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  1. Hello there people!

    I'm Rauzi ("Oh... really?") and if someone didn't already figure out i'm new here :P ("Please stop.... you're just embarrassing yourself..").

    I'm still rather new to roleplaying having only about a year of experience. (Well maybe little over)
    Anyhow, i'm looking forward to be playing with you all and experiencing great adventures. I'm rather open minded about roleplaying and am always up to trying something new, so drop me an invite anytime :P

    (*sigh* "Tell something about yourself you idiot...")
    About myself? Hmm... let's see...
    Oh! I hail from Finland and am studying to become a cook (5 months till graduation :P). And yeah.... ("You're pathetic..)
  2. Hi Mate. Glad you could make the transfer.
  3. Welcome ^_^
  4. Hello Rauzi :D
    I'm new to the site to so i know the struggle of trying to find your first couple rps.
    If you're interested in Rp feel free to message me :)
    I also just opened up my first rp forum if you might be interested in looking into that as well.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.