Stop blowing holes in my ship! HP. Incest. MxM.

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  1. 1)Please be on often, as I have about two months without school and I'm terribly bored. If you're not on for a while, please say. I want this Rp to move fast, so I'd appreciate more than a few posts a day.
    2)Feel free to get to know me through PM, sometimes it's weird rp'ing with someone and not knowing them.
    3)Be prepared to make up plot rather than having a whole story planned out. Just 'winging' it can make the best plot.
    4) I don't write lots. I don't exactly like one-liners, but writing becomes daunting when I'm expected to write an essay.
    5) I tend to Rp maturely through pm or email :)

    I thought this might be interesting and very cute. It starts out during Harry's 4th Year, where Fred and George are nearly 17. They're already a couple (yes, don't flame my weird pairing :'( ). That's when my character comes along. Maybe he's from beauxbatons and they both have to coax him into the relationship. Then we Rp onwards, through the series xD

    You could either play both twins, or I could play my OC and one twin.

    I'm also willing to play a canon character (Draco, for example. Or Harry) to replace my OC, if that appeals to you more.


    Post here or pm me if interested!! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.