Stealing Hearts Needing A Male

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    Name: Lexie
    Age: 19
    Hair: Light brown
    Eye: Blue

    A little History:
    Lexie has always had to take care of herself, which makes her very independent and she has a fighter’s sprit. She never knew her father and her mother is a druggie so she is always in and out of her life. She dropped out of school, but taught herself a lot and finds all she needs on the streets

    Lexie is a smart talking street kid who makes her living off of stealing; she is one of the best thefts in town. Many gangs have come to her and asked her to join with them, of course she turns them down because it is better to work alone then with others. One leader however won’t take no for an answer and keeps bugging her to join his. He already has a crush on her and wants her to join so she will be closer to him.

    Maybe there can be another guy, make it a love triangle thing. It’s always more fun when there is a love triangle! Also I would love if the guy could be all dominate and all bad boy!

    P.M if interested and we can discuss this further and throw around ideas if you wish! XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.