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  1. Two years ago, on this January's day, freezing in my unheated home and too drunk to sleep, Ampoule used my nostalgia for The Good Old Days of our roleplaying youth to coerce me into joining Iwaku. So, I named myself after a random song on my playlist, turned on the CAPS lock and haven't looked back.

    I guess this place has helped me grow as a writer and a roleplayer. I suppose I've met some amazing people here. And maybe it's not too far-fetched to say that this place has helped me grow as person, helped me open up a little and reach out to others to whom I normally would not reach. Oh yeah, and I guess I've met the love of my life.

    So, here's to two years, Iwaku. I guess this means I'm not going anywhere and can unpack my suitcase.

    Commence The Drunkening
    (If Di says it's OK, that is)
  2. *takes the cheap booze out of Tegan's hands* No, no grabby hands, we drink out of a champaign bottle tonight. Not the dollar beer! How do ou drink that shit woman?
  3. *sneaks the cheap booze away from Ocha, and quickly consumes it*

    (There's nothing quite like drunkening while on the clock!)
  4. I love you Teggie! You've been an interesting insight in RPs, always taking a viewpoint that is eye-opening. You've been a pleasure to talk to and RP with, and yes, you're even nice enough to handle Asmo.

    I mean, come on, it's ASMO.


    Anyways, YOU RULE!
  5. Just as planned.
  6. I'm glad that Amp dragged you here and cheers to two years!

    **Steals away with some booze**


    You're like a mommy-big-sister-mentor-type to me!

    I'm really happy and extremely lucky to know youuuuuuuuuuu ! <3
  9. Here's to the future, guuuuurl! >:3

    *Smashes a shot glass!*