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  1. Hej, let's get down to business, shall we? 18+ ONLY. Sorry dolls.

    I do mainly MxF and FxF. I will not do MxM. Not really my forte. I can post a minimum of two para's. I can also post more depending on how into the story I am at the moment. I usually just try to match my partners post. Since I have a LOT of free time, which I'm not too proud of right now, I can reply pretty much everyday.

    I LOVE horror and zombies. I love just about any zombie rp. Haha. I also like some romance, action, realistic fiction of sorts, fantasy, and sci-fi (Though I haven't done much sc-fi rps, I would still love to try it.)

    *-(Next which gender I prefer to play. If its not there, just means I dont mind.) ~ -This means I am craving to play it (:
    ° - Which role I'd prefer to play

    The last of us _NCs
    Alien Isolation_NCs

    Zombie Ap.


    °Blind person/ gang member_ MxF*
    Club owner/ dancer°_ MxF*
    Neko/scientist_ MxF/ FxF

    Right now that's about it. I'll post more when I think of any. Or just give me any suggestions.

    Reply on here or just PM me if your interested (:
  2. Still looking! Really craving some zombie action right now!~
  3. I'd love to volunteer. I'm not familiar with the fandoms you list, but might be able to do zombies. Is it two zombies or a 1 + human?
  4. Haha. It's usually just two humans. Or.. Well, if you wanna pm me, I'm sure we could figure something good out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.