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  1. For the most part, we're all dynamic and complex people. Most of us have hidden dimensions, some that they've never even shown anyone.

    But now take that and compress it.
    I'm curious about what kind of cast we would have if we squished ourselves into little character boxes.

    Like the ones listed here:
    Stock Characters - TV Tropes

    Are you an "apron matron"? The "butt monkey" maybe?
    There are fun quizzes with results like this but this time, I want to know what you think about yourself! The options feel practically endless.​
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  2. Cloudcuckoolander and sometimes Deadpan Snarker sounds like me :P
  3. If I'm being honest, Defrosting Ice Queen and The Confidant are me. (:
  4. The Caretaker for sure. Probably the Everyman, Klutz, and plucky comic relief to extents as well.
  5. The Snark Knight
  6. Crazy Awesome

    Blood Knight

    Big Eater
  7. Tomboy
    The Reliable One
    Sometimes Deadpan Snarker
  8. "Blood Knight" mixed with a dose of "The Reliable One"
  9. Probably every comic relief character lmao,
    Bumbling Dad
    Born unlucky
    and definitely Agent Mulder
  10. Wet blanket wife for sure.
    Add to that some the Confidant and the Care taker et voila. You have yourself a Greenie.
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  11. Agent Mulder. Also in some ways, even though I'm not a professor, the Absent-minded professor.
  12. Somewhere betwenn Cloudcuckoolander, Know-nothing Know-it-all, The Caretaker, a slight tinge of The Klutz, and something rather indescribable else. Perhaps Absent-minded Professor.
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  13. The Bard
    Open Minded Parent
    The Quiet One
  14. I've been fitting so well into the shark knight lately it's almost concerning.

    Agent Scully is also a pretty big one.
  15. A mix of The Masked Luchador and The Wandering Minstrel.
  16. If we're boiling it down to just one trope then I'm definitely The Snark Knight.
  17. I had a difficult time trying to find one that I fit into best...

    But going off of the perception of me from the outside (which is, what TV viewers would see anyway), I'd say... Crazy Awesome
  18. Accidental Pervert and Directionless Driver. Both sum me up fairly well, sadly. =/
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