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  1. Hello, all. I'm going to be advertising a small roleplay my friends and I are doing on Skype.

    The concept is simple if you don't think about it too much. Two dwelvers are to always to be in the dungeons, almost every day to keep a steady gold supply to the city. Meanwhile, the dwelvers can have fans, training members, or even anti-dwelvers who try to stop them. (It doesn't usually work.)

    In this city of Gasket, most things are based around the concept of people trying to get along with each other. The whole dwelver thing is pretty much a show for the younger and older viewers.

    There are a few rules before you join.

    - No One-Liners
    - No God-Modding, Over Powering, Mega Gaming
    - Do not attempt to troll us or use us as an a hourly grief box.
    - All weapons and submitted magics are to be accepted before use by the dungeon masters.
    - Do not kill people without their content.

    That pretty much concludes the rules besides the golden "Common Sense," so come on down and join us.

    You can add my Skype at PhantomPond or PM me your username so I can add you. Remember to say where you came from or I may not accept the request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.