Steelhearts-The children of Eyhawaz

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  1. Eyhawaz saw the darkness of the void and the light of the stars. And it caused him to pause. For all of the Divine realms of his brethren where full of life and creation. It was within the darkness filled with lights that Eyhawaz found his calling. He woudl create that which resembled the harsh nothingness of the void, as well as the bright shimmerings of the light he saw. ANd thus Eyhawaz set forth in his divine workshop to create. For he was the tinkerer of the divines. smoke and steam bellowed from hs workshop. grinding sounds reverberated off creation and spliners of his work fell to all the divine realms. WHen He was done, Father Eyhawaz created METAL. Alluminum, Iron, Gold, SIlver, Titanium, copper, and all other metals found throughout the universe. That was not enouhg for Eyhawaz. now that he had created these things, his heart desired His own peoples.
    He shaped their hearts like steam boilers and clockwork machinations became their bones. The metals combined and weaed together as muscle or armor, and once he began his work, he did not stop until all the cubes of metal he had where half gone. And with what was left he placed in the void, to shimmer and weave light out and away from itself. TO burn like a sun and be cool like ice. For Eyhawaz made his creations after all the other divines. and their examples fueled him to make his creations perfect.
    But their souls, their souls came from the reflexions of light glanced fromt eh void. for only after all the milions of bodies Eyhawaz made where polished and done did he give them their souls, one by one from each starry refraction in the sky, that each of them would be difrerent but enough alike to love one another.
    Thus the great work was completed. And Eyhawaz gave them their own world to know and love. And that place was called Hearth.
    -Excerpt from the Metallurgica Mundisca

    (work in progress)
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