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    Name: DEVYN ANDREWS    Petnames: VINNIE / VYN
    Titles: TBA                Age: NINETEEN
    Birthday: 10/31          Blood type: AB
    Gender: F               Sexual Orientation: STRAIGHT
    Symbol: ZIBU ATU

    Personality before abduction:
    Personality after abduction:
    Likes: Reckless behavior and fragrance of flowers
    Outlook on Life:
    Body type:*
    Face shape:
    Eye shape:
    Eye color:*
    Hair Color:*
    Hair Length:*
    Hair Type:
    Hair Style:*
    Casual outfits:
    Formal outfits:
    Combat outfits:
    Powers and abilities:
    Manipulation: Electricity/Lightning Manipulation
    Restrictions:* (This will be updated as you progress, your character will get stronger and push past the restrictions from before. But to start off, since your character is completely new to the ability, they will ow absolutely nothing about their new manipulation, so they must learn and develop as we go along in the plot.)
    Skills before the abduction: (stuff like cooking, combat skills, tracking, etc.)*
    Skills after abduction: (Survival skills you did not have before) (*unless skills were not added after the abduction)
    Must have one pre-established relationship with one of the other characters before you can post.*
    Family- Bennett Andrews

    Theme song: Halsey - Hold Me Down
    Battle theme: Night Lovell - Trees of the Valley

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  3. Basic Information
    Name: BENNETT ANDREWS   Petnames: BEN / BENNY
    Titles: TBA               Age: THIRTY-TWO
    Birthday: 12/19         Blood type: O
    Gender: M             Sexual Orientation: STRAIGHT

    Personality Bennett is a passive character with a short and hard boiled speech. His impression is stern, and almost always meant to intimidate. Despite his unwavering tone and claim to be a pacifist, his temperance is a short fuse. His actions speak louder than his words, and although he's rough on the edges; Bennett is able to retract himself and admit to his wrongs. He's a lot more heart than one would think.

    Likes: Shiny Collectibles, Cleanliness     Dislikes: Ghost stories, Violence
    Strengths: Muscles, Determination   Weaknesses: Short temper
    Fears: Losing his sense of morality, coming to terms with his shortcomings, ghosts

    Height: 6'3                       Weight: 107kg
    Body type: Mesomorph             Skin: Tanned
    Face shape: Square, strong jaw        Eye shape: Almond
    Eye color: Hazel                  Hair Color: Black/Brown
    Hair Length: Shaved                 Hair Style: Buzz Cut
    Piercings: None                    Birthmarks: Right Shoulder

    Hygiene: Doesn't mind sweat and dirt, but appreciates a daily shower
    Scars/brands: Notable scars- under his left jaw, corner of his right lip, lower torso, forearms

    Casual outfits: Leather Jacket, Long Sleeve Shirt, Jeans
    Accessories: Gold Watch
    Equipment: Pack of Cigarettes (25), Zippo, Keys, Wallet
    Weapons: Switchblade, Pistol, Rifle
    Skills: Boxing, Bargaining, Driving, Physical Labour

    Relationships (open to ties)
    Family- Devyn Andrews, Beatrice Andrews, Carter Andrews, Wendy Keating

    History Raised by a single mother, Bennett's youthful home was both emotionally and financially unstable. However with the hard work and brute effort of a strong headed woman, his mother collected her achievements and left behind their once broken home in the Southwest of North Tullytown. From age seven, Bennett spent the rest of his childhood in comfort.
    Older by six years, his brother Carter was Bennett's opposite. Carter was studious, hard working and level headed. On the flip side, Bennett was rash and reckless- the devil child of the two. In hopes of disciplining and containing his troubling antics, Bennett was put into boxing and other physical means.

    At the age of twenty four, Bennett continued his mother's small business in North Tullytown. He had inherited her pawn shop at age nineteen, burning a pack of cigarettes with her ashes. It was what killed her, but it was what she loved. On the other hand, his brother Carter, The Most Likely to Become President and class of 19XX Valedictorian- lost his legal rights over his daughter. This was to none other than his own brother, Bennett. A year later, he was found overdosed in his apartment.

    Bennett spent the next eight years raising his niece, Devyn Andrews. He became determined to save enough money and move to California together for a life of comfort. However with her sudden disappearance five years ago, Bennett succumbed to a period of heavy drinking.

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