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Steve x Bucky RP~!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wolf-Anima55, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. I just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I want to do a Stucky (Steve x Buckey) RP like right now! I do not care who is the top and who is the bottom as long as I get to play bucky! I want to start with when Steve goes off to find Bucky and from there we can have them meet and have steve trying to convince bucky (who still doesn't completely remember who he is only little bits and pieces but most of it is just blank) to come with him. We could also have Hydra agents after them, maybe they take refuge at Starks home. We can work these details out together ^^.

    I also like the idea that Bucky actually goes in search of Steve after he figures out that he really wasn't lying and he begins to have flashbacks of who he once was and he knows the only person who can tell him what is real and what isn't is Steve. ((all the while Hydra is after them and the Avenger's are helping them. I want bucky and Natasha to be friends.))

    Possible AU's:
    Presidents Son x Body Guard
    Mob bosses son x Rival Mob boss

    I am currently working part time and going to school, so I have very little time so I may not be as active as I would like to be. Though I will try and get at least one post in every two days. ((usually if I post once, and I am on when you respond i'll continue to post until I have to get off.))
    I write two to six paragraphs and I would like it if my partner can at least write one good paragraph.
    Now here are some Stucky pictures to drool over >:3




    ((I like this one because well... I am a sadist at heart (Not like cruel, I just like inflicting pain, I always make sure my partner is ok with any hardcore kinks I have but branding/carving anything along those lines....mmmmmmmmmmmmm))


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  2. I think I might post some fanvids that I like....
  3. Ohhh I love this pairing AND that pic of Cap on his knees! I would like to try this pairing with you if that is alright.
  4. Omg I was just about to post on your search thread asking you to do this with me! :D
    wooh! ok so do you want to move this to PM's to discuss a bit of plot?
  5. Yup yup! I'll send you a pm.
  6. Looking again.
  7. Added some more idea's... I am always looking for more Stucky rp's I only have on AU going (not one listed above)