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  1. Valley View High School, like any high school, is home to stereotypes. When seen from the surface, the teenagers are shallow and oblivious to life outside of reputations and popularity. Underneath, however, each are going through struggles that threaten to destroy everything they have ever known. They must come face-to-face with their demons and see if living in their stereotypes is worth losing their true selves.

    Sidney Davis has been in love with Brian Matthews since she was nine years old. She's never done anything about it, though, because she never stood a chance. As far as she knows, he doesn't even know she exists; Sid fades into the background, invisible to the world around her, and always has. Now that it's senior year, though, she's determined to break out and get Brian's attention. Even if it means going head-to-head with the queen bee of the school. All's fair in love and war. [Sinia]

    Brian Matthews has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's the star quarterback of the football team, has a gorgeous girl on his arm, and a full sports scholarship to Harvard. He's rich, attractive, and popular. Underneath all the shine, though, is an eighteen year-old guy trying not to lose control. His parents died six months back, and he is now responsible for himself and his younger sister, Kendra. He keeps up his popular appearance because that's the one thing getting him out and into college; he is anything but the arrogant jock he seems to be, though. Most days he can't stand his girlfriend, Shelby, and he is constantly worried about Kendra. But he doesn't know how to let go of his mask, and he doesn't know if he can. [T E R R O R]

    Kendra Matthews wasn't always as depressed as she is now. In fact, her life was full of happiness and laughter until six months ago. Not only did she lose her parents, but she lost her best friend too; Taylor Davis didn't die, but he might as well have. The truth is, Kendra has been in love with Taylor ever since they were children. They grew up together, fighting, playing, spending every moment together. Everything was perfect until he fell for Ally Montgomery's long legs and short skirts. As soon as the two got together, he completely forgot about Kendra. When her parents died, her emotions only worsened, and her best friend was nowhere to be found. Kendra will give anything to get him back, but he doesn't seem to care either way. [kimsim12]

    Taylor Davis is Sid's younger brother and a star on the junior basketball team. His life was comfortable, happier than most, but he always had a crush on Sid's best friend, Ally. When she finally returned his affection, it seemed like all of his dreams had come true; Taylor is on cloud nine, completely oblivious to how he's treated Kendra ever since he got into a relationship. As far as he knew, everything was perfect--until he fell behind in class because he'd been devoting all his attention to his girlfriend. In order to catch up, he popped a few ADHD meds. Then a few more. Now he doesn't know his way back. [Kronas17]

    Ally Montgomery has always wanted to be popular. Growing up best friends with Sidney, she always stared at the jocks and cheerleaders and yearned to be among them. Although a nerd at heart, she's suddenly transformed into wearing make up and high heels. Dating Taylor is simply another move in her game to rise to the top; no one can be popular without a boyfriend, and Sid's younger brother was just too desperate to deny. Her friendship with Sid is hurting because of her desire for popularity, especially now that she's vying for a spot on the cheerleading squad. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and Ally isn't about to back down. [PastelPoltergeist]

    Shelby Marks rules the school. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are the icing to her superior attitude. Head cheerleader with a pretty jock on her arm, she seems to have it all figured out. She's shallow, manipulative, and arrogant; what people don't know, however, is that she is desperately trying to save her twin brother. Her family is just as screwed up as everyone else's, though she'll be damned if anything ruins her crystal image. Especially now that Sidney Davis has started coming for her and Brian, she can't afford to lose her status. [s k u l l.]

    Caleb Marks is the rebel. He doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about him, and he'll mouth off to every teacher he sees. He gets into fights, dates all the party girls, and spends his weekends smoking weed. All of that wouldn't be too bad except for the fact he's gotten into harder stuff, too, lately; the coke was supposed to be a one-time thing, and so were the pills. But now he's craving the shit every day, and what makes it worse is that he's also selling it. It was surprising when Taylor Davis came to him for ADHD meds, but he didn't hesitate in giving them to him. Caleb may find Taylor's sister, Sidney, attractive, but as far as he knows, no one can save him now. [me]


    +This isn't a create your own character RP, just because I want this to have a clear plot. Just ask for one of the free characters above. Feel free to add to their struggles, backgrounds, etc. I mainly just want the stereotypes and general characterizations to remain the same.
    -HOWEVER, I realize there is a gap and I want to add in one or two characters that are struggling to come out/have already come out as gay, bi, etc. I'm just not very good at it. So if you want to RP someone like that, write up a brief bio with a picture, and you got it.
    +Grammar. Typos are fine, and you don't have to be fluent in English. But good Lord, don't make my head spin by your sentences.
    +This is a semi-literate to literate thread; be able to write at least two or three paragraphs per post. I'll be writing a lot more, and I request you do too, although it's not required.
    +Post at least once a week to keep things moving.
    +If a sex scene happens to come about (which I really don't know if it will), keep it PG-13 and fade to black.
    +There will be explicit language; this is high school.
    +Any and all plot twists are welcome! There will probably be a school dance or something to kick things into gear.
    +Happy RPing~
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  2. This roleplay looks really awesome. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could I play as Sidney Davis ^_^?
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  3. You got it~
  4. OOOH I volunteer for Taylor Davis ( Pick me lol)
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  5. Haha, you got it!!
  6. I'll take up the Shelby Marks role.
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  7. You got it~
  8. Can I have Brian?
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  9. Could I have the role for Ally Montgomery?
    I really like her personality and her characteristics ^^
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  10. Sure :D I'll wait until tomorrow to see if someone snatches up Kendra, and if not, I'll double or one of you guys can if you want~
  11. Cant wait ^^
    I initially wanted to play the role of Shelby Marks.
    But I think Skull will play her better.
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  12. I'll start this up tonight. Do any of you want to double as Kendra? If not, I will, just checking~

    Edit: I'll double up then. :) Working on first post now!
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    Here it is! I decided to start with Caleb dealing to Taylor just to kick things off. Again, there will be a school dance approaching very fast. I'll post with Kendra later on. Have fun! :D

    Also, by no means are the pairings/plot ideas set in stone. Have fun it and use those creative minds as much as you want~
  14. Awesome :)
  15. So I had an idea. What do you guys think about Ally attempting to or actually cheating on Taylor with Caleb? She would know Shelby's wanting to fix/help him, and in an attempt to please her and gain her favor, Ally may take things too far with him. Thoughts?
  16. Yeah that sounds good and then maybe Kendra would be the one to tell Taylor or she would be there for him to deal with the fact?
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  18. I like that idea, @Kronas17 !

    And woooo, you got her! :) Post in the IC thread whenever! @kimsim12
  19. I don't really have an idea on what to post, so i'll just wait.
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