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  1. I'm going to start with this is an 18+ role-play, i repeat an 18+ role-play and it will be very very dark.

    the plot i have created is based off of this videos:

    It will be an AU based in the Omegaverse with an Alpha Steve and Omega Bucky. I want to be Steve!

    Steve was badly wounded while serving over seas, he was taken as a POW and tortured for days until a team came in and rescued him. He was sent to a small rehabilitation center where he was taken care of by one nurse, since whenever there were too many people around him he would have major panic attacks. Bucky spends months with Steve, helping him recover and during this time Steve falls for Bucky but he doesn't know how to show it. When he is released he finds this ache in his heart, and he knows its because he doesn't get to see Bucky anymore... so he begins to stalk him. Finding out where he lives, taking pictures from afar and even sneaking into his home to watch and touch him as he sleeps. He begins to send him gifts, marked as 'your secret admirer' and when those don't get his attention he began to send picture he has taken of him. Of course this only freaks Bucky out, and when Steve see's that he is reacting the complete opposite way he wants him too he decides that the only way to get him to fall him love with him is to kidnap him, to show him just how much he cares.

    so this will involve:
    Dubious Consent
    Rape (maybe definitely molestation)
    Stockholm eventually
  2. Hello! If this is going to involve sexual contact, this needs to be moved to the Libertine forum. Would you like me to do that for you?
  3. Oh I'm sorry I was actually told to move it here because it was a fandom role play, I made a thread in the libertine section. So this can be deleted ^^
  4. Hehe. Fandom requests can go in Libertine, but libertine requests can't go in fandom. :D

    I'll archive this for you.
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