walks over to him, sitting down in the chair besides him. She doesn't say anything right away, but she does look at him taking in his features.
  6. He had not expected company at all tonight, especially from such an odd character. This person was simply staring at him, but spoke no words to him. "I don't believe we have met," Borin said wearily, placing his hand on his hilt as a safety measure. If this had been a spy sent after him then she clearly was not very good at her job.
  7. She sees the movement and makes sure to stay on her guard,there is no need after all to cause a big scene. "I wouldn't think we would have met before. Your not from around here." She was surprised this man was on his guard, even with her startling appearances men usually didn't think of her as a threat.
Thread Status:
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