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  1. A Bind, once a reaper, she pride herself in her duty of carrying out death and collecting souls, helping the fallen pass on. Lee made the fatal mistake of saving one man’s life. This man would turn out to be her fated soulmate. Falling in love with a strange man leads to her downfall as she spared his life, he became greedy. Using Lee’s fatal affection for him as means to gain her devotion to his cause. Lee was seduced into giving him her soul so that her body could be use as a tool of war and power. She had nearly blind dedication to him which allowed him to rip her soul from her body so that her vast power of death could be used to destroy millions.

    In a single act of desperation Lee managed to escape her lover with her mained soul in hopes of containing it again in a new vessel and to somehow right the wrongs her warlord mate had placed upon the world. She has grown desperate in her need to escape him even taking extreme measures to escape the bonds he had placed on her.

    Reincarnated after each death into a new form depending on the events of her last death, She is forced to feeds off her new found love’s intimate energy and emotions in order to keep her current form from crumbling apart as her soul rots the vessel from inside out.

    To escape her curse she must somehow make amends with her soulmate and get him to put her soul back to rights before his greed for blood shed destroys her.

    So I would love a male partner in this roleplay to play the soulmate. I'm tottally open to more add ons to this plot.
    Also a few things about me.
    I post at least 1-3 paragraphs depending on the mood
    I like long term tragic romances mixed with drama and action.
    and anything else just ask.
  2. I'd be interested in perhaps playing as the male for you.

    If you want to know more of how I roleplay, just check out my Roleplay Resume in my Profile. There's also a writing sample.
  3. So I checked out your profile and our interst match up pretty nicely but I see you only really play submissive characters and I was looking for a more aggressive male role. Although I am up for trying to see if that will work.
  4. Oh. I guess I'm confused...Are you wanting someone to play as the man who takes your character's soul? Or the man she meets after words she has to feed on?
  5. So. I was definitely looking for the man that takes his soul but now that you mention that idea I would like to play it out. Sounds like a very good idea. Would your character play an immortal or human? Immortality usually helps with keeping character a live. Lol.
  6. Oh, glad you like the idea. Lol. If it works for you it works for me I guess.

    Well, I typically tend to play just regular old Humans. So maybe it goes something where so long as she feeds from him (or her) they'll stay immortal?
  7. I just notice I said him instead of her soul and that's got nothing to do with anything lol. So by my character feeding on him or her they continue to live? I can work with it. So would you prefer to play a female or male than?
  8. Yeah something like that.

    As for which gender, I'm honestly not picky as I can do either equally. However...I have been playing more males then female lately...
  9. I had thought I responded to this but I guess I didn't. Well im fine with either so I'll leave that choice to you. If you don't have any questions for me than maybe we can continue this conversation in pm. I am pretty eager to see how this will pan out.
  10. Still looking , if anyone is interested
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