Steel City (w/ SeraChey)

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  1. Steel City was one of those places that you only pass through quickly, never staying long enough because the looming fear of never coming out was gripping the minds of most people. Few willingly stayed in the city to run it's businesses, most of those who stayed ran the famous street market (or infamous as some would call it.) It attracted all sorts of people; weapon dealers, farmers, vagabonds, even a few military officials. Oh yea, not to mention thieves.

    One such thief was Venn. The thin thief was lurking within the shadows along side the market. He melded his way into the crowded that funneled through the large market. He wore a tattered tan cloak that hide his mess of hazel hair and golden eyes. On the look out for unsuspecting victims, he spied a man buying food and saw his change to snag some money from him as he walked away from the seller. As he cut his way through the crowd, he found himself right behind the man. He acted as if was bumped into just to get close enough to slip his hand into the man's pocket.
  2. Steel City was a pit. A beautiful rotten pit that Eli didn't plan on spending anymore time than necessary in. There was nothing more than pocket change here, a place where almost everyone knew the rudimentary skills of thievery. It made the truly good thiefs look bad. Part of him was almost fond of it though. It's where he came from.

    Eli's hand shot down to grab the hand as soon as he felt the teen bump into him. He held him with an iron grip as he turned around, raising an eyebrow over grey eyes as he looked at him. He wore nondescript clothes and his hair was bright blonde at the moment (he knew how to dye it if needed). "Don't try to rob a thief. Especially a better thief than you."
  3. The teen slowly lifted his head so that he'd see the man eye to eye. "Hey, I-I wasn't tryin' to steal from you! Let go of me!" He tried to pry away Eli's hand, fearing that any longer it could lead his hand feeling completely numb. Never before had anyone even caught him, let alone get a hold of him. "If you don't let go I'll make ya'!" he shouted, becoming more fearful of the man.

    Venn wondered if he should grab out his knife and threaten with that yet it didn't seem like a bright move. It seemed that could easily make things worse considering he was 1) in Steel City, 2) surrounded by people who would see his face, and 3) would probably lose. He reached down to his waist and simply rested his only free hand on the hilt of his dull knife, just as a precaution.