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  1. Still accepting!


    I am looking for:
    • Anything that involves Fantasy.
    • Preferably, a small hint of flirty romance later on, though it is not required.
    • A long-term partnership, which no clear sign of an ending.
    • Proper grammar, punctuation, the whole lot. Typos are acceptable!
    • Someone who can post around once every day. I understand that life can get busy, and I'm often snatched away from Iwaku myself, so nobody will be dropped on the spot.
    • A post length of at least 4-6 lines. The occasional short leak is okay, we all get a writer's block.
    • Someone who is not afraid of a female character.
    • Someone who can easily get along with my own character. Sadly, I just don't know how to deal with meaners.
    • Our characters have some type of post-relationship other than family. Childhood friends, Ex-Lover, ect ect.
    I am NOT looking for:
    • Smut. This could be a three year plot, not a two day cyber.
    • Anything too closely related to a Fandom. While I do enjoy recreating these ideas, I simply cannot do anything that directly involves an existent character. (Something such as..." It was 3000 years after the fall of Cocoon." Or "A prototype Angeloid 'Zeta' has just been sent after ___! Protect him!") Pretty much it can relate to something, such as Naruto or Final fantasy, but it cannot be the Exact Same Thing! 'Borrowing' ideas is where we're getting at.
    • Plain Modern. I get enough of that, and it's pretty boring.
    • Anyone too crazy. Sure, your character can be a little on-edge, but if they're flat out insane then it's a no-no.
    Miscellaneous, but important info:
    • I'm willing to tag up with at most two individual partners, can't get too cluttered, can we?
    • I've been diagnosed with Dyslexia. Which pretty much just screws up with my posts, and sometimes I'll read things wrong, and reply in a completely abnormal way, or I'll start thinking of something and accidentally put it down without even noticing it. BUT! I take a very long time checking over my work, and fixing any errors I find, so the chances of something major happening are quite slim.
    • I will very often color my posts in order to make them more flexible and legible, but if you prefer it I will make it as comfortable as possible to your preferences!
    • I'm open to pretty much any plot ides that you have in mind! I'm always up for trying something new.
    • I'll be updating this thread as it becomes more necessary. I'll make the changes noticeable, and inform people who have replied.
    • You may contact me by starting a Conversation, or replying in the post below.
    • It is up to you if this will be in either a Thread, or a Conversation, though I prefer Threads for the most part.
    • I normally post at least once a day, my life is sadly very occupied and I may drop down to 2-3 days per post... Trust me, you're not the only dying from it, but I always let people know if I'm leaving IF that's possible.
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  2. you can pm me if you want. I am sure we can work something fun out.
  3. I would love to do an rp with you. You sound fun to do so with. Though my typos might be a bit frequent due to me being on mobile most of the time, and auto correct takes over, and I also have Dyslexia. I try to catch mistakes before they go out, but will sometimes miss some.
Thread Status:
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