Steam and Sensibility

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  1. If there was anything the last twenty four hours had taught Veronica Clappe, it was that the world was a very unpredictable place. As the carriage rode through the gates to her town house, she thought back to the play she had gone to. It had been a wonderful show, but it was after the performance that the real story began.

    First there was Sebastian, a daring thief who tried to bully his way into gaining much wealth from the patrons that night. His objective was interrupted for even worse villainy, air pirates.

    The jostling of the carriage was nothing to being dragged onboard that ship, by the self same thief Sebastian, though she had felt much safer with him then taking her chances with being snatched up by one of the pirates. What followed was dizzying to say the least.

    In the end those that had ended up on the air ship took the emergency gliders to escape the ship before it crashed. Crashing still happened, but she and Sebastian had been able to walk away from it. Sebastian walked, Veronica broke a heel on one of her shoes and ended up slightly twisting her ankle.

    Looking down at her foot, Veronica was thinking wishfully to a bath to soak the poor ankle. She then glanced at Sebastian through her long dark eyelashes. He had found them a place to stay. It had been too convenient and she wondered if he had robbed them before, but he claimed that though he knew the owners he did not, and she believed him. Why? Perhaps because he seemed so earnest. Either way she had to trust him for a time.

    He came through well enough, having come back into town since walking was difficult and brining back her driver with her carriage.

    Now the carriage stopped in front of a very large three floor home. A home of an aristocrat. The home of Veronica Clappe, the Book Baroness.
  2. The events of the past several hours had gone by in a flash, nigh unrecognizable. Just the night before, he had been robbing those of a class that had money in vast quantities so as to fund private wars; people that could look to the crown for support, and indeed offer their support to the crown, in order to sway both politicking and societal drama. These people knew not the pain of hunger, nor the sound of the cracking of pinlock.

    But they had certainly learned the latter.

    Having effectively 'saved' some of the richest people of the country from a band of well-known and highly dangerous sky pirates (who had also 'interrupted' his attempt at a robbery), Sebastian Nimue found himself taking personal charge of the safety of a one Veronica Clappe, known widely as the Book Baroness. He had forcibly drug her along with him (for her own safety, he reasoned), and effectively saved the day. He indeed saw to her well-being, and while the previous night's lodgings were probably not to her standards, a bed and roof was much preferable to no bed. And no roof. She didn't complain.

    Having left her in relative safety before dawn, Sebastian had made his way cross country for civilization; it was a short trek. Having left letters and instructions at the local post, he quickly filled out instructions she had left him in order to secure her decent transport.

    And here he was, chin resting in his open hand, elbow propped up and hanging out of the carriage window. While he had his eyes primarily on the road, he couldn't help but have his gaze fall on her more often than he liked. And so it was, his eyes glued to her indifferent profile, when they had come to a complete stop in front of a three-storied home fit for... well, a Baroness. While it was far from the grace and majesty of the palace, it was an example of charm and aesthetic simplicity.

    Waiting not for the driver or steward of some kind, Sebastian flung the door to the carriage open and stumbled out with the grace of a practiced drunkard. He studied the home with feigned awe, his interest in it's layout sincere. After the briefest of moments, he spun and offered a hand and a bow to the Book Baroness, cutting off the house man who had darted out to meet them. He had held in a huff, his expression betraying annoyed rage, but Sebastian ignored him.

    "And here we are, my lovely Lady Veronica; villa de Book Baroness, is it? Or do you have some other name for this exquisite home?"
  3. Carefully standing, and oh if but her ankle was tender indeed, Veronica took Sebastian's hand. Whatever he was, he seemed to be a gentleman of some sort, for he did not seem confused in the least on how to help a lady out of a carriage. With an exasperated tone she replied to his question. "A villa this hardly is. It is but a house, Sebastian."

    The first step she had no problem with, but the second she ended up squeezing Sebastian's hand much harder then she had wanted to as she quickly got her feet onto the ground. Veronica reminded herself she could still walk on it though and she was indeed not going to let herself be coddled by her staff. There would be enough to do at home for several day that she could keep from walking around too much and by the end of the week she would be in fine shape.

    Veronica wasn't being completely stubborn out of some sort of spite. The duality of being a high ranking lady, and yet in charge of a high yielding estate made her acutely aware that she had to be careful about showing weakness. Staff gossiped, and gossip spread faster then wildfire. She could only imagine what the pirate attack and the chaos that caused will have turned into by now.
  4. Sebastian held firmly onto the woman and, feeling her squeeze his hand, stuck close to her; he would, at the very least, escort her up the steps and to the front door. She would get uppity after that, and it would be presumptuous and quite honestly, rude and unsightly, to try and walk her up to her room (where she no doubt wanted to head to first).

    So he shooed the house man, pointing to the door, and held Veronica up as best he could with a single hand without making it too obvious. It didn't hurt that he was much stronger than he appeared to be, broad muscles hidden underneath the wools and linens of his outfit which, while still presentable, was heading towards the beginnings of 'musty'.

    "Of course, it's but a house, but a fine house, indeed," he said, turning his head and then leaning it back, eye-balling the many floors. "I don't suppose there be a Book Baron about, that I need introducing to, is there?" He turned to help her up the three steps leading to the landing before the double-doors. He couldn't help but grin as he left his question hang on the air, but he did fight the urge to wink at her. Without turning, he hastily gestured to the house man standing in front of the doors to fling them open for her. That was what these aristocratic types liked: preemptive pampering!
  5. "Do you not think I would have informed you of this sooner, or that you would already be in a world of trouble if I had not. I was, after all, missing all last night. Though a great many people knew where I was, and what had happened I'm sure."

    Veronica was almost sure at this point that Sebastian was teasing her and while her tone made her sound miffed, she was in fact very grateful to the man at the moment. He was as subtle as a whisper as he helped her, betraying the fact that he had much more depth then some common criminal. He was, in fact, a mystery. The Book Baroness had an over fondness of uncovering mysteries.

    Almost not noticing the doors opened for her, though noble born a generation ago there was little more then a title left to the family, Veronica entered her home. At last on familiar ground, the worse of yesterday was finally over. A servant started walking over with a silver tray with a letter on it. Innerly she wondered if she was going to get a moments peace.

    "Please get this gentleman some refreshments," Veronica said, almost stumbling on a Mister since she never did seem to catch Sebastian's last name. She completely ignored the letter for the moment. There were priorities, like clean clothing. "Have him wait in the study."
  6. "I'll be good, my Lady Baroness, sure as sure," he smiled, bowing as she made her exit up the spiraling stairs. She gave him not the satisfaction of a secondary glance as she left him to his own devices, trusting in civility. Oh, he had a momentary chaperon, but when he made it clear that he had no intention but to enjoy his tea and the quiet luxury of the study, he was left alone.

    He waited one beat. Then two beats. Then set his porcelain cup and saucer down before darting up and taking his measure of the first-floor of the home. It was indeed nothing more than a glorified house. It was not quite a mansion, but definitely no commoner's estate. It had the added prestige of being large enough to house servants, while still maintaining an air of cozy comfort. It was a place Sebastian could call home, if he ever settled down long enough to ever find one.

    There wasn't anything out of the ordinary; a study, a dining room neatly attached to the entertainment room with an extravagant piano and platform for performances. There was a living room where additional guest-entertaining could be done with tall-backed chairs, warm decor, and a cozy fireplace with a wide hearth. He took his time in this room, looking over photographs and other legacies no doubt left behind by Veronica's father; they were too masculine and out of place for a woman of her delicacy, he surmised. Satisfied, he took off to the kitchen.

    A woman was hard at work, rolling out dough for some buns or bread for that evening's meal. Puffs of flour spread up around her at every slap-and-drop of the dough, and she seemed to ignore him. Other, younger women, bustled around her; four women in all. The oldest had the look of a round, hearty woman who took no guff from no one. She's the cook, he guessed, strolling through calmly, hands in his pocket. One other was covered in a thick sheen of flour, sharing the cook's look in her eyes and mouth. Her daughter. The other two wore different clothes, and they weren't helping with the cooking so much as they were helping with the cleaning. One of the women had even set down, for just a moment, a basket of dirty clothes. As quickly as she had gathered dirty rags, she had disappeared. The last woman seemed to be confused; a pretty young thing, full lips pursed into a pout, her dress cinching into her small waist, fine hips hidden under the ruffles of her work dress. A new maid.

    Strolling behind her, he slapped her on the arse and continued on past. "Lost, love? So am I. Think you can show me back to the study? I only meant to take a look at the gardens, but having taken so long to find them, now I wish for nothing than a comfortable seat!" He barked a laugh, earning a dirty look from the cook. The pouty-lipped girl let out a soft 'eek' and shuffled away without a word, not even bothering to look at him.

    Sebastian just continued his self-lead tour of the house, eventually finding his way back to the study and his cup of tea.
  7. Satisfied that Sebastian would be tended to, Veronica slowly, but with a stately bearing went up the stairs. The pace due to her injury, her posture due mostly to practice. The effect was dramatic, which was not her intention.

    Once in her own room, after chasing away the maid, Veronica collapsed on her bed for a moment. It was more out of a need to have a meditative moment then physical exhaustion. Feeling centered she began to remove her clothing. The dress she had had help putting on, but thankfully it was much easier to get out of.

    Putting on a robe she walked over the small desk in her room and looked at the letter the servant had been trying to give her when she first walked in. Turning it around, she frowned at the seal. It was not a personal seal, which is what she would have been hoping to see, but an official one. Either this had been sent last night before the pirates had crashed into the theater, or news that Veronica had been at said venue that night had not reached the right ears before it had been written.

    Reluctantly Veronica opened the letter. It was more or less what she expected. An official request for her presence.

    Any other day she would have taken the time to make herself more presentable. As it was the Book Baroness splashed her face with water and found a day dress that she would feel comfortable in, but by no means was a house dress, which is what she really wanted to be wearing right now.

    In more sensible boots, hidden mostly by the skirt of her dress, Veronica left her room and headed into the hallway. She paused to tell the maid in the hall to let the coach driver know that she would be leaving within the hour and then walked into the study.

    "I will say that this is not how I wanted to finish things," she barely looked at Sebastian until she was seated behind the desk.
  8. Sebastian hurriedly stood from the stiff leather chair he had found a seat in and nodded respectfully to Veronica as she made her entrance. He held his nigh-empty teacup close to his breast, and when she finally took a seat, so did he. Rather dreadfully, truth be told.

    "I'd have figured you'd show up in something soft and simple, with a moderate reward for whisking you away at the right place and time and for not stealing you off for my own little miscreant misdeeds, iffin' you don't mind my brusque language." He sipped at the last bits of his (now cold) brew and set it politely in his lap.

    "Seems to me you're gearing up to get the day started; must be important, if you can't do the aristocratic hand-waving of the clearing of appointments and the broad declaring of 'some other time, dear.'"
  9. (Lol)


    He held her close and kissed her neck.
  10. It was a curious thing, that broach. It was beautiful, no doubt about it, and worth a pretty penny. It glistened gently in the morning light, reflecting bits of precious gem and metal alike. Inadequate, indeed.

    "It's a pretty thing, sure as sure," he said, a small hint of awe in his voice. Sebastian could appreciate both beauty and craftsmanship, and this thing carried it in spades. And while he thought it was a beautiful thing, and would line his pockets quite nicely for at least a week, well...

    "I've seen prettier," he said finally, looking her in the eye precisely when he finished his sentence. Money was a trifling thing, in his line of work. Do it right, and no money in the world could buy the rewards he reaped. Besides, he had drawn quite a fancy to this Veronica Clappe, Book Baroness of Her Majesty's Brittania.

    "I suppose that means I'll be seeing you another time, eh? Perhaps over dinner, following an evening at the..." He couldn't help but grin. "... Theater?"
  11. Ray

    "You tired and want sleepy time?"

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  12. He recognized a goodbye when he heard one, or at least in this case, a 'I'll see you some other time.' He was surprised, honestly, at his own brazenness in regards to Miss Clappe. Oh, he had a certain roguish, rakish quality to see to at all times, to make sure it propagated. And while he was playing with her, a part of him truly enjoyed it. There was hints of truth to everything he was saying to her.

    He was, indeed, surprised.

    "You shall hear from me on the morrow!" He said, leaping to his feet just a moment before she gingerly stepped to hers. He side-stepped to allow her to pass, making sure to adhere to some modicum of protocol, and followed her to the double doors (where the same house man from before was waiting, both holding one of the doors ajar and offering her a parasol that complimented the colour of her dress).

    As they stepped outside, he made no interrogating remark about her leaving so early; it was obvious she had intended to once their brief conversation had ended. Instead, he took up position beside her and walked her down to her awaiting carriage. It was the same as before, but this time, the coach man was waiting with the small side-door open for her. Curious, he thought, noticing the man had taken the time to change his clothes.

    "As I hinted to earlier, Miss Lady Clappe, this shan't be the last you hear from me," he said, taking extra-long on his farewell bow.
  13. "Maybe I should take that as a threat," she did not break a smile, but then again he was being clownish with his bow. Veronica's ankle was starting to throb again before she took the first step into the carriage, and once she got in all she wanted to do was close her eyes till she got to her destination, but she stuck her head out the window before she'd give herself that luxury.

    "Though, promise or threat, you might want to clean up first Sebastian," and he might have caught a smile from her before her head turned back inside and all he could see was the curtains and shadows of her curled locks from behind it.

    Leaning back, Veronica now did close her eyes, trying to not think about her ankle or the bumpiness of the carriage as it left her house. After a bit the ankle stopped protesting, which Veronica was relieved. The thought that it might continue all day and thus needing to have it looked at was more then a triffel annoying.

    Sitting up straighter, Veronica frowned as something did not seem right and looked out her window. Instead of cobblestone streets and crowded buildings leading to the palace, she saw a dirt road and countryside.

    "Chadwick, did Millie give you the wrong directions?" Her driver did not respond and she went over and opened the window behind the driver. "Chadwick, did you not hear me?"
  14. Blair

    "Bite me genius." She teased and took a kiss at his neck before strolling back to the couch


    She was slightly surprised but held onto him and kissed him again
  15. Blair

    "C-careful there." She said before kissing him again. She felt a blush grow


    "Oh come on I thought that would have killed the vibe!" She joked and rolled her eyes "Don't I have some hero shit to attend to or is that just something I like to imagine that I have?"
  16. (Kaitlyn's Characters)

    Name: Nellie King

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Demisexual

    Abnormality: Hemokinesis-the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to manipulate blood cells in biotic subjects.

    Personality: Nellie is soft-spoken but it does nothing to hinder her little bursts of sarcasm. Behind that innocent smile is a slew of dry humor and a vivid imagination that'll make anyone do a double-take. She expresses herself best through art, so she always carries around a sketchbook and pencil. Since she suffers from anemia she cannot do much physical-wise and prefers to nap (a lot) during her free time. Despite her abilities, she cannot improve her own condition and using her abilities in the first place will drain her quickly.

    History: The King family name was quite well-known in the area she grew up in. What were they known for? Two things: wealth and athletic prowess. With a retired NFL tailback for a father (who had no choice but to give up the sport when he badly injured his knee at the age of 27), a three-time tennis champion for a mother, and an MVP lacrosse player for an older sister, Nellie was sure to be a shoe in for sports.

    Of course, those expectations were tossed out the window upon realizing her lack of athletic talent. Her stamina was poor, her coordination was sub-par, and her strength was average at best. One day, Nellie fainted in the park while playing with her friends due to a combination of over-exertion and heat stroke. Worried and confused, Nellie was taken to the doctor and became diagnosed with anemia. Nothing could improve her condition.

    Because of this, she became the black sheep of the family, received disappointed looks from her parents on a regular basis, and became engulfed in her sister's shadow. The isolation within her own home was grueling to endure, so she eventually closed herself off and found refuge in solitude, her sketchbook, and the beauty of biology.

    One day Nellie is offered an opportunity to win a Biology scholarship and a full-ride to a prestigious university on the other side of the country--away from her personal hell hole. Days stretched on to weeks, a full-night's rest became a memory, and she applied everything she had into earning that scholarship. When she finally finished, she was horrified upon waking the next morning and finding out that her sister had accidentally erased the file from her computer, though she didn't seem very apologetic.

    Nellie saw red--and not in the figurative sense. She had pulled herself together after hearing her sister's pained screams. The girl had curled into a ball and was cradling her face, where blood gushed from her nose and mouth. Her parents arrived, assumed that Nellie had attacked her sister, and placed her on lockdown. Limited interactions with people, three meals a day, no TV, no leaving the house, and weekly probing from a psychiatrist. No longer able to be a prisoner in her own home, Nellie packed her things and ran away.



    Other: Loves biology and the mechanics of the human body.


    Name: Penelope "Pen" Hallows

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Abnormality: Mind Imprisonment-the power to imprison the consciousness of others in their own mind or the mind of oneself.

    Personality: Although Pen harbors a lot of insecurities and fears, she puts on the front of a kind and talkative girl. She will do what she can to socialize like a "normal" person but she does require alone time every now and then. She sometimes gets caught up in her thoughts/worries and when someone pushes her too much she'll accidentally send them into a coma or transport their mind into the head of another person.

    History: Pen was adopted at the age of 3 and grew up as an only child. Her father is an orthodontist while her mother is a psychology professor. Pen is fascinated by the inner-workings of the mind and tends to read her mother's textbooks for fun, asking the woman questions whenever she can. Pen rarely left the house and as the years went by she became more recluse and socially inhibited. Because of this, she cannot handle big crowds or moments of pressure/the spotlight and will slip into panic attacks.

    Her abilities have been triggered four times; twice on her classmates, once on a random passenger riding the same bus as her, and her mother. All of these instances were temporary but she still feels guilty about it.



    Other: Loves to read romance novels (in secret).



    Name: Quinn Harvey

    Age(13-23): 19

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual (Heavy Female Leaning)

    Abnormality: Hyper Speed-the ability to move oneself or parts of oneself at heightened acceleration. When using hyper-speed, reality seems significantly slower to the user. Several risks come with this ability; such as suffering from friction burns and colliding into obstacles with a fatal amount of force.

    Personality: Lazy. As. CRAP! Quinn is the epitome of a couch potato. If you want her to apply effort into anything outside of making friends, she'll stare at you, blink once, maybe twice, yawn, and find somewhere to go take a nap. Her speech pattern is rather sluggish but it's still quite smooth and charismatic, as if she was a diplomat or royalty in a past life. She tries to be kind and understanding, but people have a tendency to press her buttons. Quinn'll probably do something rude like disappear in the middle of conversation when someone doesn't know how to shut up and let her sleep. She's incredibly smart but rarely has the motivation to use her intelligence. The situation has to really beckon for it.

    History: (On second thought...I should probably give most of it. Don't wanna ruin anything with plot or throw in unwanted surprises lol!

    Get ready, it's lengthy and complicated...)

    We shall start with Quinn's name.

    Quinn Harvey is not her birth name. She originally went by the name of Colette Fournier and was born into an elite family of scholars and philosophers. Born in the upper districts of Lyon, France, Colette and her seven siblings were expected to follow in their preceding generations' footsteps. Create a new theory in physics, solve a mathematical equation that has taken decades to crack, develop a philosophical approach, accomplish literary and scientific feats, and so on and so forth.

    Unlike the uncaring attitude of Quinn, Colette was desperate to impress her family and achieve something magnificent. Thus, she centered her entire life and lifestyle around the famous Pareto Principle (a.k.a. The 80/20 Rule). In short, this rule states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This rule can be applied to everything, such as 80% of Italy is owned by 20% of the population. However, Colette held an extreme passion for linguistics and literature; thus, she focused on that area and the fact that people only use 20% of words available in the human language for 80% of the time. Colette spent so many years trying to disapprove this rule, that she developed an odd speech pattern in which she substitutes normal, everyday words for complex and unique ones.

    Yet no matter how hard she tried, no matter how close she seemed to get to reaching her goal, she never succeeded and her family scorned her for being a failure. The scorn gradually turns into emotional and physical abuse, though they did well to hide her mistreatment from the public eye. She eventually snaps under the pressure of it all and begins suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder). Her second personality is the exact opposite of Colette. She is lazy, unmotivated, careless, and has a burning thirst for freedom.

    She is Quinn Harvey.

    Even more, Quinn wasn't afraid to obtain her freedom. It was this new personality that unlocked her power and used it to escape from her family at the young age of 14. Quinn Harvey gained full control for a consistent three months; in that time, she planned her escape for when she turned 18. She studied English (learned the language incredibly quickly due to her intelligence and love of linguistics), diminished her French accent until it was barely noticeable, worked odd jobs to save up for a plane ticket, skipping from motel to motel, and even did the occasional stealing (not hard to do with her abilities). At the end of those three months, she experienced a few hiccups. Colette would reappear every now and then, confused and afraid of her unknown surroundings, but she immediately decided that it was far better conditions than the one she was in. Oddly enough, she didn't fight the change.

    Slowly, ever so slowly, piece by piece, Colette's conscious began to fade while Quinn's grew stronger. By the time she turned 16, Colette was all but gone, except for a few traces of her. Those traces include the weird speech pattern, her dislike for long conversations, and the (slight) passion for linguistics. Quinn finally left for America at the age of 18 and never looked back. She was free. She was her own person. Colette's horrific trauma and memories no longer dragged her down...

    Or so Quinn hopes. But when she woke up one morning and felt a horrible stinging wracking her body, she's baffled to find a massive branding on her back. The symbol?

    The Tree of Knowledge.

    Quinn certainly has no memory of doing this to herself. Which could only mean one thing...Colette's alive. But what are her intentions with the branding?




    This image is branded onto her back. It is rather large and not pretty to look at, stretching from just below the nape of her neck to the base of her spine. It is the tree of knowledge. Quinn has no idea where it came from. She literally just noticed it one day while taking a shower...


    She's also got a serious sweet tooth, so it's easy to get on her good side if you offer her some chocolate lol!


    Name: Demi Locklear

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Abnormality: Osteokinesis-The ability to manipulate the bones of oneself and/or others. The user of this ability is given several advantages, such as thickening the density of their bones to avoid breaking them, removing bones from their body (yeesh!) to use as weapons, making bones protrude from their body as both a defensive and offensive mechanism, and so forth.

    However, this ability comes with a huge set back--doing anything that involves breaking skin is extremely painful. Also, the user is at risk of ruining their skeletal structure if they reset their bones incorrectly.

    Personality: She's cold. She's recluse. And she's festering a wound in her heart so deep and eternal that she's certain nothing can fill it. Demi is basically a walking time-bomb and prone to fits of anger whenever someone pushes her buttons. Despite her difficult attitude, there's a broken little girl hiding behind that mask who just wants her big brother to come and wrap her up in his signature Bear Hug.

    History: Demi's life is a rather complicated, from her day of birth to her day of death.

    Before Demi and her older brother Koda was adopted into the loving Johnson family, she was raised by her mother. Demi and Koda's mother suffered from a severe case of depression due to the death of Koda's father, who contracted gangrene along his amputated leg and passed from blood poisoning. Demi has no memory of Koda's father, as she wasn't born at the time. Their mother met Demi's biological father and instantly fell in love with him. However, when she announced she was pregnant with Demi, he left, stating that he wasn't ready for parenthood.

    This separation crushed the mother. She gave birth to Demi soon afterwards.

    On the night before Koda's eighth birthday, their mother committed suicide. The half-siblings were immediately put into foster care, though they don't stay long. Enter the Johnson Family: Phil Johnson, Margaret Johnson, and their daughter Bo Johnson. They fell in love with Demi and Koda and adopted them.

    It was a rocky start for both of them, but they eventually healed from the loss and came to love the Johnsons.

    Until that dreaded day came.

    Demi, at the feeble age of 11, was walking to Bo's apartment complex with Koda, intending to stay with their adoptive sister for a week. However, they were ambushed within the lobby by a pair of men dressed in black. Koda fought them off to the best of his abilities but he gave in when one of the men held a gun to Demi's head. Koda pleaded for them to let Demi go but he shot her anyways and knocked Koda unconscious. They took Koda away and placed him in an underground slave trafficking trade. Whether he survived or not is still a mystery.

    As for Demi, she woke up minutes later with a bleeding temple, a crowd of worried pedestrians towering over her, and a flattened bullet laying next to her.

    Her skull was completely intact.

    With her brother lost forever, Demi fell into an emotional shell and could no longer enjoy life. The only thing she cared about was finding her brother. If not finding him, then at least killing those kidnappers if she ever crossed paths with them again...

    Looks: Maya Helena


    Other: She carries around a Delish Doughnut Shopkins figurine that she bought after Koda disappeared. He used to always carry around an older edition of the toy for Demi to play with.



    Name(Full): Samuel Banks

    Age:(22+): 25

    Role(Assistant or Owner): Assistant

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Personality: Although Samuel looks like an ex-con/former member of a notorious biker gang, he is the biggest and fluffiest teddy bear you'll meet. Behind that bass voice and hard glare are thoughts wondering how he can figure out everyone's favorite dessert without seeming like a weirdo and prepare them for everybody the next day. That is not to say that he cannot put his foot down and knock your lights out--because he can. The muscles and rugged looks come from his past experience with underground MMA fighting but he gave that life up after a few years to become an assistant.

    Bio: Enter Samuel and Gregory Banks, twin brothers born into a loving family of four.

    Samuel and Gregory were almost exact copies, from their looks to their speech patterns. They were practically attached by the hip! The only difference between them were their hobbies/passion in life. Samuel had a love for the arts and academics, while Gregory was an avid fan of sports and mixed-martial arts. Despite the great divide, their dynamic was solid and no force in the universe could shake their bond.

    They also loved their grandmother, though their parents rarely let them visit her in the retirement home. Samuel and Gregory never knew why their parents tried to keep the visits to a minimum but they never questioned it.

    Fast forward to when the twins are 17 years old. A tragic event unfolds on the night of their Senior year prom. Samuel didn't really want to go to being with but Gregory had asked him to come. The twins decided to take a relaxing cruise around town after the dance with some of Gregory's friend. However, the driver was somewhat buzzed and failed to mention that he had a few drinks.

    He didn't see the red light.

    Nor did he see the truck.

    It collided onto the side Samuel was seated in. The impact was devastating. By some sort of miracle and cruel fate, everyone except Samuel escaped the ordeal without fatal wounds. On the other hand, Samuel was in critical condition and his odds of survival were slim. The doctors deduced that he had a few hours left--four at the most. His family, including his grandmother, came to give final goodbyes. Gregory didn't want to let him go though. "It should've been me!" he whimpered over and over. If he could, he would switch spots with Samuel. Gregory held no doubt in his mind that he'd gladly die to save Samuel.

    About an hour passed before their mother left to mourn the loss; their father followed behind to give her support. Now, it was only a comatose Samuel, Gregory, and their grandmother. Their grandmother had been deathly quiet this entire time, a thoughtful expression on her face. She gently placed a hand on Gregory's shoulder, the other blanketing Samuel's hand. She asked if what Gregory said was true. Was he truly willing to die for Samuel. Without hesitation, Gregory said yes.

    She granted his wish.

    The next thing Samuel knew, he and Gregory switched bodies. Shocked, he turned to his grandmother: "What did you do?!" She told him about Gregory's sacrifice. Samuel begged his grandmother to switch them back but she denied him, stating that she couldn't undo a switch. In due time, Gregory died in Samuel's body and his parents found out what the grandmother did. This was what they were afraid of happening one day. Their grandmother had always been loose and careless with her abnormality.

    Determined to not a have repeat, they severed all ties with the elderly woman. Samuel could no longer see her. He spent the next few years trying to cope with the change and decided to take up Gregory's dream of become an MMA fighter. However, he realized that he wasn't happy with the lifestyle and fighting only made him feel like a monster and a fake. He abandoned the ring around the age of 21 and finally decided to reconnect with his grandmother. Many tears of frustration and anger were spilled but Samuel knew that he could forgive her one day.

    Since then, Samuel had to reshape his self-image and rediscover himself. It was a shaky and complex start but he managed to find a happy medium between himself and Gregory. He actually heard of the Reid Mansion from his grandmother, who suggested that he would be the perfect fit for an assistant there.



    Other: He'll have the prettiest bass singing voice you'll ever darn hear.

    Name: Torch (Doesn't give out his real name)

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Abnormality: Fire Manipulation/Human Torch-the user has the ability to manipulate heat and fire. Advantages of this ability include heat resistance, manifesting fire into physical forms and weapons, propelling jet flames to fly. and creating fire armor.

    However, becoming a human torch for extensive periods of time results in severe dehydration, fatigue, and sluggishness. On top of that, the user is highly vulnerable to water when their abilities are active; touching it creates a sharp and painful burning sensation.

    Organization: The Evolutionists

    Motive: (Working on it!)

    Personality: Torch is the flashy guy of the group. He likes doing things with a bang and "low key" isn't a term that he's familiar with. Go ahead, dare him to blow up the building and walk away in slow motion with the explosion behind him--he'll freaking do it in style. His love for over the top things originates from the lack of attention he got growing up and the praise he received because of it. He's also a bit obsessed with his muscles; anything outside of perfecting his fire skills is spent lifting weights. However, he has a decently high IQ, he just doesn't see a reason to use it when The Evolutionists are full of geniuses.

    Bio: (Working on it!)

    Looks: William Adams





    Name: Dead Shot (Real name unknown)

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Abnormality: ???

    Organization: The Collectors

    Motive: Dead Shot's sole purpose in life is to obey and pledge loyalty to The Collectors. He is a Marksman, who are field agents that specialize in sniping, stealth, and close-quarters combat. Dead Shot has been assigned to capture a handful of abnormals from the Reid Mansion.

    Failure is not an option.

    Personality: Dead Shot is a simple thinker. You give him a job, he does it. Sometimes with style, sometimes without. It just depends on the situation. He is calm and calculative, and is slow to panic. You could literally throw him into the mouth of a dragon and he'd be devising a plan to carve his way out through the belly.

    Dead Shot only seems to have a personality whenever he sees an animal, especially if an innocent one is being harmed. He won't abandon a mission to protect some fuzzy little bunny but best believe he'll keep it in his jacket until afterwards.

    Bio: Unknown


    Without uniform


    In uniform



    Other: He carries several daggers on his person. They're hidden within his jacket, sleeves, waistband, one inside his left boot, and a secret mini-blade that shoots out from the toes of his boots. A sniper rifle is strapped to his back while a few "Boggers" are inside of his waist belt.

  17. Claud was silent as he escorted Veronica up the stairs. This was fine by the Baroness, though she at one point muttered about wishing she had brought her third book. If Claud took notice of this comment, Veronica cared not.

    At the top of the stairs was a pimply faced youth with a sour expression. To this young man Claud made a motion to follow. Her guard, Veronica figured as they ended up in front of one of the large bedrooms.

    The door was opened for her, and Veronica had to admit for a cell it was a very nice looking one. A four post bed, a nice desk, a tea server and all with a feminine air to it.

    "Don't try to leave," was all that Claud said to her before he closed the door on her. Veronica looked indifferent, but as soon as it was firmly shut she put her ear against the door to listen. It was not a very interesting conversation, and very brief as well. Claud told the youth not to let her out for any reason and that in a few hours lunch would be brought up.

    Walking to the window, though first putting her two books on the table, Veronica looked out the window. No tree that she could reach, though the window it's self was not latched or nailed down. It was a possibility, but not one she was going to take. Instead she sat down at the desk with her books.

    There were very normal pages inside the books, but Veronica was not interested in the stories they told. Instead she slid away the backing for the spines of both books to revel their secrets. Small tools and pieces of something petite she spread out on the desk. She did not open the small cloth bag that was hidden in the spine of one of the books right away.

    "I should have practiced more," she muttered to the metal items as she started putting them together. Before long it was evident what it was, it was a pistol. Small enough to be hidden almost anywhere, but lacking much range or precision because of it's size. That didn't matter. This was for circumstances where you couldn't have something visible.

    It seemed to Veronica to take forever as she finally grabbed the small bag with her ammunition, but in reality she had made quick work of the puzzle. Which was a good thing too because she heard something outside her door. It was far too early for the before mentioned lunch, inching over, she put her back to the wall. If someone entered they'd be very surprised indeed.