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  1. My steam is in my signature. Anyone else have a steam? I highly doubt I'm the only one, so post yours here if you want to!
  2. It's york114 (it's gonna show up as 117, I have the same picture as I have on the forums >.<)
  3. Steam account is falseknights. I don't play that many games on it though... mostly TES games, The Binding of Isaac, and Torchlight II.
  4. You'll find me on Steam as dj4aces.

    I play a lot of games on Steam, but also play quite a few that are not. If you want to play something that I have, feel free to drop a PM via Steam and let me know.
  5. I'm loneflutist or Luna Valentine.
    I play a few multiplayer games. BL2 and Sonic racing stuff like that. I've got Torchlight 2 and a few other....err...well a lot of other games. 100+
  6. Might add mine to my signature, it'll give me an excuse to put something there anyway.
  7. Just everyone add me at the community link :D makes it so much easier.
  8. Mine is C92cool. I get on it once in awhile. Atm, I have a crappy computer and need a new one so I'm just playing a few free games until I get a better computer that can handle most of the games that are on steam.
  9. I know how that feels, I just don't have money to buy games.
  10. Ah ok, yeah right now I have like 4 games and 3 are them are online capable (Unturned, Royal Quest, and Realm of the Mad God) so if any of those are something ya'll play, I would enjoy a good party expedition into the world of video games.
  11. I play a few more games than that x3
  12. I'd make one of those steam badge thingies to put in my sig if I knew how...but I don't.

    Anyways Steam for me is the same as my user name here (Reaper Jack)
    I have getting on for 100 games I think, and they vary a hell of a lot.
    I should probably cut down on the amount of time I spend playing; though it is much less than what I used to.
  13. Access the site through one of them like mine, then just sign in through steam, its secure, then when you see BBCode, put that full thing in the signature box on your settings.
  14. Haha well the fourth man I play is World of Guns, Gun Dis assembly which is just taking apart and putting back together guns and shooting them off. Trust me I would have more games, but my computer is pretty shitty. It has literally kicked me out of some games because my computer can't handle them XD
  15. I'm sure you can get a good computer
  16. Steam users confuse me at times. I've posted a giveaway thread similar to the one I posted on here for a game, yet people are going to older threads to ask for gift copies of the game instead of the newer one (mine). Seems I really am just that unpopular everywhere.
  17. I think for my birthday, which is in a month, I'm gonna ask for a new laptop.
  18. I'd be friends with you.
  19. Well I added everyone here except for Reaper Jack because to many results came up with the name, like 100,000 results, and Fauna because typing in "falseknights" came up with nothing.
  20. Sure if you want to. I don't talk all that much though, so I'll probably be silent for the most part.
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