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>>Steps into the room and.....

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ADracul, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. Hi all!!
    I've been away for a long time because of personal things I had to take care of now however I seem to be back on the scene whenever I can - and with a story to tell if you're willing to listen =)
    Anyhow first things first. I am an active roleplayer with the passion and love for writing. So far so good. The love I've got for writing blinded me on another board and eventually got me banned permanently. Not for rule breaking, not for bad conduct, I'm not the type. Just for not conforming to the wishes of the admins that thought it would be entertaining to ban me permanently off the forum *cold laugh* and thus with it, unable to reach the members I played with on that board, ended everything. Some managed to contact me and managed to carry on others just disappeared for I don't know what reason.
    I spent like what was 3 days reeling from shock. I was unlucky then I admitted to myself and decided that I would move on, and that nothing will come between me and my love for writing. - writing is my life, take that away from me, and you've practically killed me. I began my quest in finding a new board. A new board that would cater to my own needs and ways of writing. Non-restrictive and with a respectable and good community.
    But what happened? - Well I've been on and off for a month on a dozen forums and I'm honestly sick of registering around here and there trying to achieve what I actually lost. In almost all the boards I found players that :
    1. Either wanted to get things done quickly and be done and over it.
    2. Wanted to play with me for solely smut related purposes which is honestly annoying and dull.
    3. Wanted me to play F/F or some strange roles including poke morphs!
    4. Dictated to me how they want their character ( ie my own) to be in looks, how they are mean to be and so on. I mean I know we are sharing a plot but I want to be able to crate my characters with the looks I want them to be in and the backstory I want to give them.
    So thus concludes my growing and growing frustration in not being able to find players who would not reach my desired wishes which in reality are considered as standard. I don't have an abnormally long set of wishes that are impossible to achieve.
    I don't give up fast because I'm stubborn, headstrong and work hard for whatever I want and do my best to work hard on my roleplays too. Yes, I'll chase anyone for good and fun roleplays so long as we are both satisfied and happy with the result in the end.
    Anyhow, in light of all this, I'm here to make my new introduction. I'm willing to throw back everything that happened in the past and start a new page and to stop trying to seek what I am seeking because in reality I'm already here - I just forgot about this account!! I mean it so I modified it a bit to suit my needs at the moment.
    I'm always up for onexone and I RP by thread, e-mail and PM's. I'm open to negotiation in pretty much anything so long as it meets both desires in the middle of the bridge so to speak.
    So if you want to Rp with me, brainstorm , chat for a friend, propose to me an rp you've been wanting and so on well knock and ask! I'm more than happy and welcome to let you in discuss and negotiate =)
    That is it, I hope I can meet more of you and make some friends along the way too, soon enough I might be posting up some of my own requests too so that you'll get an idea of what works for me, what I like, dislike and so on....I promise I won't scare you away :P
    See you all around soon enough
  2. *bows* Welcome to the madness, I hope you enjoy countless adventures here.
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  3. Welcome to the Madness xD. Please then enjoy your stay here.. And happy writing ^^

    just be aware of the flying marshmallows lol
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  4. Welcome back then! >:3 Keep on trucking! It's a lot of hard work with trial and error to find roleplay partners that match your needs and style, but it's worth it. 8D
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  5. Welcome, love! You sound a lot like me! I got banned from a few sites because I apparently stole story ideas from other people... but I mostly did 1x1's because my life is too busy to keep up with a group roleplay... ANYWAYS! Welcome to iwaku!!!
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  6. Thanks everyone =)
    Also for reading my absurdly long post. I'm sure I'll find suitable players, just takes time, patience and effort. I seem to find it harder particularly because I'm not a smut pro kind of player but more of a plot over smut kind of player so it seems like it takes a much harder time to bridge something in between for the likes of one player and my own before we actually get to something.
    Anyhow, hope to see you all around and nice to meet you =)
  7. That's where I'm at, too. I'd rather have a really good plot with people who really enjoy writing than have some shitty one liner all about how great the sex is. *rolls eyes* Some people.
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