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  1. With Spring and Easter coming around the corner people may have some games on their watchlist for the future.
    Which games are you eagerly waiting for? May it be for a sale, or simply whenever you have the cash (or certainty that said game is stable)?

    My main ones would be:
    • Galactic Civilizations 3
    • Day Z
    • Tabletop Simulator
    • Blood Bowl 2
    • The Walking Dead Michonne
    • Disgaea PC
    • Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
  2. I have a dream that one of these sales will align when I get paired and don't have to buy essentials.

    With that being said, some games I wish to snatch up sooner or later are:
    1. Cities: Skylines
    2. Shadowrun series
    3. Matter of Orion
    4. Acts of Aggression
    5. Software INC.
    6. Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
    7. Homewolrd Remastered Collection
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.