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  1. (Note: If you have or have had cancer, I in no way meant to offend you with this RP. If this RP
    or the activities in it affect you in any way, please PM me and I will remove the thread)


    "I'm sorry, ma'am. You're child is still terminal. We will do what we can, but the tumors aren't responding to the treatments any longer. It's best if we just take them to spend their last few weeks in the IC ward."

    Those were the dreaded words you heard from the other side of the flimsy plastic curtain of the divided hospital room you were confined to. All around you, for the last couple months since you have been trapped in for quite some time in, you have listened to doctors break this same news to other mothers and fathers. But you never thought the day would come for you to hear the same two words concerning you.

    Still Terminal

    • Follow the normal site rules ALWAYS.
    • Your character absolutely will die. Full stop. And it will be from their cancer.
    • Please, when you post, type more than one or two sentences at a time.
    • If you will be absent for an extended period of time, let me know through PM. Or, if I am absent, through PMing the current GM. You can also post your absence in here in the OOC thread.
    • One character per person, unless yours dies, in which case you can make another one.
    • Every character will have a health measure at the bottom of all posts, which can be helped or hindered by different events in the RP. If your meter goes all the way down to 0, your character dies. Various events trigger health, and how your character reacts to these events determines the amount of health lost or gained. Everyone in the RP starts at 100.
    • Have fun! Well, as much fun as a teenager dying from cancer can have...
    Character Sheet
    • Name:
    • Nickname:
    • Age: (Between 14-19 please)
    • Slot taking:
    • Height/Weight:
    • Type of cancer:
    • Appearance: (PLEASE NO ANIME!!!!! I do want real people, but please no pictures of anyone who is in an actual hospital bed dying of actual cancer. And do keep in mind the fact that your character has gone through chemo, or is still currently going through it. So unless your character wears a wig, it does not make sense for them to have hair down to their waist)
    • Clothes: (What outfit your character usually wears on a daily basis, or their favorite outfit)
    • Personality:
    • Backstory: (What they did before they came to the hospital)
    • Writing sample: (Write a paragraph or two from the perspective of your character on the day they found out they were still terminal)
    • Dialogue color:
    Slots to be filled
    • Male 1 (Taken by @--------)
    • Male 2 (Taken by @--------)
    • Male 3 (Taken by @--------)
    • Male 4 (Taken by @--------)
    • Male 5 (Taken by @--------)
    • Female 1 (Taken by @Lilpuff)
    • Female 2 (Taken by @--------)
    • Female 3 (Taken by @--------)
    • Female 4 (Taken by @--------)
    • female 5 (Taken by @--------)
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    • Name: Sandra L. Jacobs
    • Nickname: "Sandy" (This is what she prefers to go by)
    • Age: 17
    • Slot taking: Female 1
    • Height/Weight: H= 5'6" W=157 lbs.
    • Appearance:

    • Clothes:
    Favorite Outfit (open)


    • Personality: Sandy is the resident motivator of the IC ward. One of the most enthusiastic people in the ward, Sandy refuses to give up in the battle against her cancer, even though it is slowly killing her and everyone else she meets. Nevertheless, Sandy is a fighter, and that can make her seem very stubborn and disobedient at times. She is very bubbly, and naturally adept at making friends, which is a good skill to have in a place where friends either die or go home.
    • Backstory: Sandy was born the youngest child in a family of four, with two older sisters and an older brother. Being the youngest, her next closest sibling up by 4 years, she was always treated like a baby at home and was always pampered, even as she grew older. Up until she was about 14 years old, her life was great. She was doing well in school, had many friends and had an overall great life. One day at school, her teachers realized she had a fever, so they sent her home, where she remained for a few days when it did not get better. They eventually took her to the doctor, only to have tests reveal she had ALL, a type of leukemia. Taken into the hospital soon after the tests, Sandy went through numerous treatments including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Soon, however, she was found to be terminal at the age of 16, and was moved to the IC ward for further care. She has currently stopped chemo, which allowed some of her hair to grow back.
    • Writing sample: Walking out of radiation therapy that afternoon was the worst. Sure, she had done it so often before it was almost a routine, but it still didn't make the side effects afterwards any better. "Oh my God, that never gets easier," Sandy groaned, walking out of the radiation room and holding her head. That session had been one of the worst, giving her a terrible splitting headache and nausea. She walked as quickly as she could over to her room and flopped on the bed, placing her clammy hands over her eyes and laying perfectly still until the symptoms subsided and she could sit up. She ran her hands through her matted mess of dark brown hair, which had gotten messed up while laying down in the radiation room.
    She sat up straighter when she heard a buzzing coming from her phone. A text from her mother could be shown, saying that she would be there in 5 minutes to hear the weekly rundown of her cancer. She put her phone down and flopped once again down on the flat mattress where she had been confined since she was 16, a mere three months that felt like a lifetime. She sat up once again when the doctor walked in, holding her files and towing her mother and father along. Normally, her other siblings came separately, but her older brother Jack could also be seen standing in the doorway. He waved and she waved back, a smile on her face that matched his. Although, Jack's smile seemed strained and forced, as did the ones on her parents faces and on the face of the doctor. A deep feeling of dread was felt, and Sandy felt nauseous all over again.

    "Well, sir, can we actually step to the other side of the curtain for this?" Her mother asked. The doctor nodded, obviously happy he wouldn't have to break the news to the girl's face. "Certainly." They stepped outside the boundaries of the curtain and closed it. But whatever they thought they could hide from her, they were wrong. She listened in on the conversation, which was perfectly audible from where she sat on her bed.

    "Well, ma'am. It appears that Sandy over there is still terminal. We will do what we can, but the cancer isn't responding to the treatments any longer..." Sandy flew the curtain open, to see the stony faces of her family, looking at her and the doctor alternately, their mouths cemented into thin lines. "What? What do you mean it's not responding? How is that possible?" She screamed, before she calmed down enough to look at the doctor. He smiled sadly. "I'm sorry Sandy. You're still terminal. You may have to spend your next few weeks in the IC ward. We will do everything we can, but there really isn't anything else we can do other than keep up with the radiation." The doctor stepped out of the room then, leaving Sandy and her family all alone in the hospital room. Her mother kept trying to comfort her, whispering "It'll be ok, It'll be ok..." but Sandy was to stunned for comforting.

    "....still terminal...."
    Sandy was still stunned. She had heard countless doctors say the same words from outside curtains and hospital rooms to other children's parents, with the same results. But she never though those same little words could ever be said to her.​
    • Dialogue color: "Hola, muchaches!" -Sandy
    • Name: Robin Fitz
    • Nickname: Birdy or Fitz
    • Age: 18
    • Slot taking: Male 1
    • Height/Weight: 6'1", 125 lbs
    • Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Clothes: Robin usually wears t-shirts with witty sayings and jeans or sweatpants.
    • Personality: Robin uses his dry sense of humor to make everyone feel somewhat pleasant, though his jokes may seem too dark to some. He's very analytical and smart, and he has a knack for solving everyday problems with innovative solutions. However, he's prone to overthinking and often finds himself constantly upset at simple issues. When he gets upset, he snaps at people and can be very volatile. Regardless, in the end he's a joker and uses his sarcasm to get through the day.
    • Backstory: Robin was an only child in a family of constantly working business people. Being kept in check by his nanny, he often got in trouble due to his curiosity and need to try things. Once he hit high school, he breezed through most of his classes while managing to get in sticky situations. When he was 15, he began to lose a lot of weight, more than expected. His parents blamed his metabolism, but as soon as he could see his ribs they took him to the doctor to see if anything was wrong. Turns out there was something wrong: his liver. He managed to get through chemo all through the rest of his school career, but it wasn't until he turned 17 that he learned he was terminal. At the end of his senior year, he learned that he would stay terminal.

    • Writing sample: "Mom, Dad, look on the bright side! You don't have to pay for college anymore."

      No matter what joke he cracked, Robin knew that the news wasn't going to get any better. He was terminal. The cancer in his liver was spreading, and the x-rays were prove. There were tumors everywhere: in his lungs, near his stomach, and on some part of his body he couldn't even identify it was so covered in white. He didn't know exactly what to feel about it, partially because it wasn't really a surprise to him and also because he couldn't really feel anything. Overwhelmed with shock, he looked over at his usually cool and collected parents. He almost broke looking at their faces.

      His mother, often overwhelmed with work and stress, sobbed into the shoulder of her terrified husband; he held her close as she cried, and Robin could see tears welling in his father's eyes. Robin looked away and looked at the doctor, hoping that maybe he was joking as well. He wanted him to bust out into laughter like he usually did when Robin spouted out his usual quips, to pat him on the back and say that it all was a big prank.

      But it wasn't.

      Robin sat back on the bed of the IC Unit and put his headphones in. He didn't want to hear anything else; the important news was out of the way.
    • Dialogue color: "Dude, get with the program." -Robin
    • Name: Lucy Statten
    • Nickname: Lulu or Luce
    • Age: 16
    • Slot taking: Female 2
    • Height/Weight: 5'4 , 115
    • Appearance:

    • Clothes: She gets cold very easily, so she always wears sweaters, jeggings, and flats or ankle boots

    • Personality: Lucy was always very shy at school. Now with her cancer, she has became almost silent. She likes to spend a lot of time alone, but also knows that she needs someone there for her in the end. Once she gets to know someone, she becomes very attached to them. With the tumors spreading, Lucy had almost given up hope.
    • Backstory: Lucy Statten was raised by her mother. Her father was unknown. Until she was 13, the young girl was home schooled by her neighbor. It resulted in her being very shy and withdrawn from others. When she started school, Lucy only had two really good friends. With her shyness, she stuck to them, barely ever leaving one of their sides. The two of them looked over her like big sisters, so when Lucy started to get terrible headaches and dizziness, they immediatly knew something was wrong. Her mom took off one of her long shifts at work and took her to the doctor. Immediately they found what was the problem: a brain tumor. It was very large, and more were developing. She went through tests and such, but when she started having seizures, they admitted her to IC.
    • Writing sample:
    The world seemed to fade in the distance as the words repeated in her head. "The cancer is terminal." They pounded through like the beating of her frantic heart, the only thing giving away her fear. A straight face was set as she lost touch with reality. More words were exchanged between her mother and the doctor, but it all seemed unnecessary and stupid. It was terminal. It was hopeless. So excited she had been this morning that maybe, just maybe, it would be okay. That maybe all this would be a terrible nightmare she could just wake up from. But it seemed the world was against her.

    "Sweetheart," her trance like state was broken by her mother's voice. She was looking down at her worriedly, as if Lucy had done something to be frightened of. She gave a tilt of the head in response. "Are you okay?" A hand came down to stroke the short blonde hair she had spent so long growing back out. If only she could live to see it grow back to its waist length style again. Lucy nodded. "I'm sure next time will be better," the hand stopped to pull up her arm. A hug was forced on her before she could protest. "We can hope it will only get better. I'm positive it will." Burying her head in the older woman's shoulder, she couldn't help but internally laugh at how stupid it was. There wasn't a bright future for her.

    It was only the beginning of the end
    • Dialogue color: "Muffins are delicious."
  2. sorry im breaking the rules just a tad for my own viewpiont on cancer so please dont be mad

    Name: Cillian (kil+e+an) D’Isigny (Disney)
    Nickname: Hook
    Age: 16
    Slot taking: male #2
    Height/Weight: 6'3" / 164lb
    Type of cancer: Osteosarcoma



    Personality: normally a quiet guy with very strong views on life, such that he refused treatment for his cancer. but he does have a sence of humor, after watching a show called once upon a time and connecting with a character that shared his birth name he insists on everyone useing the same nickname as the character for himself, Hook. on account of losing his left hand to his cancer. shortly after the name started to stick he replaced his normal prosthetic hand with a shinny new hook

    Cillian is no stranger to cancer and its ill effects on the human body. both sides of his fammily are riddled with cancer patients and survivors. it was only a matter of time before it really hit home, and it did with his mother. she had stage three thyroid cancer when they found it... she died almost six months later. his father was beside himself even then, Cillian doesnt think his father was ever really the same after that but he put on a good face, they both did for each other. but now the cancer was back and its after Cillian this time. at present day Cillian has lost the bottom half of his right leg, where the cancer started, and his whole left hand. after a few months instead of regular prosthetics the missing peices of his body were replaced with very pirate like implements. a finely carved wooden stick for his leg and a hook for his hand.

    Writing sample:
    Having come from a cancer prone family, when Cillian was 14 his father took him to the hospital when he complained about a pain in his leg. the doctor said the cancer was treatable but that Cillain would end up losing his leg in the process. the boy wasnt all that suprised, more than half of his family have had cancer, all but a small handfull had survived their treatments. everyone figured his odds were good. Cillian was young and healthy and in great shape but, the boy didnt want to go through chemo.
    Cillian's father was beside himself wiith worry and dread, his only son was chosing to die rather than fight this sickness. he was just like his mother.

    but what his father didnt know was that Cillian had begged his mother not to do chemo, he was young at the time only 9 years old but he was a smart boy. he had watched his other family members go through chemo and yes they lived but they had in no way been unscathed. yes they had scars and in some cases lost a limb or two but what he had been worried about was the damage done to the person's mind. no one had ever mentally been the same. they all had moments of confusion and memory loss, their brains ageing before their time. and Cillian didnt want to see his mother go through that. sure having her a little longer would have been great, she could have helped him through this, but it just wouldnt have been the same if the chemo changed her and he wasnted to remember her the way she was when she was at her best.

    calling on her streangth now Cillian looked from his father to his doctor and back again then shook his head. living wouldnt be the same if the chemo damaged his ability to think. "
    I'm not going through chemotherapy, you cant make me." he said determened to hold his ground. silently he added in his head, i want to be with mom. he didnt dare say that out loud though, he could tell his father was on the edge of losing it and that would have pushed him over the edge. silently he wondered what his father would do when he died.

    Dialogue color:
    "and the last little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home."

    Attached Files:

  3. Name: Kayel Samenison

    Nickname: Silent

    Age: 15

    Slot taking: Male #2

    Height/Weight: 6'2, 142lbs

    Type of cancer: Throat Cancer/ Laryngeal Cancer - because of this my character is mute
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Clothes: [​IMG] Kayel always wears the scarf and hat wherever he goes, even when indoors.

    Personality: My character is kind and yet angered easily.Kayel is an inteligent boy and loves to read and write. He is eager to help others and doesn't really care about himself. He knows he will die, and he accepts it. He refused treatment, saying that it should be used for someone else. His doctor had an emotional attachment to him and tried to drug him so he could be treated. A fight ensued and Kayel was assaulted horribly. Since then, his cancer has become worse, and he is now mute because of the damage to his Larynx. He doesn't communicate with people too much, and prefers to be isolated and alone. He has also seemed to be very depressed since the assault, and has started to slip into insanity bit by bit. Kayel is also becoming less and less kind, and is withdrawn from everyone else.

    Backstory: Before he had cancer, Kayel was bullied at school for being "nerdy" and "ugly". Despite this, he always had a positive outlook on life, and did whatever he could to help others. He would prefer to be alone as it helped him concentrate on his writing, which he did in his spare time. When he was 12, a few months before he was diagnosed, his best friend Clara died during a shooting at their school. Kayel himself was injured in the shooting, and was emotionally scarred ever since. It was when he was in hospital after the shooting that he was diagnosed with Throat Cancer.

    Writing sample:

    He'd heard the words a million times now. They made no difference. "I'm afraid your cancer is still terminal." They said the same thing to everyone. No emotion. No tone in their voice. Just words. Kayel was grateful that the doctors were like that. The last time a doctor had showed him some emotion, it hadn't ended well.

    If he could talk to the doctor, maybe it would be okay. Maybe he could finally move past it. But he couldn't. It wasn't physically possible. Sometimes he felt like curling up in a ball and crying. Just letting it all go. But he had to stay strong. He wasn't going to give in to his desperation. He was going to prove to himself that he could live the rest of his short life with at least a little dignity.

    Dialogue color: "There's a rude man next door." He signed.
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