(Steampunk) The Colour Purple

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  1. Plot
    Aboard the pirate ship Dutchmen, being a slave is almost a death sentence. The captain, Don Wick Jones, also known as the dreaded Captain Bloodbeard, is one hell of a slave master. The males are chosen for two jobs; the engine room, which can get so hot that men have been known to become delirious the first couple hours they spend in there, or hauling, while the women are made into slaves to clean the ship, as well as lewd activities with the crew members. Those who refuse to work are either put to death after being tortured or made an example of by humiliation. Slaves are not allowed to reproduce without the say so of the captain, and life is made miserable for them by annual inspections of their quarters, which is nothing but hay and wooden floors. It gets so cold that slaves in the winter have gotten frost nip that always ends up in frost bite. Given only one blanket, their life is what is known as hell on earth. Rations are nothing but water, one roll, and some cheese once a day. It is hard to keep any hope of a good life aboard this ship…yet two slaves seem to have found a reason to be happy.

    After a chance encounter (as this is a very, very big airship), the two have fallen in love with each other, just after one encounter. Since the ship is split off into two colours for the slaves (one blue, one red), as to keep better track of them, the two colours seldomly together, and are forbidden from seeing one another. But somehow, these two have found a way to see one another. Soon, they realize that their story has lifted the spirits of the slaves around them, and instead of being ratted out, their fellow slaves have helped to hide them. Soon, they realize, that they hold the ability to change the lives of everyone around them.

    Blue Group
    The blue slave group are the ones who are stuck in the engine rooms, hauling, and repairs on the ship. ALL slaves are subjected to the fighting rings and lewd acts.

    Red Group
    The red slave group are the ones put in charge of cleaning, serving, organization and guard duties.
    Rules for Engagement

    -MalexFemale only please (ironically I am not too good at doing an MxM, and I cannot for the life of me do a FxF)

    -I would rather be the male. Again, I don't play females as well as males

    -Please use correct grammar. No sentences starting in lowercase (and everything that needs to be capitalized is not)

    -One paragraph at min. Doesn't have to be long (cause long posts can be absolute crap while shorter posts help the story along) make it count!

    -If you have writer's block, please tell me so that I can change my post so it's easier to reply to!
    -Please tell me if you don't want to rp anymore

    -Normal rp rules apply

    -Don't be rude
    -You can have any backstory
    -I don't do:

    -Rape scenes
    -Incest (EVER. Please do not ask me)
    -Underage (the first paragraph I will ask you to write a scene relating back to their childhood, but no lewdness in it!) No characters under 19 please.
    -There is no super powers here.

    So if you get shot in the eye, you either lose your eye or die. Probably die. If I got shot in the eye back then I'd die. Just saying. Fuck that man. O.X

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