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    Taylor was late.

    God damn, how many times did Caleb have to remind the kid to be on time? This wasn't some girl scout business where he set up a tent and a table and begged for money. If anyone caught him, not only would he be expelled, but he would also be arrested. Not that his parents would particularly care, but Caleb had a reputation to keep running. How else was he supposed to spend his time? The drugs gave him motivation. In fact, they were the only reason he even bothered to show up at the hell hole that was Valley View High.

    The more he bought, the more he used, the more he sold, the more money he made to buy more. It was a vicious cycle, but one Caleb didn't plan on breaking anytime soon.

    He'd almost gotten caught once at school before; instead of showing up between periods, this one chick showed up right at the beginning of first period. And of course two teenagers standing around in an empty hall during class time drew a teacher's eye. Caleb had to make up some lame ass excuse about a headache and painkillers, and even then he knew he only got away with it because the chick buying from him was the principal's daughter.

    Even so, he'd learned to be cautious and had switched his timings. Those who wanted his goods would meet him twenty minutes before school started in the courtyard. That's what he'd told Taylor, and that's what the kid had agreed to.

    Yet he was late.

    Caleb leaned against the brick wall, pulling a joint from his jacket and lighting it up. A few other students passed him by to sit on the tables and chat before classes began. Generally, people left him alone. No one wanted to come near the guy who smelled like weed. That is, of course, unless they were high themselves and either wanted to smoke him out or hook up with him. He would have gladly been doing either right now instead of waiting around for the Davis kid. But a deal was a deal, and Caleb wanted the cash.

    He checked his phone once again, looking at the time. Ten minutes late. His twin sister would be arriving with her minions soon, and the good Lord knew how much trouble she would cause. He needed to be out and away before she decided to butt into his business.

    You've got five minutes, or you get nothing. Caleb texted Taylor and then took another hit from his joint, waiting for his client.
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  2. " Dammit " Taylor cursed as he raced around his room like a chicken without his head looking for the rest of his money that he has stashed in a small box somewhere in his room. Between texting his beautiful girlfriend who wanted to meet up with him in the front of the school building. Of course Taylor didn't mind at all seeing how he'd do almost anything for Ally. The two had been dating for little over four months and everything was going great but the only problem was that Ally demanded a lot of attention and by giving her so Taylor began slacking in his academics. The first few bad grades were no big deal to him but eventually he was failing a class and a second one wasn't so far down the road. The things I do for Ally.

    Taylor checked in his top drawer and in his secret department on the side of his closet but the box wasn't there. After running around his room for another ten minutes he stopped and looked down to see the damn box was under his bed and he had over looked it. Wow way to go Tay. Before meeting up with Ally however he had a business deal to make with Caleb the brother of the popular Shelby Marks. The two were complete opposites like night and day. Caleb was that kid no one wanted to approach unless they wanted a deal from him and Shelby was the cheer captain that had everything on the tip of her finger. You've got five minutes, or you get nothing. Taylor read the message from Caleb and he knew that he was serious and Tay needed those pills.

    Taylor grabbed the money out of the box and then ran downstairs to his car. He knew Caleb was waiting and he also knew that he was late. He had promised the guy he'd be there twenty minutes before school and now he was pushing it time wise. Thank god there was barley any cars on the road and he pulled into the school parking lot and climbed out the car. He looked around at the semi empty school surroundings before heading over to the courtyard where Caleb was standing smoking a joint.

    " Sorry to make you wait man, I got the money". Taylor spoke casually as he walked over t Caleb closing the distance. Taylor reached into his pocket pulling out the cash and handing it over to Caleb and watched as he counted the money before handing Taylor the pills which he gladly took. " It was nice doing business, I'll text you whenever I need more and you'll have your money". Taylor shoved the pills into a little slot on the inside of his bag and walked away towards the front of the school to wait on Ally to show up.
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  3. Brian
    Football Star
    "Brian! Wake up, you're fifteen minutes later for school!" his mother shouted while banging on his door. He smirked and woke up before going over to the door and opening it, "I'm already up mom, don't have a heart attack." he told her before going outside of his room. She sighed and shook her head before smiling and following him downstairs. Brian had always been late for school, but sometimes it wasn't on purpose like today. He looked up at his mom and smiled at her before throwing some flour on her laughing. She returned the flour and laughed as well then they soon started a fight with it making the kitchen a mess.

    Beep, beep, beep!

    Brian snapped back into reality and stared up at the ceiling before sighing and squeezing his eyes shut. He rubbed his face and thought about the dream for a minute, oh how he wish it was real. He flipped the covers off of himself and sat up straight while running his hand through his hair. For a brief moment Brian looked over at the picture of his parents, him, and Kendra, they were all so happy that day. He smirked, he would do anything he could if he can to get back to the way things were before, but sadly he couldn't so he had to be strong and keep pushing on even though he was destroyed inside. He was all that Kendra had now, his other family lived far away from them and barely contacted them at all so they were basically on their own. Standing up, Brian turned off the beeping sounds on his alarm then left his room and went down to Kendra before knocking on the door. "Ken, you awake?" he asked knocking again. "Come on, it's time to get ready...." he told her then left her to it while he went and got ready himself. About thirty minutes later Brian was downstairs eating breakfast and twirling the football on the table while looking through his phone. After he finished up, the male walked outside to his car and got inside then started it up while waiting for Kendra to come out the house and slip into the passengers side. He would be lying if he said he didn't worry about her, she was basically the only person left that kept him standing. Oh how he wanted to beat the crap out of Taylor for doing this to her, but he promised Kendra that he wouldn't pick a fight with him so he didn't. Something had to be done though, Brian just didn't know what at the moment. He turned the radio on and laid back in the seat while thinking and waiting for his younger sister.

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  4. Kendra Matthews
    Depressed Loner
    "It would be so much easier if we never learned to love."

    Kendra had not gotten a wink of sleep the night before. Plagued by waking nightmares and sleep-deprived hallucinations, she got out of bed fifteen minutes before her alarm clock was supposed to go off. Dark circles were under her eyes, but it was an easy fix with a bit of makeup. Makeup was her life saver of sorts. It hid at least some of the emptiness she felt inside.

    "Ken, you awake? C'mon, it's time to get ready," her brother said as she was styling her hair, his voice muffled by the door. She said nothing; rather, she focused on the task at hand. Kendra loved her brother, of course, and he was all she had left. But it was difficult to not resent love because all the people she loved, save her brother, had either died or abandoned her. Love had turned into pain for her, and this was translated into a horrible depression that she tried so desperately to hide.

    She looked in her closet, pushing aside the brighter and happier colors she had once opted to wear for a simple red tank top and a black leather jacket, as well as dark skinny jeans and completely black Converse. It was a bit stereotypical, she supposed, for someone who had not felt much happiness the past six months. But what was she supposed to do--wear bright pink or purple? It only seemed to make her feel worse. At least in darker colors she could feel like she didn't stand out so much, though this was certainly a mistaken way of thinking. Kendra had convinced herself that no one noticed her, not even her brother. That was how she got by each day, and she much wanted to keep it that way. The only person she wanted to be noticed by was Taylor, and she could not say when that would happen again.

    When she finally deemed herself ready for school, she made her way downstairs. Brian was already in his car, waiting patiently for her. She stared at the last cereal box they had left, suddenly not feeling very hungry. In fact, she hadn't really felt hungry at all that morning. Deciding not to eat at all (and hoping that Brian wouldn't wonder), she grabbed her backpack and left her parents' house, closing the door tight.

    Kendra slipped into the passenger seat without saying a word. It seemed the girl was too scared to talk to her brother, as if just one word would cause him to slip away as well. She couldn't lose him, too. She might as well die herself if she lost him. In fact, he was probably the only reason she wasn't dead already.

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