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    I've been a bit dry for roleplay atm, and I'm really itching for a gemsona roleplay, especially because of the hype from the recent promo!!

    I have tons of gemsonas to play with, and even more that are in development. I'd love to hear about whatever gemsonas anyone might have that they're willing to offer.

    So, general ground rules and notes:

    *I'd rather not enforce any post lengths or minimums or maximums. Sometimes I feel like I can write a lot, other times I might write just a bit to get the scene moving. This also goes for you as well-- don't feel pressured to meet my post! If you feel like you can only write so much, then don't worry about it. Just as long as I have something to respond to.

    *You have to have caught up with the series. Many of my characters can be spoilerific when it comes to certain details of the gem empire.

    *Whether or not this is directly within the main SU canon depends. By 'main SU canon', I mean mostly with the canon cast and what's happening in the storyline right now. Generally, I tend to focus on what's known of the gem empire, and then fill in the blanks with my own headcanons. Now, this isn't law by me, and I'm more than willing to compromise with your own headcanons and what's going on with your characters. Whether or not we follow similar plots to the canon (as in, the events-- such as the cluster) is really up to you.

    *Speaking of SU canon, I also don't mind canon characters being played. I personally don't want to play them, but if you want to, go ahead. :>

    *... Also related to SU canon, I may have taken the idea of 'there are other diamond types available' and run with it in that... I sort of have my own gem empire I'm slowly building. If you want more details on that/want to play it just tell me. ... In general, I'm not strict when it comes to canon, so really, it's sort of a thing of 'hey if it works for us, it works'.

    *And I know I mentioned gemsonas, but, I do not mind humans being played. I'd likely play a gemsona. On a side note, I also do not mind hybrids! ... I know this go against SU canon, but canon is a little more hand-wavey here andImayhavemyownhybridocsifanyone'sinterested. I don't even mind other alien species being played considering gems are a space faring race.

    *... Heck, if you feel so inclined to, I wouldn't mind a crossover either if we could make it work. B>

    *I love love love love plotting, from character interactions, events, ect. And I'd really love if my partner was a participant in this as well! Although, that being said, I don't mind just placing our characters in a thread and seeing how it goes. I also like being friends with my partner if possible! I do have a skype, but giving that out depends a bit. I'd like to dip my toes in the water before giving that out, so to speak.

    *So, regarding romance... it depends. On our character's chemistry, on what my characters are attracted to, ect. I'd rather it not be forced-- and this goes either way. If you feel something's not working, tell me! There are plenty of other fish... rocks.... that are probably corrupted gem monsters in the sea okaythismetaphorfellapartquickly. Okay, that being said, romance is not a requirement for the rp, and we don't have to involve it if you don't want it.

    *On a big note, I do not mind gemsona copies! If we have two gems of the same type, then cool! I'd love to see how you interpret them vs mine! It might be interesting to play them together. Also just show me your gemsonas in general. I just... really like gemsonas. help i'm feeling emotional over rocks

    *Regarding roleplay content: I don't mind dark storylines... if anything, I have a thread going on right now that can be summed up with this. What I'm okay with and not okay with depends-- it's something we should talk about and make sure we're both okay with. I would say something I'm usually not okay with is sexual content, and this is usually a firm no unless there's certain circumstances. That being said, don't be pressured to play dark storylines either! If you'd rather keep the thread on the more lighthearted side, that's perfectly fine! 8>

    *Regarding when I get on and reply... You have to be okay with me not replying for some periods of time. I'm in my third semester of college right now, and I have periods of just being busy with everything. By periods of time, I mean it might even span over a week. Please, be patient with me-- if you need a faster partner, then you may want to find someone else. As such, the same courtesy applies to you. Take as long as you need to reply, so long as I'm sure you're still interested!

    *That being said... sometimes, partners don't click. Play styles might not work together, ideas might not fit... And that's okay. If I feel like we're not working, please don't take it personally-- we can re-work something, although sometimes dropping the thread might be necessary, or even taking our own ways. Again, the same applies to me-- you don't have to keep replying to the thread if you feel like it's not working or you're afraid of what I might think! What works works, and what doesn't, well, doesn't. If you want to rework something, or drop the thread altogether, tell me please. Roleplaying should be something that's fun for all parties involved, and that definitely means you too.

    *Also sometimes if I love characters enough I might make 8tracks playlists for them and if I make one for yours then oops -_8v_-.

    Okay so that long wall of text of everything I could think to mention being over with...

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  2. Ready to go have fun! So few Steven Universe rp' and such in pm?
  3. I was dragged here with the promise of SU trash!
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