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  1. I'm pretty sure most people know about how shitty tensions have gotten in the past few years. I know Cosmos did a thread about this already but I just wanna get my two cents out there and hopefully hear other people speak as well.

    This bullshit is REALLY getting out of hand now. Incident after incident. Whether it's someone resigning from their position or someone being barred from universities or not being able to record protests. Now certain video games may not be released in the West because of SJWs. How in the hell did we get here? It's 2015 and we're acting more like the Divided States and not the United States. So much for moving forward.

    Sometimes I wonder if SJWs are the minority or majority in this world. They've pretty much ruined everything and made issues out of virtually nothing. Feminism, police brutality, cultural appropriation, representation, LGBT. Good fucking God! I am so done with the world.


    Here's some links that I highly agree with:

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  2. SJWs are a toxic and incredibly loud vocal minority that have almost no problems in their lives so they invent them to suckle the victim titty.

    More news at 11, back to you in the studio.
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  3. If you're referring to that Dead or Alive beach vollyball game, to be fair, we probably dodged a huge bullet in terribad gaming history, if the previous titles were anything to go by.
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  4. Watch or listen to literally any news report, study, or article. Everyone's a victim. Everyone's special. And no other person in the world will ever understand how bad you have it.
  5. Okay. I logged in on my phone, at work, on break, just to respond to this, because I know just how much of a shitstorm this thread could turn into. So on behalf of the moderators, and general common sense, I'm going to remind everyone to remain calm. Please.

    As for black lives matter, the lgbt community, feminism, et cetera, just remember that there are absurdly stupid extremists of all shapes, sizes, colours, and ideologies. There are atheists who want to erase all religions and get offended by Christmas trees, men's rights activists who think all women are terrifying greedy monsters out to get them, and gay people who think straight people are automatically prone to being evil or awful humans who should be forcibly brainwashed into loving them. There are insane, delusional fuckers of all stripes under the rainbow, and they tend to be very loud. They play off of each other and create massive, scary echo chambers.

    Feminists are not the enemy. Men and women are not the enemy. Hell, sjw aren't even technically the enemy. Fundamentalism and intolerance are the enemy. Hatred is the enemy. Letting these people drive you mad feeds their delusional victim mentality culture. You only let them win by getting this angry and letting it dominate your thoughts.

    Be better than them. Respectfully disagree with their position, and if they screech profanities at you? Ignore them. For every one game blocked, ten more indie projects will happily leap up to take their place without fear. Artists are tenacious fuckers if nothing else who are used to getting abused by society for creating things that go against the status quo. Let them do their thing, support them, let them know they don't stand alone, engage with the victims of intolerance, not the assholes who will only contort your words against you.

    We are all individuals, all allies of different beliefs. The only way we will win is to stand together against fear and hatred. :)

    ... Aw fuck. There goes my break. Oh well. Take care, folks. Please don't disappoint me. Be compassionate and kind over angry and hateful. Please. Please. :ferret:
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  7. There are legitimate causes and concerns out there to talk about. What I'd consider a parody is a position that someone can actually hold.

    Case example: getting triggered because of the phrase "hard worker"
    MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry: Don’t Say ‘Hard Worker,’ Because It’s Offensive to Slaves

    However, as Brovo mentioned, this is an example and not the norm. There are a lot of bait videos/articles out there as well, and trolls. As for impacting video games (ugh, Gamergate), let market research continue to dictate what people want.
  8. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope.
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