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  1. What are stereotypes.

    Stereotypes in my opinion are things that are constantly done in more the one occasion either because A) the user enjoys playing that type of character. B) they don't know how to play another type of character or C) because they are too lazy and don't want to change what types of characters they play and want everyone to welll...DEAL WITH IT!. I've dealt with these types of partners in the past and it can be difficult to push through it and figure out a common connection between the two characters. It also happens in plots involving a uke and a seke character.

    Types of stereotypes
    • mary sue or gary sue
      • A Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish-fulfillment. So the character is a perfectionist, has no weakness and can basically do anything they want. people have talked about them before but there are some ways to get through them
        • let people know in your search that you will not deal with Mary Sues or Gary Sue
        • if the partner brings them up during the roleplay calmly talk to them about it, say if they don't like it then it won't match
    • Overly dominant or overly submissive characters
      • this is overly common in the libertine genre in my opnion, it can either be a shy abnormal girl falls in love with an attractive overly dominant male who takes advantage of her. The most common pairings that use this trope are master x slave and the more common kidnapped x kidnapper type of roleplays, I am not saying that these roleplays are a bad thing its just in my opnion that they are overdone and the character seem to be in the same balance
    • Gender Stereotypes
      • EXAMPLES
        • princess who needs to be rescued all the time (damsel or dame in distress)
        • shy girl who wants the bad boy
    Do you have any stereotypes in plots that you can't stand, how do you deal with them?
  2. In your initial statement, I feel like you're talking about archetypes. That is a particular kind of character, motif, or symbol.
    Han Solo, for instance, is an archetype. The lovable rogue, bad boy, cool guy.
    A universally accepted symbol for a pattern of behavior. He's an anti-hero as we commonly accept it.

    You can also find these in anime. Tsundere, dandere, etc.
    They're filling a universally accepted 'type'.
    "Ah, that is what kind of character you are." Almost a short hand.
    The characters are not necessarily the same but you can always draw comparisons.
    Han Solo, The Man with No Name, Max Rockatansky. All the same archetype. All fairly different in the character department.

    I'd argue a Mary Sue/Gary Stu is less a stereotype and more a symptom of a poor writer. There is a stereotypical image we all have. That is a widely held, but fixed and over simplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
    And that stereotype is typically a female character who is young but very exceptional is some way that defies the logic of the world they exist in.

    One is very generalized very simplified. The other is a motif with the potential for growth.
    Both exist in fiction. I always find the easiest way to see the marked difference is in something we might consider offensive. I.Y. Yunioshi as a stereotype versus Jing-Mei Woo as an archetype. One is flat, the other fits fundamentally human motifs we can relate to.

    It's kinda funny cause there's the sub/dom example up there, and I'd argue this is more a trope. A convention/device we all accept and expect. So Tropes. Stereotypes. Archetypes.

    Having written all this... (thinking out loud) I feel like what perhaps you're really coming down on, are cliches. All these things totally touch each other though. I mean the casually chauvinist bad boy is a cliche... and also sort of an archetype.
    But how do you deal with cliched characters that make you want to pull your hair out?
    Tough one!

    Personally, I give a player no quarter. If someone is writing something awful that comes with an expectation that relies entirely on a trope or stereotype that doesn't apply to my character, I don't respond in any way that doesn't make sense for my character.
    That is, I try not to cater to their lack of character depth.

    I also try not to play with those people if I'm really bothered by the content they want to play out. For instance, the kidnapper/kidnapped and master/save stuff... Not my cuppa.
    The people playing them are probably not really looking for a lot of nuance in their narrative or their characters. They're probably playing the trope specifically for that trope. Playing stereotypes instead of characters because that's the kind of fulfillment they're looking for and nothing richer.
    And that's fine. Far be it from me to tell anyone they're playing wrong.
    I think the best advice anyone ever gave me was to find players who play the type of game you want to play or will at least find a happy medium with you.
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