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  1. "Buuuuuut Mizuuuuuumi!!!!" Quadra pleaded as she played with a stray piece of her hair,"I want to help with the Cataclysm!"
    Her lower lip stuck out as she pointed, and she was even kneeling so that her eyes could meet that of her Master's. She had come of age just a few months back, and already she was having the urges to set out upon her own and discover her talents (wait...she has talents?).
    "Just give me permission and you'll see! I could be a great help!!!"

    "The only way you could be of great help to the cause of the Cataclysm was for the destruction of MORE innocent people Quadra." Mizumi said as she fixed her buns for the fourth time that day. She hated her hair at the moment, it just recently growing out. "Not only that, but you just recently turned seventeen, Quadra." Mizumi winced, feeling so old as she said the young woman's age. Sixteen years had passed, and Mizumi had remebered every moment of the past sixteen years with great clarity. From struggling to carry the human sized baby in her gnomish arms to teaching the child of the two greatest rogues of the Human race <nobr>how to</nobr> properly hold her daggers in her hands.

    Mizumi still had to <nobr>warn</nobr> Quadra not to run with her daggers out from time to time.

    Quadra pouted and stood at her full height now. altogether, she was around 5"8 with long blond hair that reached the middle of her back, a little below the shoulders when she had it tied up. Her blue eyes were not spilling over with tears just yet...but more with teenage angst.
    She knew it was going to be a fight to get Mizumi to see her point, but she was going to give it all she got.
    "Well you're never here! And I'm stuck being your apprentice to someone that I am not allowed to even does that make sense?!" and she gestured around Stormwind,"All the's just me, the city, and my thoughts. I need something else mom..."
    then she clapped a hand over her mouth. She had used the 'M' word again.
    "Don't use the 'M' Word with me, missy. You damn well that you have been my apprentice your entire life because your parents decided to go on a suicide raid. I can't risk you going with me to such far off lands because god knows what could happen to you." Mizumi said, looking at Quadra. "Maybe if you kept your thoughts away from the damn city and to the tasks I give you while I'm on quests, I could trust you enough to go with me this time." She said, eyeing Quadra with a look of warning. "Your <nobr>lock picking</nobr> is subpar, you can't stealth around a damn boar, and you still run with your daggers pointed up, kid. The only way I would let you go out on your own, or even with me, is if you could find yourself a priest or priestess to accompany you."
    Quadra said slowly as she wrapped her mind around it. Of course! Why hadn't she thought of it before? Exith had the priestess Deijinn, and she had seen many other warriors do the same with Druids and the like. "do you know of any?!" she cried, bouncing up and down as she eyes bulged with joy.

    She could only see it now...her and a new friend going on adventures and creating fond memories. Making names for themselves and becoming legendary wasn't five seconds before her eyes glazed over in daydreaming.
    Mizumi shook her head, grinning at Quadra. "You get to have that adventure by yourself. I would ask Deijinn first, over mail, You aren't allowed to go anywhere past Goldshire, you hear me? If Deijinn finds someone for you, you may meet them in Goldshire, seeing as how it is a smaller town and it would just be easier to meet them there. Find a priest, then we can see if you can come join me at the battle front."Mizumi said as she sat at their table in the house she had bought for Quadra to live in while she had been in Dalaran and the Outlands.

    Quadra snapped out her daze and grew quiet for a moment---then she nodded and then grinned quickly going to the desk where she pulled out a piece of parchment,"Well if anyone can find a priestess, it would be Deijinn. she trained them back in Darnassus, right?"
    She had not met Deijinn but a few times, but she heard of her often through Mizumi's tale of travel. The latest adventure being that of Exith awakening out of her coma...and then Mizumi getting quite a gash upon her, the reason for her being in Stormwind for so long (as of late). Even as she wrote, she looked up and muttered,"How is your wound?"
    Mizumi winced, shaking her head. "Not so awesome. It's been acting up recently what with all my training and whatnot. I need to just relax for a bit. Make sure you just keep it formal. The more formal it is, the better chance you have to get a good Priest or Priestess."

    "I understand..." Quadra murmured as she was chewing on her feather quill. "Oh... and here." she said, tossing a vial to Mizumi from her belt. She had not even glanced to see in which direction it was going, but it made a stright line to where it needed to be which was in Mizumi's direction.
    Even as a clumsy rogue, it has surprised many-a-people that Quadra would sometimes show potential in her skills with blade, disguise, or stealth mastery. While traps would never be her fot'e...still, it was good to know that maybe, deep down, there was some potential for her.
    Mizumi sighed as she caught the vial, sipping the contents slowly. It frustrated her to all hell when Quadra showed great rogue-like qualities without even thinking about it while failing miserably at all other times. "So much like your parents...." She grumbled as she winced in pain.

    "Hm?" Quadra hummed as she finally got to scribbling onto the parchment,"You say something?"
    Now she watched and had to focus so that she could keep her hand from shaking as she wrote excitedly.
    [Addressed to Deijinn of the Sativa Knights,
    As Mizumi's apprentice, that time has come when I have reached the age of passage in which I am to go out and help in the efforts of the Cataclysm. As a respected Priestess in allegiance with the House of Dragons, I formally request a favor in which you might be able to help me with. I am looking for a Priest or Priestess to accompany me on my journeys. There are no specifics but as you would know, Mizumi expects them to be experienced healers to guide me.
    so I thank you in anything you might be able to do for me. If someone is chosen, I am to meet with you in Goldshire. Many thanks in advance and hail to the Sativa Knights.
    Mizumi looked at Quadra as she wrote, smiling softly as she nursed her potion. She was proud of the woman, she had to admit, and she watched as Quadra got the letter ready for instant mailing. "So where would you like to go for the day as we wait for a reply?" She asked, sitting up slowly.

    "I heard that the toy merchant is back in town...near the Mage's quarter. We could fly some kites and then get that ice cream that you like so much. The un-meltable kind?"
    And she smiled. She knew that Mizumi could be rough on the outside, but deep down, there were 'some' hints of kidness there. You just really, Really, REALLY had to search for it. "At least until Midie comes back from Gnomeregan."
    Midie. Mizumi's soft spot was in Gnomeregan, trying to gain more of their homeland away from the Troggs. "You make me sound like I'm a child." She grumbled, getting up slowly. "But let's go get some icecream and fly kites." She said, stretching slowly.

    Quadra chuckled to herself so that Mizumi would not hear. She held the letter close to her chest and breathed in deep, her heart fluttering with both anxiety and excitement. The fear was that...maybe Mizumi was right...maybe she was not ready for the real world. but she felt cramped...she felt like life had so many more plans for her if she was only given that chance...
    ...given the chance to do what her parents had not been able to. "...wonder what they would say." she just happened to mutter aloud.
    "I don't know, honestly. Hopefully It is a yes, and they bring someone you can learn with and have adventures with even without me there to guide you."Mizumi said as she walked to the door. "Make sure you have money for postage, Little one."

    Quadra knew that Mizumi had no idea where her mind had drifted off to when she was talking about her parents. It's not like she thought of them often, in fact, she was too young to even remember them---but there were times when she would try and imagine them in their old age, telling her how she might go about her life now.
    "I think..." she whispered,"...that if I do come to leave then I should probably go visit my parent's grave."
    "I think that's a good idea, Quadra." Mizumi said, opening the door and looking back at Quadra. "Let's get going."
    The day was sunny but with a very slight breeze to it...which was why Quadra had mentioned the possability of flying kites. One thing that the people of Stormwind could NOT argue with was the fact that Quadra was a master at telling the weather from the moment she woke up and took that first step outside.
    Where she had gotten this talent, no one knew...but Quadra prided herself in it and especially liked showing off to the orphan's in the old cathedral. She was thankful that Mizumi had not given her up as a child...but sometimes the way that the woman spoke to her, she wondered greatly as to why.

    Still, she skipped along the dock and hummed before looking to Mizumi and saying,"Oh, while you were gone, I took up some blacksmithing and engineering." she had always been fascinated most with the Gnomes that could tinker,"I invented a weapon..."
    "You....Invented a weapon?" Mizumi asked. Without poking your eye out, destroying something, or just plain hurting yourself? She added mentally. "What did you invent?" Mizumi had never been much of a tinker, but she should MacGyver things when she absolutely had too. She was a leatherworker through and through, and she knew how to skin an animal long before she knew how to walk.
    "This..." Quadra laughed as shereached around in her pockets and withdrew her hands to show some <nobr>knuckle rings</nobr>. "They don't look like least, not at first, and they are a bit bulky..." she added as she gave a few heavy air-punches for emphasis,"But...they have this trigger mechanism placed against the palm..." and she opened her hand to show Mizumi the long golden band that crossed under her fingers,"...and when you squeeze really tight..." and she gave each knuckle a really tight squeeze---instantly there wa sa click from the rings, and blades shot up through the tops of each ring, sticking out like thin needles on a long-clawed hand,"...makes great for barbeques." and she giggled at her own joke,"I made a set for the both of us."
    Quadra smiled,"Mother's Day passed while you were away...and well...erm...just wanted to thank you for raising me...and stuff." and she gave another laugh again,"What do you think,Mizumi?"
    Mizumi smiled, taking the set of fist weapons and placing them on her hands. She took a couple of swipes at the air, squeezing and activatimg the weapons as she did so. "They're nice. I like them." She said, clicking them to retract the blades. "A bit bulky, but with some improvements there could be a good chance for them to be put on the market. I'm proud of you."

    "Thank you!" Quadra chuckled as tried to sound as modest as possible,"It was my first set of designs...I mean, if this thing with finding a priest never works out, suppose I could just go and find a shop to work in like any normal <nobr>person</nobr> would do.."
    and her voice dropped a bit as they were nearing the mage's quarters where ice cream was always being sold,"I was just trying to find things to pass the time. City watch is soooooo boring...and when anything good happens they stick me in some building somewhere, and I do not even get to go near a real fight."

    Now she was back to complaining...then again, it's not like she knew what real fighting entailed. She knew nothing of <nobr>pain</nobr> or blood. She had been quite sheltered in the eighteen years she had been alive. Most figured the real world would be too much of a blow for her to handle.

    ((And we go from here)) :bsmile:
  2. Mizumi sighed as Quadra began complaining again about never being able to get thrown into a real fight. Couldn't she see that Mizumi just wanted to keep her as safe as she could for as long as she could. Mizumi herself never had that luxury, and she spent a lot of time in inns recuperating until she could continue on her journeys. "Once you find a priest, you can go out and have every adventure you so please." She said as they got in line for their ice cream.
  3. The line passed quickly and soon Quadra was sitting on a stone ledge with her ice-cream cone, staring into space as thoughts raced through her tiny head. Finally, as she has just finished taking a rather large bite of the cone, she mumbled randomly: "So...I have a question."
    she had been full of questions all day and that was because Mizumi was not often home to answer anything that had Quadra intrigued. So, anyone would know that when Mizumi was in Stormwind that it was bound to be a large session of Q&A.

    Quadra did not even bother to wait for Mizumi's response before she mumbled," did you and Midie fall in love?"
    The question had seemingly come out of nowhere even though most of Quadra's inquiries generally did. But if one were to look where her gaze was locked, they would see that she was watching a group of couples walking hand-in-hand through the Gardens of the Mage's Quarter. Mizumi and Quadra had never had 'the talk'...Quadra rarely asked about love, sexuality, or sex...she did not understand these concepts and did not even seem curious about any of them.
  4. Mizumi looked at Quadra. She had honestly forgotten that she had told her about Midie. Then again, Mizumi supposed if someone was dating the High Tinker's daughter, people who you didn't tell would know. "A barbeque sandwich. She was trying to order one in the Kharanos pub, but she was mute, and she couldn't get them to understand her gestures. So...I helped. Then I couldn't get rid of her." Mizumi said, scratching her head, looking in the direction of where Quadra was looking. "I know I don't talk to you about a lot of stuff, and I probably should, but you know you can send me messages while I am out and I will answer them in due time."
  5. "How...romantic?"
    It was the only response Quadra could come up with before she finally remarked,"I know that you are really busy. Honestly, some questions do not even pop into my head until you are back home, so I guess that it all works out." and then she sighed before she looked away from the couple,"I don't know...guess it just occurred to me that Stormwind isn't a place that is known for things such as love. I hardly see two humans together in sucha fashion, let alone more isolated races like Dwarves or Gnomes..."
    And then she mumbled under her breath,"...two lady Gnomes..."
  6. "Probably because most of the Alliance races don't show affection like that in public. The only time I saw people openly....kiss would be when I was gathering information in Silvermoon City a few years ago, but the Blood Elves are a bunch of whores. Darnassus seems to be a little more open about couples and sexuality, though. I always found it ironic that the city with the most orphans was the one least likely to witness public affection." Mizumi said, taking a bite of her ice cream. In a dish, cause she wasn't two. Unlike Quadra, apparently.
  7. "I guess love is something I'm curious about...but not in the 'aspiring' way..." Quadra remarked. It may have been surprising to most, but she could carry on deep conversations when she wanted to. It was one of her unique quirks. "The only guy I really talk to would be Charles down in the Dwarven District." and she grinned.
    Charles was the only human that was currently an apprentice to a Master Smith. When she would go down to melt down ore in order to engineer weapons and other contraptions, he was always there, and the two had become rather close friends. He was the only one that Quadra truly trusted and could be herself around, OTHER than Mizumi of course.

    "He is really nice..." she added as she took another bite of her cone and grinned as she could taste the buttery-flavor on her tongue,"In fact, we talk about everything together. I never knew that men could be so sociable."
    And while they could be indeed, what she did not seem to understand was that this 'Charles' person was flirting with her. Quadra went on-and-on for a few good minutes about how he would look her in the eyes when she spoke and laugh at jokes that werent funny. She talked about how he helped her melt down her ore and would sometimes give her supplies for free behind his Master's back.
    "Heh...I guess you could say he is my Best Friend."

    Yup...what an idiot she was...

    ((ooooh poor NPC Charles is friend-zoned! Oh...and funny thing is, I found Quadra's real name in my old files. It's Mia hahaha ---
    I picked it because Mizumi was being cocky and going for " Mizumi the second " and changed her mind // I really need to rename her lol ))
  8. ((Lol yes, yes you do.))

    Mizumi chuckled, looking at Quadra. "Best Friend, huh? Does he know he's you...'Best Friend'?" She asked, looking towards the Dwarven District. She didn't feel like breaking Quadra's perception about what Best Friends do. She took another bite of her ice cream as well. "Rogue's don't do well when they fall in love. They get distracted by it. Unless you're awesome, or the most romantic thing you and your significant other do is tagteam with them to take down ogres for fun." She said. "Love doesn't always have to be romantic. If it did, I would still be single." Mizumi said, looking at her apprentice.
  9. "That's right...Midie doesn't go for the whole romantic thing either..." Quadra remarked as she closed her eyes in thought,"In fact...for Valentines Day...didn't she bring you the body of a Warlock?" and then her face turned to a look of terror and slight disgust.
    " don't have to worry about me falling in love. As I said's not really a dream of mine, you know?"

    But now she went back to the question of 'Charles',"Does he know? Of course he knows." she laughed before she thought more about it, and her voice got softer,"I mean, it should be obvious...shouldn't it?" and then she looked over at Mizumi,"I guess I'm just confused at what you're asking me?"
  10. Mizumi sighed and smiled, nodding her head at the memory fondly. "Yeah, she did....She let me loot the body and everything." She said, smiling as she stroked the trinket on her belt loop absent-mindedly. The trinket did nothing to help her out in battle, and it just added weight she didn't need, but when she picked it up off the Warlock it bonded to her...and it reminded her of Midie. But she would never admit to keeping the trinket for that reason. "And what I mean is that he is probably wants to be more than just your 'Best Friend' is all." She said, taking another bite of her ice cream.
  11. "...Oh...."
    That was all Quadra could think to say for the longest while before she lapsed into silence and her eyes got wide in both terror and worry.
    "So...say that he wants to be more than friends, and I can't give him that?" then she took a deep breath and another moment of silence before,"Does that mean that he will hate me? Will he not be my friend anymore?"
    This was of course a legitimate concern. Quadra had serious issues with separation anxiety (only when it came to people). She hated it when Mizumi had to leave, and she hated it when she had gotten close with any of Stormwind's guards, only to have them go into battle and be killed. This had been her entire life of friendship and, she didn't want to lose Charles too.

    ((So now we have a choice. Do we make Charles understand? Or do we make him a huge jerk that provokes Quadra into dueling him?))
  12. ((Perhaps how she got her name Quadra. She manages to take her opponents two blades and used them against them as well as her own?))

    Mizumi was never known to sugar coat things when people came to her with concerns. "He may leave you, he may not. But he shouldn't hate you for it.
    Not if he's been your friend for long." She said, finishing her ice cream, leaning back to look up at the sky, where the sky patrol was circling on griffins.
  13. "Perhaps I should make that a goal see him as I wait for my reply from Deijinn." and she shrugged as she finished off her ice cream at last. Licking what was left on her fingers she grinned,"Now we let the ice cream settle before we go fly ourselves a kite. Just like old times, eh?"
    When she was younger, she always loved to fly kites when Mizumi was around. It's not that Stormwind offered much more than that to children who were stuck within the cities walls. While there was oftena Gnome that wheeled around carts with toys other than kites, Quadra had since outgrown the stuffed bears and the toy trains. Even when she was a child, she had found out that playing with oneself was a rather lonely event and therefore did not bring much joy, even IF a lot of gold had been spent trying to make her happy.

    She never complained however. She was always rather grateful for what Mizumi had given/offered her.

    "If only your wound was fully healed...then perhaps we could continue training." she muttered.
  14. Mizumi chuckled, setting her bowl down and tenderly touching her bandages. "I could still help you with your lock picking, even if we couldn't spar. I have some lockboxes that I found a long, long time ago. Pretty simple ones. Perfect for you to try." She said, sighing, letting the ice cream settle in her stomach.
  15. "Well if I am going to be picking locks..." Quadra muttered as she continued to gaze into the distance,"...then we will have to make a quick stop to the Dwarven Districts. I broke some of my old picks and was having Charles make me a new set." and again, she let out a deep sigh. She was hoping that she would not have to see him today after their last bit of conversation, and already the heat of nervousness and embarrassment was creeping into her cheeks. She knew he would be there, knew he would tease her, and knew he'd want to talk.
    And she knew that she was not the type of person to ignore the things that were on her mind so this might all-in-all be a very bad day for her. Still, she knew that her time to come face-to-face with reality would be sooner or later. She needed those lock-picks and wasn't going to risk breaking Mizumi's too. Finally she laughed aloud,"Ha! Just my luck..." in a very down and sarcastic way.
  16. Mizumi chuckled, shaking her head. "You gotta face up to him eventually, kid. Might as well be today while I'm around in case he decides to do something...stupid." She said, hopping off the ledge and looking up at Quadra expectantly. "Well? Come on, it's Sunday, the district closes early today. Something about it being 'the Light's day' or whatever. I think it's just a reason for the damn dwarves to be even lazier than they already are." She said, rolling her eyes.