Staying in Hiding

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  1. In Hiding We Stay

    "We stay hidden from the world, we actually stay hidden in plain sight. Witches and Warlocks, we have to keep the secret from mortals or else they will do the same thing that happens every single time they found, drownings, burning, hangings, and more." The voice from behind the table huddled up in rags spoke to you in a raspy voice that you could tell belonged to a woman. The crystal ball had images of witch trials coursing through the fog inside of it, blue light emitting from the ball lighting up the room. "Hiding isn't as bad as you think, you can still use your magic and get around things but be extremely careful with your spells. Some spells will stain your soul if they are dark arts magic or some may kill another to save another. Are you ready to hide?"


    You are living on the coast in Maine, your story hidden from everyone and you live a regular life. Although when anything happens you can usually use magic to fix it. There is a danger coming to your town and you're scared and preparing..what are you doing, are you grouping up with other witches/warlocks, are you preparing by yourself, or are you running.


    Magic works in a very balanced way. Healing spells are usually fine, stopping someone from death is fine as long as they aren't dead. If you bring someone back to life you bring their death into your body and it starts to cripple you and you need to get it out before it kills you. Killing people stains your soul and magic that requires blood is dark evil magic. You can be a white witch who just reads fortunes and makes love spells, or you can meddle in dark evil magic that corrupts you. Then again there is the middle that uses magic that doesn't corrupt you but is very strong. There are also different levels of power.

    Are you interested? If so we can discuss more about it since this is pretty vague.
  2. Interested. :o
  3. Interested.
  4. Awesome! If one or two more people get interested I'll start a sign up and OOC thread! :)

    I like to keep things vague just so you guys can put your thoughts into it and help make it so everyone is happy.
  5. Ooo, I'm interested in this. :D I actually have a witch character I can prooooobably use. c:
Thread Status:
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