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    This is a show that, as old as I am, truly enjoy. One of the many stories in the show itself, is the one of the Gem Wars, and it is one that is the most intruging to me. So, I have decided to make a story around that idea. I have 2 possible plots that I would like to use in the RP.

    • A: This one it fairly simple, you escaped the HomeWolrd with Rose. You and your fellow Gems are organized into the Gem Army, and will help earth fight against Home World. (This is just me, but this will also focus on the creation of the Kindergarten, and the role that your character's will play to stop this, and the corruption of Gems.)

    • B: Simpler. Steven has came into his powers, finally gaining control over it over years of training. At this point, he had incited the rath of Yellow Diamond, and has now declared war on earth. With Stevens ability to heal, he is able to "resurrect" the Corrupted Gems to help him fight. That Gen is you.

    They could use to tweaking, but, anyone interested?
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