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  1. Creating a storm in your roleplay can add a lot of dimension to it. If things have been slowing down and you find the posts have been just enough to get by you can choose from a variety of storms to mix things up a bit. As with all things in roleplay, it's all in the detail. As opposed to a one paragraph stating something along the lines of "Suddenly the rain started coming down harder and harder till _________ couldn't hardly see _______ Standing in front of him......" you can use this opportunity to get really creative. Take your time and really think about it. Use the following template to help you design the perfect storm.

    What kind of storm is it? (Rain, snow, sands, ice, winds?) ((think about the demographics of your roleplay. You don't want a sandstorm up in the mountains for example.))

    How long will the storm last?
    (you want to begin planning how long this storm will approximately run for. This is important so it is clear and consise. The last thing you want is for it to run so long that you and your fellow roleplayers forget that it's even storming and move on to other dramas. When it's done it's job clearly state desceibe how it ended.)

    What is happening to the land/animals/flora?
    (Describe what is happening around your character. You can never be too descriptive. Is it a small storm that is slightly romantic as the raindrops fall From the canopy above, or is it intense and raging as it rips the smaller trees right out from the earth?)

    Set the tone of the storm.
    (What do you want this storm to do? Are your roleplayers moving too quickly from one spot to the next. Do you need a storm to shut everyone in someone to build character relationships? Or are all your roleplayers stuck for ideas on what to do or where to go with the story? You can use the storm to create a sense of urgency to get out of dodge and get to some shelter. Maybe the next town.)

    Realistic effects of the storm on your character.
    (Okay let's be honest, no character is invincible. Yes, it's lovely playing a tough badass who marches through the storm bravely, but bring your character some morality and describe how the storm is affecting them. How is it affecting them physically? Is the sand blowing in their eyes? Will they tie a bandana around thier face to protect themselves? Do they get smacked by a log being whipped by in the wind? Are they in a boat? Is the storm making them lose their balance and stumble from one side to the other? How is it affecting them psychologically? Or how is it affecting their relationships with other characters? Maybe a rough rain storm shut two people in and in turn cause them to get to know each other more intimately.)

    How does the storm affect their fighting/magic?
    (Are you in the middle of a battle when the storm arrives? If your character uses magic fire type spells would most likely be out of the question in a rain storm. Maybe your character shoots a bow. How would the wind affect the arrow flying? Remember to be honest and realistic about your character. Perhaps it forces them to use a new fighting technique.)

    Hopefully this helps you open your mind to the possibilites of the perfect storm. Take it from a bland no big deal sort of thing, to something epic and game changing!
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  2. Lets practice (open)
    Thunder resounded all around the group, not a sign of lightning about. A gentle gust rolled in, stirring the fields of overgrowth, hiding the freshly made trails through the thick flora. Above a blackness began to hoist itself into place with the unseen hand of nature, choking the ray of light into submission. Across the plains the thick mist of a distant rain was coming into view, a vivid rainbow darting through its front, masking the oncoming torrent and it's monstrous ferocity. Though quiet now, one could somehow hear the pelting of grass and mud by the spectacle. Though the group moved on, so did the storm. Another strike of lightning, hardly twenty meters away. Gusts turning to gales, skies turned to black and a wave of heavy rain baring down.

    A nearly deafening downfall of rain, the group chattered as they pressed on through. After the long heat of a fortnights drought a thick fog began to rise. Their senses dulled in the storm, direction began to falter. Fog dancing all around in sudden gusts between sudden silences in the storm. As if the sky mocked them, daring the adventurers to go on. Like a hammer now with every drop, bits of hail began slapping cold skin and armor, the clanking along with the now ankle high water surging through the plain was becoming a great burden. The sound increased and the sky did bellow, screaming and howling like an feral animal. Stalking it's prey, striking fear into its puny heart. With a cry the sky did split again, lightning fell from the heavens landed mere meters from the groups heading.

    Shouts to turn back, bellow to move forward and others simply in fear of the great rattling of the sky above. The storm had turned to madness, the elements had gone mad. As if the spirits had been conjured up by the fierce force of nature to torment any would wanderers? Wailing all about, clamoring as disembodied hands among the rain, punching and slashing, scratching and pushing, tugging and pulling at the adventurers very souls. With a burst, like a crack of a whip the storm abruptly subsided. The thick mists rebounded and stood firm, limiting the adventurers sight. They knew the storm still brew, a vicious beast circling overhead waiting to deliver its killing blow. They had to move, and haste is what they made.

    There was grumble, one they'd not heard before. Steady and moving in the distance. Rain began coming in bursts, what sky could be seen through the shroud of fog stirred in an unusual way. As they pressed on the distant steady rumbling had grown. Rain whipping from every direction as the wind began behaving in the most unusual way. The lead of the group gave a sharp whistle and the group came to a halt. As silent as could be the rumbling drew nearer, the fog whipping away around them and a vortex revealed itself, shaking the sky and ravaging the earth. It was unsure what the leader yelled, but the group followed suit. Dropping to hug the waterlogged soil, bodies clinging together and bracing for the heavens wrath incarnate as it plowed across the landscape.

    The sun had begun to set in the distance, its deep orange a relaxing sight to the adventurers. Great storm clouds hunted the horizon, passing on to new lands. As for the group, they stood in a tight circle, heads bowed and hands clasped in one another's. Beneath them one lay one of their own, lifeless in repose, arms crossed across their chest and weapon proudly clung in their cold hands. It was hard telling how many others may have succumb to this storm, much less these very plains. Yet another would be lay to rest as the party moved on. Another storm weathered, another piece chipped away by the unrivaled forces of nature.
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